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One Veg World

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178 S Glendora Ave, West Covina, California, USA, 91790

Vegan restaurant and teahouse located behind Edwards Cinema and formerly known as One World Vegetarian Cuisine. Large menu with Asian rice and noodle dishes, vegetable dishes using mockmeats, plus veggie burgers, salads. Casual with outside water fountain. Hosts all-you-can-eat buffet monthly - check its webpage for schedule. Open Mon-Sat 11:00am-9:00pm, Sun 3:00pm-8:00pm.

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Reviews (45)

First Review by secret reviewer

Tempting the Tastebuds - Edit

My wife and I have visited this location many times since I've moved to California and we've never been let down. The members of the staff are always friendly and accommodating. On one occasion, we dined with extended family members at One Veg World and before the check had arrived, some of our party were ordering seconds because they enjoyed the food that much. They also have a monthly buffet that's totally vegan, reasonably priced, and consistently delicious.

Pros: Monthly buffet, Prices are reasonable, Totally Vegan

Cons: Not within walking distance

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Good Oriental Vegan Food - Edit

God oriental recipes, 100% vegan. Combo menu also available at noon. Reasonable prices. Friendly staff. Simple but clean and nice place.
I had a delicious Indian Curry with side brown rice, tasty Thai Dumplings, a refreshing Four Season salad and the tempting and satisfying Chocolate Cake.

Pros: Tasty food, Good quality, Nice staff

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Great Food, Low Price - Edit

One World Veg is a gem near the city of industry area. Great food, low price! I love the Philly dream sandwich! Coming here is a highlight in my work week!

Pros: Great food, low cost, Friendly staff

Cons: Service is slow, can be difficult to find

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Jewel in the middle of a vegan desert - Edit

Having an all vegan restaurant in east San Gabriel Valley is a true blessing. On any given day, when the craving strikes, I am able to travel a short distance to make me feel "normal" again. I love curry and they have a delicious yellow curry, fantastic eggplant dish and a magnificent royal noodle soup-best vegan soup ever!!! Best of all they have a monthly buffet-What?! vegan buffet??-yeah that's what I said too.

Pros: amazing staff, have a mini mart on the side, only vegan restaurant for miles

Cons: open late on sundays- no biggie

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Reliable Vegan Restaurant - Edit

I've been coming to One World for years and I still love it. Although their menu is small and don't change it that much, they find ways to mix things up by having seasonal specials. For Easter and Lent, they had their "Fish" dishes, which were delicious! I tried the "fish" and chips and the "fish" steaks and they were awesome! For thanksgiving, they have "turkey" and "ham" with traditional dishes for the holidays. They get very creative and the food comes out excellent.
I've brought lots of non-vegan friends to eat at One World and the only complaint I've received is the portions. I have to agree with the vegetable portions. One world should not be so stingy with the vegetables. When you order a dish, you get a ton of rice and a miniscule amount of vegetables. What gives? I understand that the portions should be smaller as we should not eat too much but so much rice instead of vegetables?
Even with that complain, I still love this place and recommend it to everyone.

Oh, I almost forgot, they now have a mini vegan store with a few cold and shelf products. They have lots of junk food like chips, chocolates, mock meats, and candies but the y also have vitamins, health foods and other frozen products.

Pros: Tasty food, Friendly staff, creative seasonal menu

Cons: Small portions, Small menu, small parking lot

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Now called One Veg World since it has gone vegan - Edit

How did I live in the San Gabriel Valley for five years and not know about this place? In 2009, a vegetarian co-worker recommended this place and I have been going on a regular basis ever since...especially for the lunch specials. As you might know, being a vegetarian can get expensive, but this place has a full meal for $5.95 (soup and beverage included and it comes with free refills). I mean, the beverage is how they get ya at other places, but not here.

Not only is the food fusion, but the decor is as well. Olympian Greek waterfalls mixed with tropical Nipa and Tiki hut mixed with coffee house mixed with subtle vegetarian activism sounds like it wouldn't work but it definitely does, so you have to visit this place.

