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Serves meat, vegan options available. Grill and BBQ restaurant with multiple vegetarian and vegan options such as aubergine salad, fried zucchini or aubergine, butter beans, beetroot, bruschetta, spaghetti with tomato sauce, spaghetti with basil pesto and more. Located in the main square of Gaios. Open Mon-Sun 9:00am-2:00am.

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First Review by chrisa72


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07 Sep 2023

Surprisingly good!

After reading happy cow reviews I’d planned to avoid this restaurant. However we accidentally happened upon it. The main host offered me at least 10 vegan options and was incredibly accommodating. I had the bruschetta and the butter beans. She absolutely understood veganism and was not judgemental at all. We had a lovely meal and were given shots of mastika. Vegan meals weren’t marked you had to ask, pricing was very reasonable.

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02 Jun 2023

Great food, several vegan options

Lovely terrace on the main square with several vegan/vegetarian options. Vegan options aren't marked, so you have to ask to be sure.

The dolmades (stuffed vine leaves) and fava bean salad with pita bread were absolutely delicious. Very affordable too. Would recommend!

Pros: Friendly staff, Delicious food, Several options for vegans

Cons: Vegan items are not clearly marked on the menu


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24 Sep 2022

terrible experience

i went to this place and i asked for a gyros with vegetables and fries (no tzatziki). i think i specified 'no tzatziki' for more than 2 times just to be sure a mistake won t happen. when i got the gyros guess what? it was with tzatziki. i was incredibly hungry and i asked for another gyros with NO tzatziki. the owner told me that this is not a place for vegans/vegetarians and she gave me my money back eventho i told her i don t want my money back i just want her to fix her mistake. she was incredibly rude, no empathy, i do not recommend to our vegan community to ever eat here while visiting paxos!


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26 Aug 2020

Incredible rudeness

I rarely leave bad reviews, but I have to say that I have never experienced anything like this.
So, I went with my family to this little pita gyros place in the center of Paxos.
Since I'm vegan, when I go to such places here in Greece I either ask if they have some vegan options or I just take a gyros with only fries (without meat and sauces). This time, I saw on the menu that they had grilled vegetables, and also pita bread and french fries. I asked to the waitress (who spoke my native tongue) if it was possible to arrange a gyros with the grilled vegetables and fries for me; if she said no, I would have gladly accepted that and only ate a gyros with fries. I know it's my dietary restriction and I don't pretend places to have/arrange options for me. However, she said yes (even thought she did not look too pleased).
The food was ok, even though the vegetables were gummy; I was, however, very grateful for the option. The other two people, omnivores, who were with me, said their food was good.

The waitress came to the table and asked if the food was fine, after being asked for the bill. I said yes, thanks, it was.
My father, laughing, said that he thought it was a good idea to put that vegan option directly on the menu. That waitress looked at me and said "No, definitely not, in my opinion. You vegetarians are too much work for the kitchen..."
As I said, the ingredients separately were already on the menu, I just asked to combine them; but I would have gladly accepted "no" as an answer to my request.
I would have told her this, but she proceeded to keep taking, telling me that she does not approve vegans/vegetarians and that it's wrong. She then looked at my mother and asked if at home she had to prepare two separate meals for me and for the others. My mother said that I live alone, and that was it. She said "fine then" and went away shaking her head. I mean, I could understand answering to my father's joke saying it was too much work for the kitchen, but I felt like she went beyond.

I found her behavior incredibly rude and disrespectful, and I felt humiliated. I understand people could agree or not with my food and lifestyle choices, but it was not her place to tell me. A stranger. A customer.
I feel like restaurants must be evaluated for the way they treat their customers, not only the quality of their food, and I would not suggest this place to anyone. I have encountered nicer people and had a much better food in every other place I visited.

Pros: A few vegan or vegetarian options

Cons: Rudeness and disrespect


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19 Aug 2019

All good

Fries with feta and onion
Dolmas and Greek yoghurt
Mixed grilled vegetables (aubergine, courgette, Bell peppers and mushrooms)
pita bread and 1L of water 25€. All good

Pros: Options, Good, Price

Cons: Not a lot of vegan options, Crowded, as everywhere here


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30 Sep 2017

I would give 5 stars if I could

Really helpful. I had a gorgeous grilled vegtable platter and a strawberry smoothie. Couldn't have been more friendly and lovely relaxed atmosphere. Thank you :)

Pros: very friendly

Cons: not a huge amount of selection but what they have


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13 Sep 2017

Great Vegan and Vegetarian Options

We were very happy to discover this restaurant as there are not a lot of vegetarian/vegan choices in Paxos. O Giros ton Paxon has a great choice of both vegetarian and vegan dishes, the quality and service are great and the prices are very reasonable. We ate there a few times and really enjoyed everything we were served; we will definitely go back again on our next visit to Paxos.

Pros: Great quality food with good vege/vegan choices, Friendly and professional service, Very reasonable prices

Cons: None

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