Spacious, upscale restaurant. Dishes features lots of organic vegetable. Some buddhist style but serves also onions and wine. The chef, Pan Jianjun, was a disciple at a monastery who was encouraged by his master to promote vegetarian eating in the world outside. Chinese address 市东城区, 五道营胡同2号. Open Mon-Sun 10:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by Minni


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13 Sep 2023

Descent food, nice flavor, great service

I’m very full after all the dishes, tasted natural and yummy. Service is really great.



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03 Sep 2023

Great experience

Lovely traditional Chinese environment. Every dish has great presentation. Excellent Service and reasonable price considering this is one of the only two Michelin three star restaurants in Beijing. Would definitely come back again.


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14 Aug 2023


The restaurant is very popular, we booked a week ahead of time, and chose the 1399RMB set menu for a group of 5 including 1 child. The arrival greeting, atmosphere etc are spot on.
When inquired about drinks included in the set menu,
our waitress noted that there wasn’t any drinks and we had to order separately, we ordered the 245RMB fresh pressed orange juice which tasted great, but grossly overpriced. When they began to serve, there were all kinds of drinks included in our set menu.
They offered a raw plate to us for free, however, it’s the most unpalatable plate I’ve ever had, the lotus seeds tasted bitter, and raw cauliflower tasted… wait, who eats raw cauliflower at a Michelin 3 stars restaurants?
The accompanying sauces weren’t impressive.
Through the whole course, there were likely two or three bite size plates that had the WOW element.
Our friends didn’t even finish some plates.
I had a lot of expectation from a Michelin 3 stars restaurant, but left with a big disappointment: their choice of using milk and eggs, inadequate food quality, poor taste.
We dined with another group of friends at another diner, they noted that they went to King’s Joy once and never wanted to try vegetarian food again. It sucks for me to hear that, but I admit, I’m not surprised.

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-14

Cons: Expensive, Not vegan, Poor taste and food quality


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14 Jul 2023

Very expensive but an unforgettable experience

There is nothing else quite like King's Joy in vegetarian cuisine. This is exactly what you would expect from 3 Michelin stars - in quality, presentation, atmosphere, staff, and of course price.

The setting is wonderful, and the harpist was a very unique experience. Despite the formality, the staff made us feel at ease and there wasn't much of a dress code.

We went for a tasting menu that was 999 rmb per person. The food was delicious, with some interesting combinations and dishes that we have never tried before. There are so many dishes to try - not all them were exceptional but they were all different and flavourful, with some brilliant tastes.

This is not somewhere we'd have the budget to eat at regularly, but for a special treat it's worth the hefty price tag. The meal took around 3 hours, and with dinner for two, a bottle of wine, tax, tip etc we spent around 2900 rmb.

Pros: Special atmosphere and settings , Amazing flavours , Welcoming staff

Cons: Very, very expensive


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06 Apr 2023

Nice vegan options but expensive, wouldn’t pay 350€ for it again:)

It was delicious but not extraordinary, too many mushrooms for my taste and not even one dish with tofu or any other protein, we just got 10 mushroom dishes wich wasn’t really what we expected.

Pros: They can make a vegan set menu for you if you ask

Cons: Expensive


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Mostly Veg
23 Jan 2023

Best Meal my Wife and I have ever eaten

This was the most creative feast I have ever experienced, whether veg or non-veg! Well worth a visit when in Beijing and celebrating a special occasion!


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06 May 2021

Oh My! Best dinner I have ever had

Be ready to pay for it but everything about this lace is perfect! Amazing atmosphere. The presentation of the food was outstanding and the set menu couldn’t get any better! Make sure you request vegan. And call to make a reservation and whatever is available take it and go!

When Covid is over and I’m back in Canada, I would seriously consider coming to Beijing and King’s Joy just for dinner... seems excessive but well worth it!

Updated from previous review on 2021-05-05


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18 Dec 2019

Michelin star rated fine dining

We had the price fix at about $100 per person plus drinks. You are made to feel like royalty. A swarm your table with service and your glass is never empty. The atmosphere is heavenly with everything going on, it still does not feel stuffy because they were so friendly. You have to ask for Vegan because somethings will come with butter. There’s no word for Vegan in Chinese. They call it super vegan LOL.


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23 Nov 2019


Good admosphere, english, music and overall food was really good. From Western standard it could be even better. Don't consider it Michilen level but just below.
We had set menu for 899rmb. There is also one for 699rmb
All in all recomended!