Note: If you ever eat with me at a vegetarian restaurant, please know that I'm inclined to ask "can I have a bite to try?" and you have a right to say 'no'.
However, it's with this method that I've tried almost everything on the menu, so I won't go over every detail of every menu item, but my favorites are:

The BBQ Drumsticks with a sugar cane 'bone' are amazing, seriously amazing...like seriously...like no joke, amazing.
Crispy Golden Rolls - my favorite food in the world is my Dad's vegetarian lumpia, so you know if I like this, it's gotta be good. One of my downfalls as a vegetarian is deep fried food.
Yellow Curry is my go to on the lunch special menu. Not too spicy, not too overcooked, just right!
Make sure you try the Thai Banana Rolls for dessert where tropical bananas meets deep fried meets chocolate. Fusion at its finest.

This place is a little confusing about its name as it's called One World on some sites and even on one of the signs and on the hard copy menu, but it's called One Veg World on the website and the take out menus and on another sign, as if they were making a transition and lost momentum. Fortunately, they're not in competition with either name in the area, so it's not too confusing. This gem is tucked away from site by the Edward's Theater, so you may need to drive around a bit to find it, but it's definitely worth it and it's right by the West Covina Mall, so there's stuff to do before and after.

Veg Out,

Veggie Army
(and coming soon - www.veggiearmy.com)

Pros: All Vegan, Great variety, Friendly service

Cons: A little hard to find, Limited hours, A little far out for Angelenos

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Great menu - Edit

One World Vegetarian Cuisine has a good formula: a mix of east and west, mock meats and actual vegetables, salads and desserts, with great service and parking — that leaves not much more to wish for (except organic produce).

The menu is unusually diverse (from Vietnamese noodles to jackfruit tacos) and all the food i had was great. The fresh juices are a welcome plus. While they don't claim to use any organic ingredients, they do advertise non-GMO soy, which is very much appreciated.


Pros: Diverse menu including actual veggies, non-GMO soy, several great desserts

Cons: Not organic

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What a Great Find! - Edit

Stopped here on our way home from the Renaissance Faire this spring. We did not know anything about this place other than the Happy Cow reviews and stars and we were so pleasantly surprised!

The food was delicious, your typical modg podg of Asian staples on the menu mixed with some classic American burgers. The prices were unbeatable and the portions did not disappoint.

The restaurant is located in a strip mall style plaza so there is plenty of parking and they did a really good job decorating the inside with quaint bamboo huts and a neat dessert counter.

I would recommend to any vegan on their way home to LA from the East.

Pros: Price, Food, Decor

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Delicious food, great prices - Edit

Lunch special is very well priced at $6- includes iced tea, soup, and entree. I like the chow mein and the curry. Great dinner entrees as well, and don't forget their delicious deserts! Their monthly dinner buffet is the 3rd Wed monthly, all you can eat for $13- red velvet cupcake was amazing!

Pros: Delicious, Friendly Service, Nice atmosphere

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Awesome food - one of our favorites - Edit

We've tried this place a couple of times now, and it's AMAZING! Such good food and great service as well. The Royal Noodle Soup and Hot and Sour Soup are super tasty and the Imperial Eggplant is to die for! My husband had the Indian Curry Tofu and it's was incredible. We are becoming regular customers! YUM!

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Tasty Food - Edit

Went last weekend while on vacation. The food was good. We tried the Crispy Dumplings, Drumsticks and Fresh Rolls for appetizers. The Dumplings were the BEST! We then had Secret Love, Yellow Indian Curry and Everlasting Chow Mein. All were tasty. The Secret Love mock meat was a bit too much for my tastes tho, too meaty. Had the banana dessert with ice cream. That was fantastic.

My only problem was that while we showed up a bit after 8 they rushed our orders, didn't pick up empty plates quickly and pushed us with "Kitchen closes at 9, so hurry up" attitude. Not very welcoming and closing at 9pm on a Saturday is just crazy!

Pros: Good food, Fun ambiance

Cons: Closes early

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good food - Edit

So glad to have found a good vegan place that doesn't drench their food in grease!

Ambiance: feels like we are on a tropical island.

Service: courteous and food comes pretty quickly.

Food: excellent food, outstanding vegan, very good imitation! Totally agree with the other Yelpers that the BBQ drumsticks, spring rolls, and mama's love were excellent! The golden masterpiece was very flavorful, but the texture and appearance were less convincing than the other dishes. The hot and sour soup was very tasty, but was not as vinegary and peppery as the pedestrian version; it was like a high class version of hot and sour. The fried banana roll was slow to come out but well worth the wait; the outer skin was light, crispy, and not overly greasy. The banana inside was an almost caramelized goodness!

