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Lord's journey traces back to 2004 when it first began selling fries out of a mobile van; within a year, its flagship outlet was planted. The company has since expanded to operating franchise outlets across Australia and into New Zealand. Its menu offers vegan versions of fast food like burgers, hot dogs, nuggets, onion rings, and fries (chips) in addition to shakes, ice cream, and all-day breakfast foods. Check website for holiday hours. Open Mon-Thu 11:00am-9:00pm, Fri 11:00am-4:00am, Sat 12:00pm-4:00am. Closed Sun.

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Black Seville

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12 Dec 2023

A rare LOTF with dine in option

Most Lord of the Fries has no seating but this one does, allowing you to dine in at the back. There are no toilets here. The place is in the heart of the city on King Street. The food is all vegan junk food but quite tasty. Lord of the Fries also tends to have generous opening hours.

Updated from previous review on 2023-12-12

Pros: Option to dine in



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15 Oct 2023

Excellent vibe

LOTF - King St was the closest to where we were staying (Meriton Suites) so it was our first vegan bites after landing in Melbourne. Compared to LOTF in Sydney (currently open and closed chains), this one in Melbourne has a lot more seating. Staff are very welcoming and charming (even on a rainy day). LOTF in Sydney doesn’t have cake so I had to pick up a cake (forgot to take a photo) and the chocolate cake with rich chocolate ganache was the bomb dot com!! My sister enjoyed her lamb souvlaki (limited edition).

Pros: Restaurant layout was awesome , Plenty of seating, Friendly customer service


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30 Sep 2023

Delicious and reasonably priced fast food

Massive selection, delicious fast food taste and great value for money!

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-30

Pros: Options, Price point, Convenience


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17 May 2023

Tasty but overpriced Junk Food

Tasty but overpriced Junk Food.

Prices are in very small text.

If this is (and 2 other LoTFs) are the 3 of the 10 _BEST_ vegan restaurants in Melbourne, I think that says how bad Melbourne's vegan scene is.

Updated from previous review on 2021-05-23

Pros: Vegan, Has seating

Cons: Expensive


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20 Mar 2023

All Vegan Fast Food

Just a bit too pricy for fast food, but we got our fast food fix with an egg and patty muffin, the sampler munchbox and some Vietnamese sauce. Unfortunately they were out of chunky fries, but everything in the box hit the spot anyway. The mac n cheese balls were amazing!! And the nuggets were perfection! I do hope that we start seeing Lord of The Fries more and more throughout the world!


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02 Nov 2022

Best location

I’ll give it just a 4 because the other locations are not good give you not finished and not cooked enough food… but this location is so good, nice personal and the sitting area is nice and quiet, very good fast food alternative for vegans

Pros: All vegan, Good prices

Cons: Not all locations is good


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17 Sep 2022

We all know

In 2012 this was the greatest thing ever, but (luckily) for us now LOTF is a “there’s nothing else around” option. It’s solid enough, but certainly not a go-to. Slightly overpriced for what you get, but it’s predictable and readily available.


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28 Jul 2022

A vegan Maccas 😍

I love this place! It's basically a Maccas but fully vegan! I was completely overwhelmed choosing what to get as everything sounded super delicious and indeed it was! Very friendly staff.

Pros: So many options!, Great shoestring fries, All around the city


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06 May 2022

Open a franchise in the U.K. please, you’ll make a KILLING!!

Just what every vegan needs after a night out, it’s like Macdonald’s but tastes good, better menu choices and is fully vegan!!!


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18 Feb 2022

Amazing fast vegan fast food

We visited Melbourne and were impressed by the variety of vengan options at this place. Highly recommended.

Pros: Everything is vengan in the menu

Cons: Not that healthy, but very yummy


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01 Feb 2021


Perfect fast easy delicious meal never disappoints!

Pros: Awesome atmosphere , Fast, Delicious


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01 Mar 2020


This is my favourite lord of the fries because the staff are so lovely, the food is always perfect and the store is really cool with a nice atmosphere and good music.

Pros: Tasty food , Good price , Friendly staff

sarah m

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13 Feb 2020


I always receive very friendly service along with fresh and delicious meals.


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10 Jan 2020

Best location in CBD - has seating

The staff at this branch are my favourite - I work close by and have visited many times. I love that you can eat in at this location to reduce waste. My current favourite is the Phish in a wrap - coupled with the special loaded poutine they currently have on offer. HSP is always a great choice too, and the breakfast items. Lord of the Fries is just vegan heaven really.. thank you for existing.

Pros: 100% vegan, Seating out back, tell them eat in to reduce waste, Lovely staff at this location

Cons: Can get busy in peak periods


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25 Nov 2019

Basically Vegan Fast Food

Great amount of vegan options but still very greasy fast food. Big portions but still a bit expensive for the quality. Would go back, but only if there weren’t better options around.


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31 Mar 2019

Good food and good staff.

This place is near my work so I sometimes pop in or order Uber eats. The staff are really kind and helpful and food is always good too

Pros: All vegan

Cons: New ice cream isn't gluten free.


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22 Jan 2019

fast, delicious, conditioned quite place

this place has its own indoor seating area with avc! I came here after i gave up to find their location on Southern Cross station.
Vegan McDonalds.
Nice small touch: they use paper straws for drinks.

Pros: easy to find, good to catch up with friends.


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10 Jan 2019

Love the seating area

I ordered the phish and chips munch box. He chips were really crispy and I loved the phish. I also ordered the American sauce with it. I love the seating area and it is nice and bright. It feels really clean too. It’s notfar from work so I will be going back.

Pros: Seating

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