Serves meat, vegan options available. Has vegan options for tacos, tortas, quesadillas, bowls, breakfast burritos, elotes (corn in a cup), rice, beans and friestacos. Inside Dave's Food and Deli (gas station). Relocated from 301 S Sylvania Ave. Open Tue-Sat 11:00am-10:00pm. Closed Mon.

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First Review by imjaquez0


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23 Jul 2023

Birria tacos and tortas! Need I say more?!

It's cool that they have a separate vegan menu. Everything I've tried has been delicious. Love the tortas and birria tacos. I've had bad experiences in the past with crappy service and 45 minutes wait on my food only to be told it had been ready on the back the whole time, when I inquired about my order, they didn't even apologize, they didn't care. Horrible service. After that experience I stopped going. But 2 yrs later I went with a group, they picked the place and the service was fast. I didn't have to wait too long for my food even though it was a large group. My appetizer came at the same time that my entree which was odd but no big deal. I guess it can be expected with a large group (we all had separate orders though). They have beautiful plates but I did notice they were chipped which I've never seen at a restaurant before. In conclusion yes the food is amazing. The service is okay, not friendly but not rude either. If you want to go for good food go for it, if you want to go for good service and friendly staff go somewhere else.



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17 Dec 2022

Excellent vegan menu

Tons of vegan options with a very diverse list of vegan protein. Really enjoyed the taco plate with the asada, chorizo, and jackfruit. Rice and beans were great as well.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Service, Reasonably priced, comparable to non vegan option


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30 Nov 2022

Large vegan selection

We tried the vegan corn taco plate, jackfruit Birria tacos and vegano bowl with hickory chick-in vegano. I wasn’t a huge fan of the flavors of the vegan chicken, but everything was really good. The Birria tacos were my favorite, they were super cheesy.

Pros: Delicious food , Large vegan selection , Separate “vegan” specific menu

Cons: Not a 100% vegan establishment


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24 Oct 2022

Great food! All vegan menu!

They have a dedicated massive all vegan menu with lots of options. I went with two other vegans and we tried the texan nachos, quesadilla, and birria tacos with horchata. All of it was filling and delicious! Highly recommend the campechano vegano protein


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01 Aug 2022

Big vegan menu

Really delicious food and a whole vegan menu instead of just one or two choices. Friendly staff.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Friendly staff


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24 Jul 2022

Good vegan food.

I ordered the cumbia fries with hickory chick'n and I loved it, the queso it's so good. I wanted to try the al pastor taco and the asada vegano taco, I liked the asada more than the al pastor. I really liked the vibes on new place.

Pros: Good vegan options, Separate vegan menu


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22 Jul 2022

Great vegan Mexican food

I have missed great Mexican food close to home. But not any more. Great food and drinks. Definitely a repeatable experience.

Pros: Lots of options

Cons: Limited parking


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20 Jul 2022

best food i’ve had in ages

mariachis dine in has changed the game! i ordered the cashew queso to start and birria quesadillas with vegan chicken. everything was vegan and ordered off a separate vegan menu. when the food came every vegan item had a specific vegan label in it. this is the best authentic mexican food i’ve had since before going vegan. i will be back regularly

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-20

Pros: lots of vegan options, delicious


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25 Jun 2022

Stopped going

I used to religiously go here till I was served a pastor burrito with real meat but labeled as vegan, and because it was labeled vegan I took a bite and immediately realized. It was just a really sad experience as I haven’t ate meat in 14 years. The staff is friendly and the food is really good I just can’t trust eating here anymore.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Friendly staff


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29 May 2022

Vegan Menu!

So excited to find so many vegan choices. Vegan queso delicious! Elote soooo good! Jackfruit tacos, please give me recipe. This place is great! Will be back!

Pros: Vegan menu, Lots of different vegan proteins

Cons: 45 min drive from Rhome


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24 Mar 2022

The Birria tacos slap

Great place to go with your non vegan friends

Pros: Lots of vegan options


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18 Dec 2021

Eat here weekly

This place has become a weekly habit. I’m vegan and my husband is not so this is one place we can happily eat together. First time I got the nachos and the birria. I don’t recommend the nachos, personally thought they were disappointing, flavors just were kind of off. The birria was great. Next time I tried the Cumbia fries and they are hands down my favorite on their menu so far. Drench them in the green salsa my dude. 🤭 cali burrito is my second favorite with the vegan steak. Staff is very friendly, love this place!


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05 Dec 2021

One of my fave places to take people!

I love this place and their many options- they have a full classic menu & a full vegan menu. They used to be a hidden gem of a taco spot located in a gas station but got so popular they expanded to a full dine-in restaurant! Great story & great food. 🥲

Pros: Full vegan menu


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09 Nov 2021

Award winning vegan Mexican food!

I love to see a separate vegan menu! And this one is extensive. Tons of options and the best sauces!