Both meat-eaters and vegan liked the food. Highly recommend it!

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Great! - UPDATED review (a disappointment) - Edit

One World is a hidden gem. I love their food. They have a wide variety to choose from. Desserts are great! Much better than Loving Hut. Banana splits are to die for! Super Nova Pasta is a must try. Very accommodating too. I've never had to wait to get a table. They always recognize me and welcome me back. Meat eater approved. Thanksgiving there was wonderful.

**Updated from previous review on Sunday May 20, 2012
I love one world, but was immensely disappointed the other day when I ordered a banana split and it was half the size it was before! They changed it, with out notice and kept it at the same price! Now, instead of two scoops of ice cream, a cherry, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and peanuts; you get one scoop, a tiny bit of chocolate sauce and a tiny bit of peanuts. Very disappointed.

2 Responses

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Ginita 03 Jan 2013 - Yes! They no longer serve peanuts as you sit down either. I loved that part! Have you ever been to their buffets? Curious...

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adora08 03 Jan 2013 - I totally forgot about the peanuts! You're right! I've been to the buffet. It wasn't much food for the price they charge and the dessert sucked the time I went (cupcake with no icing on it-huh??)

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Good Find - Edit

I had read about this place on happycow, and here's my One World Vegetarian Cuisine review.

This is a nice place for a casual meal with friends or by oneself. The decor is simple yet nice, very relaxing. The interior space is on the small side, but you could ask the staff to combine tables to accommodate a larger group.

Service is good and fast, and the food tastes clean and healthy.

My friends and I came here for lunch and shared a few dishes that tasted good (I forgot the food names).

A good place to enjoy pure vegetarian food when in this part of LA.

Pros: large menu, good vibes, has patio seating

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One World is Out of This World, Man! - Edit

Before you make fun of the title of my review try this restaurant.I went to this restaurant after my aunt went there. She is not vegan or vegetarian and she said that the food was amazing and so she got me a gift certificate. The food was super good; I had the spicy Indian curry tofu with brown rice. They also have delicious desserts; I got a peanut butter cupcake to take home.I shared it with my dad and he said that it was probably the best cupcake he has ever eaten. I came here with my dad and my sister, who are not vegan or vegetarian, but they loved the food too. The restaurant is super groovy and cute.They have a water fountain inside and an outdoor patio. Along one of the walls there are pictures of famous vegetarians and vegans; including Gandhi and Paul McCartney.Definately try it, man!

Pros: excellent food, friendly staff, groovy looking restaurant

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One World - Edit

Lovely place. You can sit outside near the waterfall or inside with the nice decor. On the wall are pictures of celebrity vegetarians/vegans and there is take-out food as well. I like going for lunch as it is very affordable!!! They start you off with a small, complimentary bowl of fresh roasted peanuts. If you go for lunch, a delicious soup and a drink are included in the price along with the entree. Service is fast and they have an email club to keep you updated with their weekly specials and other special events.

Pros: fast service, inexpensive, variety of selection

Cons: a little snooty, just a little

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Vegan Perfection - Edit

I can't say enough about this restaurant. If you are a vegan dessert lover like me, try the chocolate cake, carrot cake and cheesecake. BBQ drumsticks and spicy quesadilla-Must trys! The service is outstanding. Plenty of free parking. Right next to a movie theater and near the West Covina mall. Great!

Pros: friendly staff, all vegan, cheesecake!

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one of my favorite places to eat - Edit

the food is so good, it's perfectly spiced the desserts are too good the drinks are refreshing the enviornment is perfect
everything about this place is amazing. sometimes they have a buffet for dinner i recommend going to that too. i would type more about it but i don't want to get hungry haha. but really 5/5 cows :D

Pros: everything is so good, classy dining, bike friendly

Cons: tight spaces, usually packed, parking

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I can hardly wait to go - Edit

I have read all the reviews about One World. My mouth was watering just reading about all the wonderfull desserts, Burritos, Farjita Wrapa, Carrott cake, you name it. I just bought a house in Glendora with my wife and was wondering where I was going to find a great place to eat vegan food, well I hope this is it. Hope I meet a few of you when I go this week. Peace

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This is how it should be done! - Edit

The first time we ordered take out from this place we called five minutes before closing and just took their recommendation as time was short. Not only did they keep the doors open an extra 15 mins for me to collect the food, but every dish is superb. I have never been disappointed and we're slowly working our way through the menu.

