Hotel with onsite vegan restaurant that's open to the public for breakfast, lunch, and five course vegan dinners upon reservation. Menu includes soup made in-house, wild herbal salads, sage dumplings, risotto, and desserts. The hotel is specialized adults-only with age limit of 14 years for staying guests. Also hosts daily yoga classes in the wellness age. Email for reservations. Book at least 24 hours in advance. Open Mon-Sun 08:00-21:30.

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First Review by AMKNL


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06 Dec 2023

absolutely lovely

Been there 2019 and absolutely loved it. Lovely hotel with comfy rooms. Great food creations and a nice wellness/spa area. Staff was very friendly and helpful and we also loved the area around. So much nature, mountains for hiking and more. Ans also Merano isn’t far. We’ll definitely come back😄

Updated from previous review on 2023-12-06

Pros: great food, all vegan, nice hotel and friendly staff



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03 Dec 2023

A Vegan Oasis in the Italian Alps!

About five years ago, my wife and I discovered La Vimea, a vegan hotel tucked away in the Italian Alps. It turned out to be just what we were looking for—a mix of stunning views, a welcoming atmosphere, and excellent vegan accommodations.

Our visits to La Vimea were really enjoyable. The rooms had a comforting scent of pine, creating a cozy atmosphere. The balconies with mountain views were perfect for relaxing, whether having a glass of prosecco or simply enjoying the crisp mountain air. The common areas had a peaceful vibe, great for unwinding.

Now, let's talk about the food! La Vimea's culinary offerings are top-notch. Every meal is a delight, with creative dishes made from locally sourced ingredients. It's more than just vegan; it's a culinary experience that goes beyond labels.

As the owner of World Vegan Travel, I've brought two groups to La Vimea, and both experiences were fantastic. The La Vimea team knows how to make our group feel at home. Their commitment to service and seamless coordination keep us coming back.

Jump to our recent trip with another large group—La Vimea lived up to expectations. The food, service, and overall ambiance felt like returning to a place that understands us.

If you're looking for a slice of vegan paradise in the Italian Alps, this is it. Big shoutout to the incredible team at La Vimea—we'll be back for more mountain moments and plant-based perfection!


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29 Nov 2023

My FIFTH stay here!

Four of us spent 3 nights here in two rooms in October 2021. We were so excited to come here since we had heard of a beautiful vegan hotel in the North of Italy more than two years ago. The thing that attracted us to stay here as opposed to other hotels was honestly because it was a vegan hotel. We loved the idea that we would be able to stay in the mountains (usually a meat and dairy stronghold) and eat deliciously well and that the rooms would be free of animal products too.

We absolutely loved this hotel. The location of the hotel is in Naturns, a small town in the valley which is charming itself, but the views from both sides of the hotel are really very lovely. Not only that, each room has a large balcony so you can do yoga, enjoy the view with a glass of prosecco, or just enjoy that incredible mountain air. The rooms themselves are charming. As you enter the room, you are greeted with a lovely scent of pine from the furniture, the beds are incredibly comfortable and I personally love the open storage space by the door. You can keep all your bags and clothes out of sight so you can enjoy the warm minimalism of the rooms. My only complaint (and it is a small one) is that there are no electrical outlets close to the bed. I imagine this might be a tactic from the creators of La Vimea to get us away from our devices, but it was a tiny bit inconvenient especially if you are there on business like we were. There were plenty of other outlets around.

The shared areas were simply lovely. While I did not participate in any yoga, I did take a look around and I saw many spaces which would be great for meditation or retreats.

The food was simply delicious. I have attached a few photos to give you an idea but think creative, locally sourced ingredients that were varied, different, and cleverly put together. It felt like the food was created with lots of love and passion.

All in all, we ADORED our stay here and not just for the hotel. There is so much to see and do in the area. We WILL be coming back!

PS: Please do not think that this is only a hotel for vegans. We firmly believe that pretty much everyone will love the food and not miss the animal products!

Update June 22 2022... We came back here with a group of 26 people, vegans and non vegans and everything was as perfect as it was the first time. Thank you to everyone at la Vimea for being a joy to work with!

Update Nov 2023... We came back here in 2023 again with a large group and it was amazing.