This is my favorite vegan Mexican spot and it just won several awards from Fort Worth weekly including ‘best vegan dish, best Mexican food - top 5, best street tacos - top 5’

Pros: Best Mexican food in cow town! Great atmosphere. , Separate menu w great desserts!, Best mild medium and spicy sauces at your table

Cons: Prices can be a little high on some items


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05 Aug 2021

Wonderful atmosphere and great food

A wonderful little hole in the wall located in Fort Worth, Tx!! All their salsas are vegan friendly and they have a whole separate menu dedicated for vegans. It's a great place suitable for those who eat meat and those who eat plant based. If you have a friend or family member who eats vegan this is definitely a place to go!!!

They offer vegan appetizers, taco plates, burgers/sandwiches, desserts and more!

(I got the Vegan Tacos plate with Asada Vegano as the protein)

Being a person from South Texas, I was afraid the tacos would be a little off but they were absolutely amazing! 10/10 I would definitely go back

My family who doesn't eat plant based agrees as well, this is a place to check out so everyone can eat together.

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-05

Pros: Whole vegan menu offering plates, desserts, etc., Plenty of vegan protein options, Fairly priced for the serving size


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21 Jul 2021

Bangin’ Food

I would give this 5 stars but Happy Cow only lets me rate it at 4 since it’s not a fully vegan/vegetarian restaurant. The food has a huge vegan menu with so many protein options. Everything is so good. We were visiting from out of town but loved the food so much we went several times while in Fort Worth.

Pros: Full Vegan Menu, Several protein options, Reasonably priced

Cons: None


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01 May 2021


I love that it authentic Mexican food but I can make it vegan and still enjoy when I use to eat meat

Pros: Whole menu just for vegans and different vegan, meats


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04 Apr 2021


I was craving Street-style Mexican food and this hit the spot! So many options!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Fast service, Friendly staff

Cons: Not the best side of town


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16 Jan 2021

Authentic Mexican flavors made vegan

The variety of authentic foods here made vegan blow me away every time! Big creativity is happening in Mariachi's tiny kitchen. My favorite item is the vegan loaded fries (secret menu) with the vegan asada on top. *chefs kiss* If you only have time to try one restaurant in Fort Worth, go to Mariachi's Dine in.

Pros: Authentic Tex-Mex, Huge variety of vegan options, Heartwarming customer service

Cons: Small gas station parking lot


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25 Aug 2020


Got take out with my friend. Everything we tried was incredible and flavorful. Their salsas are delicious and actually mildly spicy. The food was prepared rapidly and it’s not very expensive. Take out comes in a lot of styrofoam, but I recently learned you can take your own containers to reduce waste!! They’re very kind and welcoming to you bringing your own containers! I HIGHLY recommend the vegan birria tacos (made with jackfruit) and the vegan loaded fries with asada.

Pros: Cheap, Lots of vegan options, Friendly staff


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08 Jul 2020

Eh not that great

Staff is friendly but the food is in great need of improvement. Tried the tacos (two different proteins) & the corn in the cup which were recommended to me. Although I can appreciate having vegan options that aren’t salads overall food was just okay.

Pros: Various vegan options

Cons: Over priced , Not quality food for price


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15 Jun 2020

Amazing flavor

Love everything I've had there so far, like vegan hickory smoked chicken tacos, and the sauce!! Very authentic flavor reminds me of home cooked food

Pros: Affordable, so delicious


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23 Feb 2020

Best hole-in-the-wall vegan spot

Don't let the aesthetic deter you, this food is amazing. It's cheap and delicious. There's a separate vegan menu and literally everything on it tastes great.

Pros: Plenty of vegan choices, Affordable


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20 Jan 2020

Vegan goodness

Great tacos and monthly specials. Vegan drinks and elote!!

Pros: Lots of great options

Cons: Limited seating and hours


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03 Nov 2019

Great Vegan place

This is one of the few places where you can find a good variety of vegan food and with great flavor. It does overrate palote (in food/flavor and price).

Pros: Good flavors, Good price, Many options



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21 Aug 2019

5 STARS!!!

The food was absolutely AMAZING!!! Best tacos we’ve ever had in our lives, even before we went vegan!!! I couldn’t recommend this place enough!!! Everyone there was sooooo nice and so helpful with all the questions we had!!

Don’t let the rough exterior deter you from going inside, you will not regret it!!

Pros: SOOO many vegan options , Cheap yet yummy , Very authentic!


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29 May 2019

As close to authentic street tacos as you can get!

My husband and I loved eating at Mariachi’s. They’ve recently come out with a vegan menu and everything is delicious. We ordered a burger, quesadilla, and elote. They use follow your heart mozzarella I believe. It is located in a gas station, but don’t let that scare you away! So glad I don’t live closer or I would probably gain fifty pounds or so.

Pros: Tons of vegan options, Inexpensive

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