If you eat in, their soup bowl is huge, their portions impress and the taste is excellent. They currently have a $5.50 lunch special too (until 2pm).

The staff are friendly and polite, and while the decor isn't really my taste, they have put a lot of thought and effort in to this too. This is an affordable dinner venue and leaves me smiling every time.

Ask them about their customer loyalty program too, if you become a regular, like we did, the rewards will quickly add up!
Updated from previous review on Thursday August 19, 2010

Pros: Amazing (and affordable) food, Friendly & accommodating staff, Free and Plentiful Parking

Cons: No Soda

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One Word: Amazing - Edit

I have been going to this restaurant for quite sometime now, i have been a lacto-ovo vegetarian for 8 months now that im planning to go vegan, i'm glad i have this restaurant near me.

Pros: Great, Delicious Food, Inexpensive

Cons: , ,

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Great food, great atmosphere... - Edit

One World Vegetarian is a great community hub for vegans. If you're local, get on their mailing list. They'll e-mail you their weekly specials which have been everything from nachos, corn dogs, macaroni and cheese, mushroom veggie burgers, and holiday themed foods. They have 5$ specials on Tuesdays and do a lot of things like movie and popcorn night, bake sales, Valentines dinners, Father's day dinners, and take out Thanksgiving feasts.

The waitstaff is very friendly and remembers everyone and their orders. Their food is always very fresh and it's easy to get healthy meals. It's a great combination where you can get healthy, or something a little junkier and indulgent if you feel like it. Our usual favorites are their bruschetta, spring rolls, vegetable curry with chicken, country winter potato soup, and their hot and sour soup. Their soups are amazing. They also have great salads and desserts.

They expanded their restaurant recently, so now they are two rooms. They have steady business, but it's not usually crowded. There are a few entries on the menu that I haven't enjoyed, but that's been pretty rare and I've liked almost everything I've tried.

Pros: food, environment, specials

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Great Food!!! - Edit

Ive been here about 10 times and the food is absolutely delicious. Everything is vegan. The cheesecake is great, and my favorite soup is the winter wonderland soup. The crispy rolls are so yummy with the sweet sour sauce.
Im actually got my birthday cake from here, yummy!!!!

Pros: excellent food, healthy cuisine, friendly staff

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No Worries Vegan Kind of Place - Edit

I have lived in southern California for a couple of years now, and was aware of this restaurant in the less than attractive plaza by the West Covina Mall. My husband offered to take me there to try it a few times, but I opted not to a few time because I was afraid it wouldn't be very good based on the location alone.

About a a couple of months ago after I went full vegan, I agreed to try out One World. I wish so badly I had tried it earlier. By far the most tasty vegan/vegetarian restaurant I have ever tried. The staff as a whole are very friendly, and have a great knowledge of what is good to try, and what to look out for when it comes to particular palets. The first dish I tried was a signature house dish called Mama's Love. It really does taste like a home-cooked meal. I've tasted some bite of the Rainbow Rice (a much tastier version of good-old chinese fried rice), Chow Mein, and the simply delectable Indian Curry. I am a bit particular when it comes to only some of the vinaigrette based sauces that are offered with some Vietnamese dishes. I had tried a Vietnamese noodle bowl with bean sprouts, peanuts with meatless egg-rolls. If it weren't for the vinaigrette, this dish would have been just as tasty as the others I've tried. I am not too impressed with the drinks. I settle for hot green tea during lunchtime. The lemonade is way too sweet for my liking. The raspberry iced like tea is tolerable. Try the berry marbled cheesecake. By far tastier than any other cheescake I have tried (even Junior's).

Again, the service is good as a whole and pretty friendly. There are some servers that lack in asking if we would like napkins or fail to provide silverware. A few weeks ago, my husband and I were served by a young lady who had a South African accent. While serving us, she forgot my appetizer, listened with half interest when I gave her my order, and what annoyed me the most was that she kept asking my husband questions about the shirt he was wearing and at one point walked behind him, stared down at him and reached down behind his back to touch him. She was staring at him the entire time we ate. I am figuring she probably thought we were related, but even still I thought this to be very unprofessional. I didn't even bother to ask her for the appetizer, because I wanted out of there so fast. The Asian woman is the friendliest and most attentive server. Lunch specials are great...and all of the soups are superb!

