Serves meat, vegan options available. A bakery and cafe/restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Has a vegan specific lunch option and several marked vegan dinner dishes on the menu, such as coffee flour pizza, cauliflower steaks and hasselback with vegan chilli. Also offers some vegan breads, clearly labelling allergens. Sometimes has vegan chocolate tart in stock. Serves coffees and other drinks, including alcoholic, but no plant milks. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-10:00pm. Last order 9:00 pm

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First Review by Vegj


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09 Feb 2024

Nice option 🙂

The falafel plate was good.
Vegan options are marked with a leaf.

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Mostly Veg
18 May 2023

Well worth a visit

Bakery based restaurant. Limited vegetarian options but still very fresh and tasty. Falafel, bread salads and dressing melted in our mouths. Friendly and helpful staff and lovely ambience too. Advisable to make a reservation.

Pros: Tasty food , Freshness , Ambience


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31 Dec 2022

Cool cafe with some great options

Cafe is snazzy. Always packed. But if you want a seat inside you have to take a ticket and wait 30 minutes despite there being lots of tables free.
Coffee is average, but free refills, so can't complain. Every bread option I tried was delicious

Pros: Clearly labelled options, Delicious banana bread, Free refills on coffee

Cons: Only about 15% of baked goods are vegan , Table assignment system very inefficient.


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14 Jul 2020


Great spot for a short coffee break.

They have some nice snacks, staff are super friendly and the place looks very stylish. Would definitely recommend.


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27 Feb 2020

Correction: has soy latte

Had breakfast there, the only option that day was the avocado toast with salad but it was really good and filling. Best bread I’ve had in Japan. Despite what the description here says, they do offer a soy latte now which is nice.
Can recommend, if you like avocado bread for breakfast.

Pros: Nice bread, Has soy latte, Super nice salad dressing

Cons: Not many options


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17 Nov 2019

Not as great for vegans

This place had two vegan breads when I was here, two vegan salads and a falafel wrap. It was nice to eat breat that wasn't to a burrito or a burger for the first time during my trip, but I found the choices for vegan very limited to the standard vegan options. I think this place was okay and I got really filled up by the meal. I think if you are a ovo-lacto vegetarian this place is good for you and it is a okay place as a vegan if you are close by. It was quite cheap.
The decor it the main area of the bakery is cute, but the room next to it wasnt very nice and also the seating outside looked like they had given zero thoughts about making it cosy for the customer.

Pros: Vegan options

Cons: Quite bland food, A bit stiff and boring decor


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Mostly Veg
24 Jul 2019

First time but maybe a repeater in the future?...

Spacious store & good vegan options make for a relaxing eating experience! Real oven for pizzas and! Falafel was really crispy and freshly fried.😄yay for vegan options clearly labeled in Japanese and English.

Pros: Pretty good options for vegans, Spacious interior & outdoor seating with fans , Reasonable prices


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11 Jul 2019

Great service, food is above average

I speak no Japanese, and the staff was understanding and didn’t show any signs of frustration. Customer service is 5/5.

There aren’t too many options for vegetarians other than pizzas and pitas with hummus or falafel.

I ordered the margherita pizza. I thought it was a bit too tangy, but maybe that’s the Japanese take. The crust was super soft... prolly the airiest I’ve ever had.


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28 Jun 2019

Good food, relaxing atmosphere

This is a great place to go after a busy day in the city. The staff was super friendly and understood/spoke English well. There were multiple vegan options available, I had the seasonal vegetable steak (mine was turnip based)... it was delicious! All the vegan menu items are clearly labeled in the restaurant and online.

Ended up going for breakfast too the next day... it was just as good if not better! You can order a meal or get something from the grab and go bakery. Like the lunch/dinner menu, the signs at the bakery are clearly labeled with allergens so you can tell if they’re vegan or not.

Pros: Multiple vegan options , English-speaking staff , All vegan options clearly labeled


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06 May 2019

Cozy cafe perfect for lunch!

I checked this one out since it is close to my university and I think it will become my new favorite lunch spot! For lunch they have a few clearly marked vegan options such as the falafel pita sandwich, ceasar salad and vegetable steak as well as a few vegan side dishes such as hummus and potatoes with vegan sour cream.

Pros: Quite a few vegan options, Reasonable prices, Cozy, fast service


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26 Oct 2018

Solid lunch option

Close to my office this priced a handy place to grab some lunch. Only one vegan option but vegetarians might fare better - they had pizzas made in a wood fired oven and sandwiches

Pros: Quick service, Vegan option clearly marked

Cons: Only one vegan option


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06 Oct 2017

not really vegan option

Was very desapointed to get to n’4 and have nothing yo eat outside a piece of bread, after a long flight and jet lag , following the Happy cow closest place recommanded i was very surprise that place is even on the list. No soy milk for coffe( and it is very frustrated because could be easy for them to offer that option for the latte or cappuccino or tea( not even a lot of tea option) we arrive breakfast was finish and lunch didn’t has started, that is maybe the reason they had nothing vegan( no pastry) the space is really agradable and spacious, rare in Tokyo, very nice staff but no really food for vegan so their nice small is not changing the situation.

Pros: nice space, nice staff

Cons: no veggie milk, no vegan opcion only ok for vegetarian who love ch


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26 May 2017

Good coffee shop with vegan options

I had the clearly marked vegan falafel with vegan yogurt. There seemed to be one vegan option for lunch. (They also have one option at lunch and dinner time.) The pitta style bread was very good, as were the falafel. On entering, you choose a table and then go to the counter to order food. If it is busy, you might have to wait on the line of stools outside. When a table is free, a staff member will come and let you know. For regular coffee (black or with milk), you pay once and can have free refills. None of the cakes or pastries were vegan and I don't think they have soy milk. I expect to eat here again. It has a relaxing atmosphere and the staff are helpful and nice.

Pros: Good for a quick lunch.

Cons: No vegan pastries or cakes


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17 Apr 2017

A good option if you're in the area

I work around here so I frequent this place because although there aren't many vegan meal options (at lunch there's just the one pita sandwich), the options they do have are delicious, average price and clearly intended to be vegan. I've had their lunch and dinner options, and their baked goods, numerous times, and have taken an non-vegan friend there who also enjoyed the vegan dishes we ordered.
Being a bakery, they also have a fair few vegan breads, which is nice as I do find it difficult to find decent vegan bread like this in Japan. Once again, the breads have clear labels about what's in them. If you don't speak or read Japanese, this place will be no worries for you.

Pros: Vegan options labelled, Pleasant atmosphere, Nice breads

Cons: Limited vegan options, No plant milks

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