Pros: It's a vegan hotel! What's not to LOVE?, Luca (chef) always gets a standing ovation., Lovely rooms - the birds in the morning.


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14 Aug 2023

Too expensive, fixed menu, good but not extraordinary

They have a fixed menu with 3 starters, One First plate and a dessert, and you cannot know what you are going to eat till you are seated. So we get a salad (!!), A pepper cream (i hate pepper), a very good Jerusalem artichoke cream with mushrooms, gnocchi with pesto good but not extraordinary and a very good dessert with chestnut. The service Is included (!) in the 75€ per person, water Is of the source (great), a bottle of very good bio wine, Two coffee and you are at 200€ for a couple. We would have avoided two starters and saved 50€ or taken a second plate if It was given a choice.

Pros: Bio, Great hotel with a bio-lake

Cons: Fixed menu, Too expensive


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04 Aug 2023

Noch nie so gut gegessen!

Wow, das Hotel ist wirklich nur zu empfehlen. Wir haben 1 mal dort gegessen und ich habe wircklich noch nie so einen guten Salat gegessen. Die Zutaten waren wirklich sehr frisch. Sehr freundliches personal.

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Cons: Etwas teuer


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27 Jul 2023

Amazing hotel and experience!

We were here for 4 nights in June 2023.
It was absolutely fantastic! The room, the dinners, the breakfast buffet (don't expect any sausages or vegan bacon here. The focus is really on WFPB foods, also for breakfast), the swimming pool, the staff, the location.
Really relaxed atmosphere and great food.
Although it's located in a residential neighbourhood, there's a big private parking just next to the hotel, and there's also a secure garage for storing your bicycles.

The 5-course dinner was each time different and exquisite. And most of the times swift service.

It comes at a price (which is - all things considered - in line with other hotels of this level).
Would love to go back one day😄

So the following points are just being picky, but here are some details how it could be even better:
- no fridge in room, a pity

- the natural pond is beautiful, but I didn't fancy swimming in it. Still standing water (no fountain or such, no circulation?) and the water colour didn't invite swimming (ps: I'm used to swimming in natural ponds so really can tell the difference). We did go swimming in the inside pool.

- On the first night, we were shown our table for dinner on the outdoor terrace and told 'and this is your table for your whole stay'. Well that was a bit disappointing, as it was on the 'second row', and we wanted to also enjoy the view at the garden at least once from the first row of the terrace. So we mentionned this, and later dinners we did get a table on the first row - always the same one. Why not just do it 1st come 1st choice? So we can get a different view every time? Especially for guests who stay multiple nights.
One does get to choose a table for breakfast.

- breakfast buffet is awesome, but I would have loved to see some (homemade?) vegan fermented cheezes (like camemberti, roqueforti etc).

- One can only book with the 5 course dinner included. So staying there 4 nights meant 4 times a 5 course dinner in a row, which was a bit much. Maybe give the option to book at least one night of the stay without the 5-course dinner.

PS: about accessibility: entrance and hotel/dining rooms/terrace is accessible. Accessible toilet on -1 level and garden and deck/pond can be reached via -1
There is also an accessible bath room on upper floor - opposite to a room for guests using a wheelchair.

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28 Jul 2023

Wow! This is an amazing review with good constructive criticism. Hope the hotel will read it. Thinking of going there too!


29 Jul 2023

Thanks Marianne😄
Afterwards we went to vegan hotel I Pini in San Gimignano - I also wrote a review


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29 May 2023

Best vacation on Earth

We stayed for 5 nights. The five course dinner each night was artistic and delicious. The breakfast buffet was also fantastic. Service is top notch. It’s elegant but down to Earth. The location is magical with birds singing and green mountains everywhere.

Pros: Food, Natural beauty , Service


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01 May 2023

sehr schönes Boutique Hotel mit ausgezeichnetem Restaurant - auch für…

Super gepflegtes, wundervoll angelegtes Hotel mit traumhaften Garten und 1A Restaurant - auch für nicht Hotelgäste.
Wir haben unseren Aufenthalt sehr genossen - reizende Mitarbeiter, sehr schöne und großzügige Zimmer, traum Ausblick, perfekte Lage, sehr ruhig.
Ich mags nicht ganz so cremig - daher hätte ich mich über eine Menü-Auswahl gefreut.
Wir kommen sicher wieder.