Again it's a wonderful place to dine otherwise

Pros: Delicious food, Lunch special pricing, Delightful appetizers and soups

Cons: Blond server in particular as mentioned, Errors in ordering or forgetting order, could have better drink options

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Would never had known it was vegan. - Edit

I ate here with my vegan daughter when I was still "semi-vegetarian" and shortly after One World became all vegan. We shared our two entrees and I honestly would not have known there was not real meat in the Supreme Burrito. Everything we delicious, fresh and hot. Service was friendly and the atmosphere was comfortable.

Pros: Delish veggie meat substitutes, extensive menu, very flavorful

Cons: a little noisy sitting outside

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Try this place - Edit

When I initially heard about this place the reviews were great but once I went to the parking lot of the restaurant I left. The commerce center it is in is old and just looked a bit run down. Months later my friend said she went there and loved the place and now frequents it. I went to try it and was pleasantly surprised. The actual
restaurant indoor and patio is nicely decorated and clean. The food was awesome! The hummus and pita was large enough for a few people to share as an appetizer. I've had better hummus, I wouldn't order it again. The first time I had a fajita wrap and it was so darn good! I really missed beef and chicken fajitas but the vegan version at this restaurant was to die for! The next time I went I tried the
buffet. I had the beef kabobs which were even better than the fajita wrap. It has the texture of real meat and tasted like Korean BBQ. If you miss the texture and/or taste of meat then eat this! I also tried the curry tofu it tasted swell but I'm not a big fan of curry anything
but it was good overall. I tried the celestial garden which was okay, nothing special. I will go again.

Pros: Large portions, Friendly staff

Cons: Tables close together, Seating limited

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Get the One World Star!!! - Edit

Oh... my..... GOD!! I've been here a couple of times recently and I always order the One World Star, and some various other items. This burger is UNBELIEVABLE!!! It's like I was starring in my own vegan Carl's Jr commercial! The patty is so savory and juicy. They make it themselves so no more settling for frozen hamburger patty substitutes! I order it with extra toppings and dressing as they tend to skimp on those. If you are a vegan with a burger craving, look no further! It is so tasty I almost passed out when I took my first bite. For the rest of the food, what I've tried has usually been pretty good. The fries are great and made from scratch. The drumsticks are good, but just the usual Chinese drumsticks. The chicken nuggets are good, but a little overly fried. The only thing I had there that I really didn't like was the pho. It was waaaay too clove-y. My boyfriend, an omnivore, had the Spicy Cajun Surprise, which he said was really good but was skimpy on the Seitan. The cheesecake was excellent. The chocolate sundae was also pretty good, especially the vegan whipped cream! I think the menu options on the whole are pretty decent, but that burger is to die for!! If I was on death row, that would be my last meal! Also a plus, the restaurant is really cute inside and date friendly. The service is friendly, just a little slow towards the end of the meal sometimes as I think they get pretty busy. Even if the service were awful, which it isn't even close to being, it would be worth it for the burger alone!

Pros: BURGER OF THE GODS!!!, Really yummy desserts, Cute decor and pleasant atmosphere

Cons: A little skimpy on the side sauces, Service is sometimes a bit slow

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happy place! - Edit

I liked this place immediately. While I know I'm more easily satisfied with any place that is veggie/vegan friendly, this restaurant is a happy dining locale for all eaters. The waitress (who was very sweet) told us that most of their clientele are non-vegetarians and I decided that's very good news; for rather than preaching to the choir, I'm happy when carnivores can appreciate a good veggie meal. It's one thing to tell a vegan that the vegan food is good, it is substantially harder to tell a ravenous carnivore the same thing AND actually have them agree!
I went to One World earlier this week with a group of entirely carnivorous friends who were interested in trying something new but had their healthy dose of skepticism. We asked the waitress to just give us a good sampling that One World can choose to feed ten hungry customers and they didn't disappoint. They even threw in a couple extra tastes of dessert for us to try. The desserts, I might add, were superb.
After an array of appetizers and dinner of pasta, asian grains, mock meats and spicy veggies (including a melt-in-your-mouth eggplant), everyone left content and in the good "clean full" kind of way. As a vegetarian I was more than happy to fill my tummy, but I was even happier to know that my friends were very impressed and actually ate everything.
I defnitely suggest going with a large group so everyone can try various dishes. While I'm not sure how often I will be able to drag non-veggies over again, I know I will definitely be going back for more.
If anyone in the SGV area wants to go, hit me up if you want company!

