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First Review by marturey

My favourite place in Toronto - Edit

I was really impressed by this location - the design of the interior gives you a fabulous first impression, as well as the staff.
I had a glass of organic local wine that was absolutely stunning, and finally, the food was excellent.
Also, you find their products in health stores - I bought burdock sushis one time and they were perfect.

Pros: excellent food, excellent wine, cosy interior and outdoor seating

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Great place - Edit

I have been to Live many times, and have always enjoyed it very much. The raw section has been growing (but I always liked their cooked meals, too). Desserts are fabulous. Live is also a great place for vegetarians/vegans with a gluten-intolerance, as most of their stuff is gluten-free.
Final good thing for people who like not having to line up for seats: for some reason, Live is still a bit off the map. I never had to wait, there was always always room - even when we once risked going there with a group of eight without booking in advance. No problem finding seats.

Pros: Great food, raw and cooked, nice outdoor sitting in back, I've never had to wait for a table

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gourmet raw! - Edit

the first raw food i ever had was at Live! they still offer delicious raw food alongside a selection of cooked vegan options, yummy juices and smoothies and decadent raw desserts! the restaurant is lovely if a bit loud when crowded. great patio out back during the warmer months!
Updated from previous review on Tuesday March 03, 2015

Pros: really tasty organic food, raw and cooked options, good selection

Cons: stairs at entrance/to bathroom, can get a bit noisy when crowded

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Fantastic food most of the time - Edit

LIVE is one of our favorites, even though they have experienced a drop in quality over the last couple years (no longer offering the killer pancake breakfast, or sake drinks).

Outside of that, there are some really good dishes, that sometimes under deliver, but probably the city's second or third best vegan restaurant. Friendly staff, and a great outdoor eating area in the back during the summer, LIVE will always be a favorite for us.

Pros: Creative menu, Great Treats, Friendly Staff

Cons: Prices, No more sake drinks, Hit or miss sometimes on food

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service with a smile! - Edit

Best raw/vegan restaurant we've gone to! Love the layout of the menu. The food is unbelievable and the prices were actually great! Looking forward to my next visit.

Pros: a lot of raw choices, great atmosphere, prices

Cons: veg card only accepted Monday thru wednesday.

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Disappointed - Edit

I took my non-vegan mother here to celebrate my career and also to try out a new place. While the presentation of the food was spectacular, her portobello steak had hard particles in it that closely resembled earth. No big deal, we thought. Just take it back and give us a credit, right? The plate was mostly untouched. Nope, we got a sort of apology and half off that plate. Now, this is not a cheap location, so paying nearly 10 dollars for two bites did not suit us well. We asked for the bill and left - we will be sticking to the vegan places we know and love.
My raw combo platter was great, to be honest, but when the person you bring doesn't enjoy their food, you can't help but lose your appetite as well..

Pros: Great plate presentation

Cons: Poor customer service

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Great start.... - Edit

I have enjoyed this restaurant for a number of years now but notice the prices are getting to be a bit much. They don't know how to make a good raw lasagna. I've always loved their desserts and brunch. The raw platter is now an absolute rip off for the small amount of food you get. Great drinks. I no longer feel the urge to go there for dinner but I will go back for brunch. The last time I was there, the service was painfully slow and it wasn't overly busy.

Pros: food and drink, brunch

Cons: service can be very slow, getting too expensive

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Mixed reviews - Edit

I have been a few times and my experiences have swayed from "oh my gosh, this is the best ever' to "send this back, I have lost my appetite".

Of course, the first time was the best, when I had the raw sampler. It includes 4 mini versions of their raw entrees. Granted not all were up my alley but I found some really delicious meals (the corn taco/nachos were great). I also recommend the chickpea fries.

I've returned to have some lack-luster stir fries and an even worse tofu omelettes (I figured a vegan resto couldn't butcher it but I was wrong). I'd suggest sticking to the raw foods since they have been better.

Their desserts are pretty good though. Nothing spectacular but ok. Their drinks are over-priced and don't taste that great anyways.

Pros: raw entrees best, desserts

Cons: inconsistency, price

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I did enjoy my meal - Edit

I found the various meals we got all tasted the same. Perhaps they were limited in the herbs on hand. It tasted good but there was nothing that distinguished one dish from the next, according to my tastebuds. Loved the gnocchi. Mmmm gnocchi...

Pros: cocktail selection , flavours

Cons: all foods seemed to taste the same

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Best raw food I've had - Edit

This restaurant was a terrific surprise. I had the 'pizza' which, although not in any way recognizable as pizza, was delicious. I also had a green smoothie which was excellent. But perhaps best of all were the desserts. Their take on carrot cake was surprising and delightful. It literally melts in your mouth (probably because it's 50% tropical fats, but I didn't ask...). It was a bit pricey, but I'd eat here again as a special treat.