…und sie sind sehr hundefreundlich. ❤️

Updated from previous review on 2023-05-01

Pros: Hervorragendes 5 - Gänge Menue, sehr schönes Hotel, super Frühstück

Cons: kein a la card


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27 Apr 2023


The food here was just extraordinary, I have just good things to say about it. Breakfast was a dream of not having to check what is vegan, there were cakes, warm food and the regular breakfast options. Throughout the day there was a lunch menu of salads, pasta and more. The bar is open throughout the day which serves cake, ice cream, drinks and coffee. The dinners were the best, the food was delicious and the menu changed daily, there was a cocktail/mock tail of the day which I loved every day. The five courses were just amazing and very creative and yummy. They were also accommodating to my mom who eats raw. The staff were very friendly and helpful and always available to talk to.

Pros: The best vegan food ever , Super friendly staff, Great facilities


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23 Apr 2023

Vegan heaven

Wonderful vegan hotel in Trentino surrounded by beautiful mountains

Pros: Dinner: fantastic, Breakfast with plenty of vegan options, Small but nice SPA

Cons: a bit expensive, but you need to try it!!!


18 Aug 2023

It’s Alto Adige / Südtirol, not Trentino


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22 Oct 2022

Our happy place

Being able to enjoy a sumptuous breakfast buffet without having to wonder what you "can" or "cannot" eat is alone worth the price. I recommend being there on a Thursday for the forest bathing experience.

Pros: Breakfast buffet and gourmet dinner , Complementary yoga classes and forest bathing exp.

Cons: Pricey


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22 Oct 2022

Very special restaurant

Very creative vegan kitchen. The food is from the region and biologic. The service is pretty nice, they explain every composition of the menu exactly. We liked the white wine. The atmosphere is very quite. They took very well Care about gluten-free wishes. The only pitty in my eyes was the taste of the coffee.

Pros: Everything vegan, Biologic, From the region


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Mostly Veg
07 Sep 2022

Every day a vegan heaven

It is hard to put in words, what happens here. The vegan breakfast buffet is amazing. Take what you like, all is vegan and so nicely prepared.
It would be a recommendation worth alone, but what they do here every evening is mind blowing. The team creates every evening a new surprising fine dining experience, which makes you wait for it the whole day. The creativity and skill of the kitchen is just amazing, while the friendliness and efficiency of the service is just on same extra high level.

We need to come back.


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15 Aug 2022

A vegan('s) dream

First and until now sadly last time I was there was 2020 and I still gush about it to others, yearn for it and recommend it to everyone I can. One day I will definitely return. All the dishes are delicious and unique, it's not only such an enjoyeable experience but it will inspire your own cooking as well, e.g the last two years I have placed more focus on my salad dressings as this restaurant showed me just how good and impactful dressings can be. The dishes are just so creative, if giving more than 5 stars was possible this place would deserve it. Thinking about it makes me excited


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13 Aug 2022

Amazing! Genuine place!!

You can feel that everything they say they support is genuine and it comes from the people who own the place. Highly recommend it!! From the nature, location, the hotel premises are beautiful, the rooms are amazing, the food is amazing, the breakfast is a vegan’s heaven, the 5 course dinner surprises you. Definitely want to return 😍💖😍


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23 Jul 2022

Absolute Empfehlung!

Das 5-Gänge Menü war extrem lecker, das Ambiente entspannt und gemütlich und der Service super freundlich!

Pros: Außergewöhnliches Menü, Schöne Sitzmöglichkeiten im Außenbereich, Qualität des Essens

Cons: Etwas teuer


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12 May 2022

Hotel e ristorante 100% vegan

Menù degustazione di 5 portate e tutte molto interessanti, con un lavoro notevole alle spalle che giustifica il prezzo un po' alto.


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04 May 2022

100% vegan hotel in the nature

Charming hotel with beautiful and spacious rooms, wellness area and yoga lessons. Amazing organic vegan food for breakfast and dinner. There is the possibility of having also lunch.

Pros: 100% vegan organic food, Spa, Big rooms, relaxing environment

Cons: Expensive


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20 Mar 2022

Great experience

We had a tasteful menu composed of a total of 5 dishes, all of them created with cure and love by the kitchen team. Will definitely return here!