Pros: delicious, affordable, friendly

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My favorite li'l veggie place :) - Edit

Well, it's actually not so "little" anymore; after the expansion last yr, it's now a spacious, medium-sized restaurant, but with its same friendliness and charm (and good food) :) The staff, decor (Polynesian), and food all give you a good, peaceful feeling (so long as u don't eat too much, which I often do there, unable to pass on their super desserts :) The goodwill and peacefulness r intentional. While they don't push it (though there are brochures available next to the single flat-screen showing their channel), the staff/owners r "disciples" of Supreme Master Ching Hai. As an atheist, I came to veganism on purely ethical, not religious or spiritual grounds, so I don't share any reverence for this or any "Supreme Master" (indeed, I'm more than a lil skeptical about Ching Hai, a heavily made-up, wealthy Asian woman, now with dyed blond hair, whom some regard as a cult leader (lk her up online), but Ching Hai and her adherents at One World r big promoters of peace, love, and vegetarianism, and I have a lot of reverence for their food :) While I have eaten some "misses" at One World (been about a half-dozen times in the last few yrs), most are "hits." In fact, the only really bad miss I can recall is trying their special veggie "turkey" around Txsgiving a couple yrs ago, and it wasn't good :( I hope they've improved it since then. One World doesn't have the history or celebrity of RFD, or perhaps the elegance of Madeleine's in Tarzana (still need to get out there!), but for those of us in the SG Valley, I think One World may be the best (I say "maybe" cuz I obv haven't tried every place, but I have tried several out in these here parts). Today, we had the Zesty Serendipity Orange Chicken (wonderful, and so awesome in its taste and texture imitation of actual chicken), BBQ Chicken as appetizer (all their "chickens" are excellent imitators, inc. the rotisserie style I had on my last visit a few months ago), Stuffed Tomatoes (a longtime One World favorite), and Scrambled Tofu with Veggies (also good, except this dish had the frozen, grocery store pea & carrot mix with it-- I hate it when restaurants do that, although this was only One World dish which did this time), and of course their desserts. I hadn't tried their carrot cake before, and I'm glad we did today. It is excellent! Best vegan version I've had, and perhaps best carrot cake I've ever had. Smoothies r also good, too :) Although it's not perfect, I'm giving it 5 stars. Cuz it's my favorite :)

Pros: Good food, Very nice staff, Pleasant, Polynesian decor

Cons: Not "perfect," despite my 5 stars

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Tasty all around. - Edit

Well, the ambiance was lovely, the decor was relaxing, and the staff were really friendly. There were plenty of options to choose from, to suit any and all cravings. Based mostly on Asian styled dishes, there were still plenty of options to chose from. My sisters orange "chicken" was very savory, my

Pros: Ambiance, Friendly staff, Great Mock Meats and food

Cons: The waiter forgot to offer drinks.

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5 stars maybe for lack of better option - Edit

I hate to write a bad review for an all vegan place, but there was really nothing special about One World. I'd dare say that all the 5 star reviews below are for lack of a better option. Definitely do not drive from LA to here. We hit it on our way home from Vegas. DO NOT order the pita pizza, its like a soggy trader joes pita with some microwaved broccoli on top with no vegan cheese like in the photo. We didn't even eat it. The Chow Main and Pasta were over cooked and bland. I enjoyed the hot and sour soup, though, because it was the only thing with flavor. The people are nice and maybe we were just there on an off night or something. Highly disappointing. The menu was mostly fried soy protein isolate items. They should cut the menu down to less options and do them better.

