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Serves meat, vegan options available. Japanese restaurant with focus on the don, or rice bowls. Can get a bowl with tofu or vegetables and vegan sauce and toppings. Appetizers like pickled ginger, veg gyoza, and edamame are vegan. Open Tue-Fri 17:30-22:00, Sat-Sun 16:30-22:00.

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27 Oct 2023

Good Japanese food with some vegan options

Had a great meal in this place. Both the food and the interior feel authentic. There are vegan options, however, not too many. Also I would recommend to make a reservation as the place seems always full.



Points +1074

18 Oct 2023

Nice curated Japanese experience

Nice place with tasty vegan options, clearly identified.
We shared some appetizers (Tsukemono = three kinds of Japamese pickles; Yasaigyoza = vegetable dumplings). Their flavors were incredible with many small spices offered (Yuzu powder, wasabi)
We went for the two vegan Dons (Amakara tofu and Nasumiso) which were served with a delicious Dashi.

Be aware that there is no longer any vegan dessert (previously a vegan mochi but not anymore).

Team is very kind and serving very cared for. The food is on the pricier side.

Updated from previous review on 2023-10-18

Pros: Nice experiemce, Kind staff

Cons: A bit pricy


Points +154

06 Feb 2023


Had the eggplant as a starter, the tofu don as a main and mochi as dessert. All delicious, great & quick service and an authentic feel. Probably one of my favorites in Utrecht now.

Pros: Great service, Amazing food, Nice ambiance

Cons: None


Points +146

02 Nov 2022

Lovely, relaxed

Perfect food, very friendly staff


Points +16

22 Aug 2022


Really delicious vegan options, enough choice for 2 different visits. Authentic feel and high quality dishes.

Pros: Enough vegan options, High quality, Authentic


Points +1725

16 May 2022

Authentic Japanese

In Europe, many Japanese restaurants are run by Chinese people who have never been to Japan serving customers who don’t have a clue about Japan. But “Don Kounosuke” is different! It is an actual Japanese restaurant, run by Japanese people.

Therefore, they don’t serve “all you can eat sushi” but actual Japanese food. Don Kounosuke is not a vegan restaurant, yet they do understand the meaning of “vegan” very well and they do have some vegan options. For starters, we tried the seaweed and avocado salad, which is good but nothing special. The tofu and daikon is special and reminds me of the true Japanese taste.

Don Kounosuke is specialized in rice bowls and 2 of them are vegan: the tofu rice bowl and the eggplant rice bowl. The interesting part is in the way it’s served and consumed. First, the rice bowl is eaten as it is. Once the most tasty bits on the top (either the eggplant or tofu) are eaten, a new topping can be added. The waitress will come to the table with a wide variety of choices including wasabi, seaweed, ginger and more. Once that’s gone, a tiny cup of vegetable bouillon can be added to flavour the remaining rice.

There’s only one vegan dessert: a traditional piece of pounded rice with sweet red bean stuffing and it’s very tasty.

One word of warning: reservation is not required, but highly advised. Every evening there’s a waiting list and only by making reservations at least one week in advance it’s possible to be sure of a good table at a reasonable time. If not, you’ll be waiting outside hoping for the best or having dinner at 9 pm.

Pros: real, authentic Japanese food, carpark nearby, speaking Japanese (or Dutch, or English)

Cons: inappropriate (none Japanese) music, slim chance of getting a table without reservation, only a few vegan options


Points +18

12 Dec 2021

Super tasty!

Small and lovely Japanse restaurant. Vegan options available. Their vegan gyozas are definitively worth trying, they are amazing!


Points +83

13 Jun 2021

My favorite place to eat!

If you love to explore new flavors and like a diverse dish? Don is probably for you. At Don Kounosuke, you can eat this authentic Japanese dish and enjoy this dish in three ways with the full experience. The interior is simple and clean, the owner always wears her traditional clothing and everyone is very friendly. All vegan options are labeled and made it easy to find. I choose the Nasumiso Don (Don:Rice with Nasumiso:fried eggplant in miso) and with every Don you get to choose 3 garnishes, for example: sesame seeds, szechuanpeper, homemade wasabi, seaweed and more. You can eat the dish on its own (rice and in this case the eggplant), combined with all the flavorful garnish and/or with dashi (broth). The dashi will make it a very nice and flavorful rice soup. With every step I explore and enjoy new flavors. I love it and I will definitely come back!

Pros: authentic Japanese dish and flavors, very friendly, exploring tasty and fresh flavors


Points +414

22 Jul 2020

Super tasty, authentic Japanese

Tiny Japanese restaurant with a small selection of dishes. A few vegan options but they taste amazing. I had the dumplings as a started and those where super tasty.

The main dishes are all a combination of vegan, fish or meat with rice. Broth and toppings served on the side. The tofu was lovely.

Friendly staff, most don't speak with but English and Japanese.

Pros: Amazing taste, Friendly staff


Points +85

23 Mar 2020

Really good Japanese bowls

The bowls were amazing, as were the side dishes. Had a lovely time with non-veg friends. It's definitely a place when you can't convince everyone to go fully veg, though I would love to take my vegan dad there as well. I am unsure about vegan desert options, as service was a little slow so it was to late to order some when the time came. Still, I recommend it if the menu looks interesting to you, and you're in the mood for some non-sushi Japanese food.

Pros: Really nice bowls, Great side dishes, Friendly staff

Cons: Not cheap, but very much worth it, Staff were overstretched and forgot about us

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