Pros: Delicious food, Good selection, Pleasant atmosphere

Cons: High prices

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Enjoyed It Again - Edit

We came for brunch and enjoyed it as much as the first time we ate here. Three of us had the Tofu Omelet and one had the burrito; we all enjoyed the food immensely. There is an interesting selection of juices which are fun to try. It is not cheap but an excellent eat.

Pros: Excellent food, Nice bright atmosphere, Friendly service

Cons: A bit expensive

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Lies about vegan status, more - Edit

LIVE has gone way downhill since Chef Doug McNish left for Raw Aura.

On their website they still claim it's a vegan restaurant, but they have bee pollen in their drinks and honey in their desserts, and apparently have for quite some time.
[edited by staff- see tos]

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Amazing experience-- worth a visit - Edit

I'd been thinking of coming here for a year or two, but wasn't so sure about a raw food menu. I also had other preconceptions that made me wonder if I could enjoy a vegan place with such a specific culinary mandate.

Being proven wrong was never so delicious! There are a few cooked options, but the "raw" aspect would not have been a problem. In fact, I preferred the raw dishes to the hot ones.

Presentation, cleanliness, mood, ampleness of menu, taste, purity of ingredients, wide selection, innovation of dishes, service, great feeling for having eaten "right", unpretentiousness of staff and clientele, location (right on subway station)... I couldn't have asked for better.

I was just taken out for my birthday, and will try to finagle my way back again with other friends for a belated celebration!

Pros: taste explosion, staggering options, healthy feasting

Cons: confusing WC signs

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One of the best veggie dining experiences in GTA - Edit

I really enjoy my meals at Live. While it is a bit expensive, you get what you pay for in healthy sized portions and very high quality food. At the time of this post, I'd have to say that Live is the best vegan/vegetarian restaurant in Toronto. The meals I have had there have been tastier than Fressen and far less pretentious. Their brunch items are incredible, the atmosphere is relaxed and clean, the staff is friendly, and it's a short walk to Casa Loma if you decide to head there on a date.

Pros: Quality, Excellent food, Pleasant Atmosphere

Cons: A little expensive

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Not bad. - Edit

I went to Live just once, with my boyfriend. I might have liked it better if i would have make different choices. I had a green juice : expensive and really small. They forgot 2 ingredients, and the guy came to my table and just poured them on my glass in front on me. That was a bit weird. We ordered the raw poutine, and was excited about it. I did not liked it, my boyfriend did. I guess it depends on your taste! I had a big bowl with lots of greens, avocado, nuts, and grilled tofu. That was fresh and good. The tofu tasted amazing. My boyfriend had the tempeh crab cakes, and it was ok but not my type. Finally, the desserts we chose were the cheesecake ( average ) and the black forest cake ( amazing )for about 10$ each. I can understand that because i make raw cakes at home and it is really expensive.The server was rude, and looked bored, or tired. Maybe he was. But i have to say that we went there at around 9h40 thinking they closed at 11 but they closed at 10 so i was happy that they let us eat. I would be curious to come back to try more plates. I feel like i havent got all i wanted from this experience and i know it is part my fault, because i arrived late and made some wrong choices. But i also felt like that this place was not what i expected ( service, taste )...

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Tasty, hit and miss service, high price - Edit

First off, the food is delicious. I can't fault the food. The four times I've gone the food has been very good. But the price means that I average a visit once every half-year, and so far I've had two times with poor service, and two times with.. reasonable (not really good) service.

In the worst case the person I was dining with broke a tooth on a pit left in their pizza, and we ended up having an argument with the server if the tooth had actually broken there(!?) and got.. one free dessert.. which was too frozen hard to eat, even after waiting 20 minutes to try and let it thaw.

Besides the lacklustre service the food and menu is fantastic. I have enjoyed all the food I've gotten there (except the frozen dessert) and while the portions are small and the prices large, I find the food filling and good value given how hard work raw cuisine is. I would strongly recommend it for people thinking of converting to raw-foodism as a great way to appreciate the possibilities, and for people who can afford it more regularly than I can, but I do hope the next time I get a server who seems like they enjoy their job and doesn't vanish for most of an hour. Until I see that this is the case I can't give them more than "fair", given how strong service is to the dining experience. Lunch does seem to be better than dinner for service as well.

Pros: food, menu, healthy

Cons: expensive!, poor service

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Creative, delicious, good ingredients - Edit

I've only been to Live once so far, but after seeing the brunch menu I'm looking forward to going back. It's a little too expensive and out of the way for me to be going very frequently, but it's a nice treat. In fact, I think it's where I'm going to go for my birthday next month.

Both entrees and the appetizer ("crab" cake) we ordered were beautifully presented and well-cooked. I haven't tried any of their raw dishes yet, but I liked that there were plenty of raw and cooked options to give diners a choice. Highly recommended. Pleasant atmosphere.