Pros: all vegan, nice place, friendly staff

Cons: food

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Reviewer Avatar

I'm in love - Edit

I've tried about 6 different things, and everything is DELICIOUS! Every review I read on Happycow hit it right on the nose. Great, friendly staff; interesting decor, and delicious food! The best part is that there is NOTHING on the menu over $10. So it's a great deal! me and 5 friends went there, shared 3 appetizers, had 5 meals, and 2 desserts for $75 bucks. It was like $12 bucks a person, and we were all stuffed and delighted when we left. I would HIGHLY reccomend this place to everyone!
And also would recommend the Teriyaki Kabobs; i've never
had such realistic tasting and textured mock beef. I was
in heaven!


Cons: they are not on every corner yet!

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"There will never be another like "One World" - Edit

One World is the best vegetarian restaurant I have ever been to. Their menu offers a wide selection for all ethnic backgrounds and ages. This includes asian, italian, indian, and american foods. They also have the best vegan deserts I have ever had (try the chocolate cheesecake, carrot cake and pumpkin pie....when it is in season). One World also celebrates many global holidays year round with special promotions and dishes ...I think this is so cool (be sure to become a member of their frequent dinner's club...it's free and can give you points toward gaining certificates for future meals). In addition, they offer a monthly buffet with different items each month from their menus (some new) for their regular customers as well as for new customers to try (One World cares about their customers). You have to try and pre-order their vegetarian soy turkey which is pre-stuffed....this is only available during the holidays...so I recommend ordering two and freezing one of them. This should marketed....I know it would be a high selling item...it is so very delicious. I also would like all those to know that the entire staff and I mean everyone, including the kitchen cooks, always have a smile, they make everyone feel at home, like a family....I am very grateful for this. Lastly, One World offers catering for all occasions both on and offsite...Birthday's, Wedding's, Anniversaries, etc. You will not be disappointed....I hope their will be a future chain for this fine establishment. Thank you One World....you have been a very postive part of my life :o)

Pros: High quality/excellent food, very clean, Excellent Customer Service

Cons: None, None, None

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Oneworld - Edit

I come to this restaurant very often and love it.
The desserts never cease to amaze me,
and most of the food is really great.
Staff is also always very friendly.

Pros: Nice environment, friendly staff, Great desserts

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Going all Vegan! - Edit

Tried One World on a Thursday evening and though it wasn't crowded, there were plenty of customers- 10 tables or so. Yay, looks like they will be around for awhile! After siting inside and listening to the fairly loud and awful poppy music playing (we were right under a speaker) we asked to move outside and they were very friendly and accommodating in moving us. The few outside tables are right on the shopping center boardwalk and there is a small fountain providing a pleasant background of sound. Much nicer!

The service was quick and attentive. Our server was both friendly and helpful and seemed like a very kind person. It is a large menu with mostly Asian dishes, but also a selection of soups and sandwiches. We ordered the fries with chili, a Philly sandwich, and the Zesty Serendipity (orange chicken). We were happy with 2 of our 3 dishes- the chili fries and the sandwich. Both were excellent. Best chili fries I've had in a long time and the "meat" in the sandwich was very believable. The Zesty Serendipity was a bit of a letdown- sauce was good but the "chicken" wasn't crispy enough and the only veggie in the dish- broccoli, was barely cooked and yes I like my veggies crunchy, but this was a bit too raw and the contrast of the overly firm broccoli with the squishy "chicken" was a bit unpleasant.

Overall we are very happy to have discovered One World- thanks Happy Cow! Can't wait to go back and try their numerous other dishes. Next time we will try some of the healthier and lighter choices. Oh yeah, and here's some great news!-our server told us that they were in the process of making all of their items vegan!

Pros: Great service, Vegan, Good variety

Cons: no alcohol, insipid music playing

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Satisfaction Guaranteed - Edit

I've been going to One World ever since they opened. All through these years I have to say that Zesty Serendipity is still my favorite. I actually panicked when I didn't find it on the menu once, only to find that they'd given the names of their dishes a total makeover along with their expansion. I wish they had that dish in the deli case so I can get it if I'm in a rush but even I know that it tastes best when it's hot. I rather like all the desserts and sandwiches available on hand in the deli case.

I often see people coming in in groups to eat. I'm not surprised for their food is fit for the highest off high kings. Their expansion made it possible for them to hold even bigger groups of people or perhaps 2-3 smaller but still sizable ones. lol

I love the friendliness of the servers and the atmosphere of the restaurant. it's nice and welcoming.