Pros: Menu changes daily, Nice atmosphere, Host very friendly


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07 Jan 2022

Einfach super lecker

Heute war ich zum ersten Mal im Restaurant des Hotels essen und es war einfach Spitze!
Es gab ein 5-Gänge Menü, das an Raffinesse nicht zu toppen war. Jeder Gang war für sich schon mega lecker. Die Portionen waren ausreichend groß, denn ich bin nach den fünf verschiedenen Gängen echt gut gesättigt.
Klar ist es preislich kein Schnäppchen, aber Qualität hat ihren Preis und ist es in diesem Fall einfach Wert!
Fazit: Lecker Essen und toller Service zu einem angemessenen Preis.

Updated from previous review on 2021-10-21


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14 Dec 2021

Hotel 100% vegano

Incuriosita da questo hotel interamente vegano, sono andata a provare il ristorante, abbastanza buono devo dire.

Updated from previous review on 2021-12-14

Pros: Personale cordiale

Cons: Tempi di attesa lunghi (e c’era solo un tavolo)


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01 Nov 2021


We were there for the 5 course dinner and it was amazing. Each one of the courses was so delicious and it was more than enough. The staff was very friendly. My highlight was the dessert. It was one of the best desserts i've ever had.


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30 Oct 2021

Great vegan hotel!

The hotel is 100% vegan, the chef makes amazing dishes with locally sourced and organic ingredients. I’ve never seen such a selection of option for breakfast , a treat! def recommend


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22 Oct 2021

astonishing vegan hotel in South Tyrol with great food

You can eat at the hotel even if you are not a hotel guest. We stayed here for 5 nights.
It was awesome!

Rarely have I experienced such a good hotel as the LA VIMEA! The whole concept is really good.
A bit of luxury paired with nature and sustainability.
The towels and bedding are Fairtrade and organic cotton. Plastic is largely avoided, but regional wooden furniture is used. The pool is filled with salt water instead of chlorine chemicals.

Those who don't like a pool go to the saunas, the bathing pond, the loungers in the garden or the hot stone lounge, or treat themselves with a massage.
Wellness and SPA can be found here in various ways.
And all this is surrounded by an impressive mountain scenery.

All the food is vegan, organic, locally sourced and some of it is homegrown. You can regularly see employees from the kitchen running around in the garden and picking herbs 😁

By the way, the staff are all very friendly. You feel personally welcome here, but not intrusive.
The rooms are modern and super clean. We stayed in the "Sun room". The view was really nice.

When booking the desired room, half board is always included. That means delicious breakfast buffet and 5 course dinner. Both were absolute top quality.

Tropical fruits such as bananas or avocados are not offered due to the poor ecological balance. Ready-made food such as packaged sausage or cheese can not be found here. Almost everything is homemade, from bread to spreads to pasta.
Everything in the hotel has a very high quality.
Yes, I really loved it :)

And how often do you find a hotel where animal welfare and the environment are at the forefront? Therefore: Absolute recommendation!♥️

Dogs are also welcome! 🐕


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04 Oct 2021


Kreative Gerichte auf Gourmet-Niveau, tolles Frühstücksbuffet, sehr schönes Ambiente, sehr netter Service


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04 Oct 2021


Waren hier zum Mittagessen, kein Menü. Lecker, hält was es verspricht aber nichts besonderes und deshalb der Stern Abzug, da ich den Preis nicht ganz gerechtfertigt finde. Kann sein dass dies bei Abendessen/Hotelgästen anders ist. Schöne, ruhige Atmosphäre:)

Pros: Komplett vegan

Cons: Teuer


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12 Sep 2021

einer der besten hotels in dem wir je waren!

Wir waren für 4 Nächte im hotel und hatten Halbpension gebucht. morgens gibt es ein FrühstücksBuffet und abends ein 5 gänge Menü a la carte. Wir waren einfach restlos begeistert!!! Vom Essen selbst geschmacklich aber auch die Vielfalt und das Einfallsreichtum der Menüs. Aber auch das hotel selbst ist einfach eine wohlfühloase- Wir kommen auf jeden Fall wieder!!

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