Pros: Creative, Tasty, Nice atmosphere

Cons: A little expensive (but worth it)

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Worth the money for great raw food - Edit

I ate here a long time ago, in the summer of 2007. I'm just getting around to reviewing it now but still remember the great experience. It's true what people say about it being an expensive restaurant but I think it's worth it. I'm not sure that everyone knows how much preparation goes into making some of these dishes, especially the raw food and raw desserts. I'm talking 24 hours or more to make the small dehydrated cracker on your plate or crust for your pizza.

I had the raw food sampler plate and was very impressed with the flavours and textures. It's a cute place too, with a bright and fun atmosphere.

Whether you're a raw foodie looking for something fancy or an omni who wants to try something new, this place is definitely worth checking out.

Pros: great food, great desserts, nice restaurant

Cons: expensive

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So much potential! Needs improvement - Edit

I've been twice to this restaurant. The first time, I was blown away by the food. Everything was delicious, interesting, and fairly priced. Highly recommend the Heaven & Earth sangria, the buckwheat pizza with the pumpkin and coriander topping, and the polenta fries. The service was a bit slow and unfriendly, however. The second time, the service was horrific! When you enter a restaurant, it is customary for a server to follow you (if not guide you) to a table, bring you menus, offer you something to drink. We went out back and waited twenty minutes and nobody showed. I had to get us the menus ... finally we went inside and asked if anybody was working out back. The server who eventually came was terrible. We never saw him except to bring out our plates. If we waited for him to come back to bring the bill, we'd still be there. Altogether, the service was atrocious. When we went inside to pay, I was going to let it go and never go back there. I made a remark however, and the manager was gracious enough to listen to my remark and ask me what the problem was. I casually mentioned the problem with the service. It turned out she ripped up the bill as a way to apologize and did acknowledge the poor service. Suffice to say, this is the only reason I will go back and give it another shot. The food is exquisite. The desserts, to die for. If they could get their service together, and hire servers who actually give a damn (or at least are good at pretending like they give a damn), they have got a winning formula.

Pros: Delicious, Desserts, Drinks

Cons: Service, Service, Service

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Tasty but Pricey - Edit

We arrived while they were switching between their brunch and dinner menus. The service was friendly but slow, the food was delicious, but the portions were small, and we think it was rather expensive for what it was. The Black Forest cake definitely knocked my socks off! Overall, this is place would be great for the occasional treat, but not regular dining due to price.

Pros: delicious, unique offerings

Cons: expensive, slowish service

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Delish! - Edit

The sushi (made with sunflower pate) was delicious, the lasagna innovative (and quite yummy) and the carrot cake blew me away. Not preparing raw food myself, I am amazing at what they can do there. I walked away full, and surprised that the bill was not as big as it has been for me at other raw places.

Pros: great taste, healthy, desserts!!

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Impressive little spot - Edit

My friends and I decided to finally hit Live Food Bar. All pretty darn naive, we more or less thought we were in for cold, 'raw' food.

We couldn't have been further from the truth though. Contrary to many reviews, we had incredible service, staff were so helpful when recommending dishes and explaining food prep. They chatted with us and always made sure we had everything we needed. We ordered and our food was out in less then ten minutes! We were all pretty impressed.

I got the raw mac and cheese (which was soooo amazing - the noodles were grated butternut squash, and it was served warm. Definite recommend.) My friends got the soft tacos (which were also incredible - the tacos shells were really nice), the only dish we weren't in love with were the dill and ricotta 'cheese' and dill infused stuffed cannellonis, only 'cause we're all not that big on dill. House salad dressing is great.

All in all, we really loved the place, and are all looking forward to going back.

Pros: all vegan options, great food selection, wonderful & friendly staff

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Hit & Miss on Food & Service - Edit

The service was just ok. I had the raw food sampler plate which was quite good. It had a portobello mushroom dish, a raw pizza dish, a mexican dish and another item served with a large salad. It was quite good. My friend had their curry noodle dish. It was one of the most bland dinners ever. It tasted like plain cooked noodles with nothing added. Not once did the server come by to see how the meal was going even though the place wasn't busy. We had an appetizer of the jicamma fries. It was pretty good but very over priced ($5.50 for a very small portion). I don't think I'll be returning. I've been to Live three times. Twice for dinner and once for brunch. The first time I was there was good but the last two times I've left unsatisfied. Toronto has lots of choice for vegans so I'll go elsewhere.

Pros: Raw Food Sampler Plate, Across from Dupont Stn., Nice Environment

Cons: Too expensive, Curry Noodle Dish , Service Not Great!

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Reviewer Avatar

so nice we went there twice! - Edit

And the food was awesome both times. Service was tops, the feel of the place is refreshing and energizing, just like the food. Earth friendly products (even the take out boxes) makes it a perfect fit.

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Excellent - Edit

This was my first experience with raw food and I loved it! The staff was friendly and seemed to really be a part of the lifestyle. All around an excellent meal - even my meat eating bf liked it.

Pros: good food, good service

Cons: little pricey, weird 70's color decor

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