The only thing I wish were different were the tables. I find them to be a little too small. Other than that I think it's the perfect place to dine out. I recommend the place to everyone I know and keep a few extra business cards on me to give to people. lol

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Very Good Cakes - Edit

I only got to try a few dishes here... My husband's, bro in law, and my plate were very tasteless... the mock meat were very chewy and dried... The service was over the top Great. I think that was b/c the manager was serving our table most of the time. The cakes are SOOOOOOO Delicious!!! the prices are fair... pretty displays... I would like to come back here for the desserts and give the other food another chance. You have to try the vegan bake goods... I post some photos of it for teasers.

Pros: cakes, vegan, affordable

Cons: process stuff

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All around good mostly vegan restaurant - Edit

After reading the last review I was skeptical about this restaurant. I walked in and the place was pretty dead...and *gasp* I got a male waiter. I'm not sure if maybe there's two male waiters but the one that was serving me was certainly not rude.

Anyway, the food was good and very reasonably priced. The ethnic foods seemed a bit Americanized but were still good. I had the spring rolls..the rice wrap was a bit chewy (probably had been made a while ago) and the choice of using "beef" in it was a little unusual but they were good. The Passionate Tofu was pretty good...no complaints there. The supreme burrito was good as well...not fantastic but good. The Divine Chocolate Cake was a bit dry and lacked in the chocolate department.

The atmosphere was fairly relaxed. The fake tropical birds in the corners of the dining area were an interesting choice. The service was prompt (but keep in mind that the restaurant was very empty). The staff seemed nice. I'd go again if I was in the area.

Pros: Reasonable prices, Good service, Pretty good food

Cons: Nothing in particular

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The service is almost perfect - Edit

The food is great.
The girls who work there are very pleasant and provide good service.
I they got rid of the obnoxiously rude, short, skinny, large mouthed guy, I would give this resturant a 5 star rating.
Last time I dined there I am happy to say that the short guy was not our server.
He still, however, managed to ruin our dining experience by being overly loud, making fun of his female co-workers, laughing loudly with his friends who were dining there, and openly pointing out, while laughing, what he didn't like about one of the resturant's nicest servers.
This guy is short, very skinny, has an overly large mouth, has no class, and had the nerve to entertain his buddies by embarrassing one of the prettiest girls who was working there last Saturday night.
I think I may have to look for another vegetarian resturant even though I will miss the food at One World.
If I do continue to dine there I will definately request NOT to be seated in his section.
In fact, I think I will just leave if I find that he is working the days I decide to dine there.
Otherwise, One World has a great selection, the girls who work there are very nice, the food is excellent, and I highly recommend dining there when short skinny guy is not working.

Pros: excellent food, healthy cuisine, friendly female staff

Cons: rude male staff, wait is too long, loud male staff

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Great food and delicious desserts - Edit

This place is bright and clean. The food is yummy and mostly vegan. I had green beans with tofu and brown rice. It was delicious. For dessert, I had their vegan chocolate banana cake with coconut. AWESOME! Other cake is good too including vegan carrot cake and chocolate cake. Now they have a deli case that provides food and desserts to go. The waitresses are also friendly and helpful.

Pros: Clean, food is good, dessert is yummy

Cons: far away from where I live, it's a bit hard to find

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Awesome Place! - Edit

ive been going here since it opened pretty much.. there really friendly.. they know me by heart. i dont even have to tell them to make it vegan when i order.. they say hi alex!.. all nice when i see them. great food.!.. everythings pretty much good.. it depends on what you like... there expanding and making it a bigger place.. cant wait for that to happen. just overall best place.. i take all my dates here and they always love it.. (usually meat eaters)

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Proximity and comfort - Edit

I really like not having to get all the way to L.A. for take out veg food. They have vegetarian and vegan options. It's a small place, but it's cute. The waitresses are always nice. I've been going here since a few months after it opened, and I've always been pleased. Every non-veg (and vegs) I've taken there like the Sauteed Veggie Beef Balls. I like the Chow Mein and Stuffed Tomatoes most. They have lunch specials too that are around five bucks. I have tried some not so great plates there, but I still like it. It's close and a nice place to go. Other than that, the prices are average and affordable. I always walk away satisfied.

Pros: good food, kind staff, atmosphere

Cons: a few not great dishes, sometimes small portions

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