Veggie Vietnamese dishes. Many different mock meat variations plus soups and vegetable meals. Buffet on 1st and 15th if the month. Staff speaks a bit English. NOTE: Hours are reported to be inconsistent, check ahead. Reported closed December 2023.

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First Review by Mitjacinda


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02 May 2023

Not convincing

Not all dishes were available and the food we ate was just not convincing.
Very small and local place, that has a sweet lady as a cook and it's nice there is an open kitchen so you can see your food get prepared. They could do a lot more on the atmosphere. There are two simple tables and a kitchen and thats that. The sweet lady unfortunately does not speak any English, so it's hard to communicate.



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16 Apr 2023

Best Vietnamese food we’ve had

We were slightly nervous because of the mixed reviews and when we got there it was quiet, but the food spoke for itself, such good tofu and veg, we had tomato tofu, white rice, veg fried spring rolls and veg noodles, and it was the best Vietnamese food we’ve had so far. We had a water each and it was 200 dong all together, great value. The lady was so lovely, we got there at 7.45pm and she stayed open even though it said they shut at 8.00pm. Also when the lady was cooking you could watch her in her kitchen which was so lovely. The tomato tofu was my favourite, the tofu was crispy on the outside but soft on the inside, the tomato sauce was so good as well. The spring rolls were perfect, not oily or greasy at all and a really nice taste. The noodles were not my favourite but still tasty, my friend really liked them so I think it’s just a preference thing. Definitely recommend.

Pros: Good vegi options, Amazing tofu, Lovely chef

Cons: None


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25 Feb 2023

Currently quite basic (off season)

Basic food but good variety and relatively budget friendly.


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06 Feb 2023

Nice little home resto

Friendly folks with a little restaurant on the ground floor of their home. Plus vegan blood sausage!

Pros: Homey


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29 Oct 2022

Sweet home feel

It felt like I had been welcomed into the owners home.
She didn’t speak English but she handed me a menu with English translation and a free local drink.
I ordered the spring rolls and the pho.
I watched her prepare everything from scratch.
The spring rolls were some of the best I’ve ever had.

Pros: Service with a smile , Food is very tasty and fresh. , Very cheap.


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23 Jun 2022

Very suspisious

Dont recommend this place. It was located in strange looking area with very bad smell. The chef lady was coloring her hair at the moment. We were offered 3 possible meals (which were vegan) and decided rather not eat here.

Cons: Strange area


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05 Mar 2020

Good food, friendly staff

Great value compared to many other restaurants in town. Only downside is the inconsistent opening hours.

Pros: Food, Friendly , Cheap

Cons: Opening hours are a guideline


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04 Feb 2020

hours are wrong or something

closed at 7pm on a tuesday not sure what was going on very bummed as next closest veggie spot is too far away. please fix!


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11 Jan 2020

No good

Two young boys (may be the sons of the lady who was mentioned before in the comments?) in a shady place with white lights should have been a warning I guess... had the sweet and sour vegan meat which was awful. Way too chewy (had to chew on one little piece like 30 times and still was no good to swallow) and no sauce or something and served on a plate of which 50 percent was lemongrass... The sushi was dry, tasteless and made with the same normal rice (which tasted old) and was cut in a weird way. Really disappointed!!


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24 Nov 2019

It is okay

Vegan options (variety): 4/5
Vegan labelling: 3/5
Food: 3/5
Portion size: 5/5
Value for money: 5/5
Service: 2/5
Atmosphere: 2/5
Visited: 11/2019


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27 Sep 2019

Cheap, tasty and friendly. Welcome find in Ha Long Bay.

We arrived at about 8.45pm and the lady owner was just about to close but she smiled and stayed open for us. We were extremely grateful as had just travelled a long distance and were very hungry, and the doesn't appear to her much choice for vegans in Ha Long Bay...

The lady doesn't speak.much English and the menu has funny translations but using Google Translate made life easy and we were rewarded with great food, at a good price.

I had fried rice with vegetables and fried spring rolls. Both were tasty and not oily or greasy.

Recommended while in Ha Long Bay.

Pros: Tasty, well priced and friendly.


Points +13

08 Apr 2019

Not good

The food here is way below average, I tried the noodles which were chewy and the veggie meat which was either over cooked or just not right and nothing was seasoned. It was super chewy and gross. I was so disappointed with this place as had seen the good reviews but was way below average.

Pros: Vegetarian

Cons: Bland, chewy


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09 Mar 2019

Great food

The food here is amazing. Even if there had been other veg places nearby I think I would have still eaten here every day. Every dish I had here was great. The sweet and sour veg meat was a bit too realistic looking for liking; tasted great though. The lady barely speaks any English but is very very friendly and helpful. Not an issue but had to use translation apps and sign language to communicate. I wish there was a way I could have their stir fried noodles delivered worldwide!

Pros: Inexpensive, Delicious food, Great staff


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26 Feb 2019

Good food

The food is good. I only tried one dish though. Portions were small


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28 May 2018

Great food!

The people here don’t speak English, and half of the menu doesn’t have clear translation. Nevertheless, the food here is amazing! Really fresh, not too oily or salty, and the people always greeted us with a smile. The soy milk is made fresh in house and isn’t too sweet. The sweet and sour tofu is great, as well as the fresh rolls and spring rolls! There are not many options in Ha Long for vegans, so this is must if you’re in the area!

Pros: Friendly service , All vegan menu , Fresh, healthy food


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28 Apr 2018

Great local tasty Vegan food 👍🏻👍🏻

We had spring rolls, rice, rustic mushrooms (totally amazing we ordered a second portion) and vegetable vermicelli. Lots of vegan/veggie Vietnamese food which is great👌🏻really enjoyed it. Lovely people. Would definitely go back.


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21 Feb 2018

Love it!

The food is delicious, cheap, and the plates are full! Plus it's a family working together and they are really sweet!
We went there twice :-)


Points +85

04 Sep 2017

Nice and cheap

Very nice food, and very inexpensive. 4 dishes for 120.000 VND, and my wife and I got totally full

Pros: Tasty food, Inexpensive, Easy to find, using a map on the phone

Cons: Not very good english


Points +30

23 Aug 2017

cheap and very good food.

Went here with my family all of us are vegetarian/vegan. The total bill for all of us was £12 this included mains, starters and drinks. Wonderfully cheap but the mains was not what we expected. We thought the rice dishes would come with a sauce based food but that was not the case.
The waitress and owner are both wonderful and helped us call a cab after our meal to get back to our hotel :).

Pros: lots of vegan and vegetarian food. , wonderful people


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21 Jul 2017


Amazing food at very fair prices. Went there twice and would go a thousand times more, highly recommended!

Pros: Taste, Variety , Price


Points +305

29 May 2017


We went there everyday after we found this place. Not only because it is the only vegetarian restaurant in east Bai Chay, it serves also amazing vegetarian/vegan food. Everything we tried was vegan and we almost tried everything! My favourites are stir fried noodles and the large mixed rice plate (it's like a varied buffet plate).
The staff was extremely friendly.
We will miss this place.
When you stay in east Bai Chay go there an Show some love! It's definitely worth it.

Pros: [censored] good food , cheap , lovely staff

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