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14 Sep 2019

Outstanding delight

I found this jewel by chance when visiting the lama temple and the Confucius temple. Before visiting the temples, I made a lunch reservation on a Saturday without knowing where I was - after being inside, I searched the app and yes, the setting was already amazing, but the food offered .... one of the best places I’ve ever eaten at. Great presentation, so tasteful and really special. Would always come back!

Pros: A lot of vegan options , Incredible selection and presentation , Wonderful service

Cons: Pricey but worth it


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18 Dec 2018

Worth it

I was skeptical of this place after hearing that it was expensive and more style over substance. Having now visited, I completely recommend it. Yes, it is pricey for Beijing and maybe more suited to a special occasion, but by Western standards the prices are in line for this level of fine dining. The dishes are not huge but you can fill up on inexpensive food at other Beijing restaurants. All of the dishes were good but a few were very memorable. The decor is beautiful and calming. The menu has English and pictures.

Pros: Classy decor, Good service , A break from chaotic Beijing

Cons: Pricey, Not completely vegan


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15 Dec 2018

Expensive, but worth it!

I walked in solo after visiting the Lama temple, and it was tea time. Had the most incredible vegan collection of, you know, high tea stuff: cakes and snacks and things! And a pot of very nice oolong tea. It all summed up to more than 400yuan, which is a lot of money. But the place, atmosphere and especially that yummy black sesame cake were worth every penny! It’s not all vegan place, so ask for vegan, and they’ll know what to do. You probably should make a reservation if you wanna have dinner.

Pros: Beautiful place, Super nice atmosphere

Cons: Expensive, Christmas music (well, it is the season...)


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25 Jul 2018

Best Chinese Vegan/Vegetarian

This is by far one of the best vegan/vegetarian restaurants in the world. I travel for a living and try to visit best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in every country. This experience was unparalleled from the ambiance to the exquisit dishes. The offerings were unique, modern, beautifully presented and at the same time captured authentic Chinese flavors I grew up with.

Pros: prethora of vegan dishes


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12 Jun 2018

Very nice place and food was really delicious- great time

Very nice place- must go

Pros: Vegan options available , Super service and advice


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29 Apr 2018

A work of art from start to finish - best meal I have ever had!

We went to King's Joy for our wedding anniversary, I had high hopes and we were not disappointed!

From the misty entrance to the dry ice around the harpist playing in the centre of the restaurant, everything about the experience was special and other-worldly.

We decided not to order a set menu and instead chose around 8 or 9 dishes that we liked the look of to share. Each one was immaculately presented on the plate and the flavours and textures were incredible. Highlights were the Kung Po Oyster Mushroom, and the sliced Tofu and Mushroom.

The service was excellent, with our waitress helping us with our order (which was done on an ipad and sent direct to the kitchen) and giving some helpful advice on how to attempt some of the more unusual dishes we had ordered. The menu selection is vast, with dishes to suit all tastes.

The total cost came to 1600RMB including a couple of drinks, but we were expecting it to be more expensive than normal. I genuinely believe it was worth every penny.

It truly was a night to remember, I cannot recommend Kings Joy highly enough.

Pros: Delicious food, served with style, Unique atmosphere, Friendly service

Cons: Price is high, but so is quality


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22 Aug 2017

Upscale restaurant

Quite expensive, expect to spend at least 250rmb per person for a modest meal. Food was delicious but not exceptional. However, the place is stunning and the service is superb, it may be worth the price tag.


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26 Oct 2016

prepare your wallet and bring food from home with you.....very expensive and we left hungry

we went to Kings joy for our anniversary a few months ago and were very disappointed. the place itself is beautifully decorated but the food was not at all what we had expected to get.we went over the menu and saw how ridiculously expensive it was so we decided to go for the set tasting option for 599 RMB. we asked our waiter 3 times if this was the price for 1 or 2 people and he assured us it was for 2.when the food started coming everything came in tiny tiny portions and was no more than OK. when we asked for the bill we were still hungry and when it arrived we were shocked to see it was a total of 1500 RMB! we ordered a pitcher of juice and the meals so that means the pitcher of juice which they kept refilling without asking us was 300 RMB! and of course that the waiter had misled us since the set meal price was obviously for 1 person not 2.we told the water there must be a mistake and he ran to the kitchen and came back with a huge watermelon in a sack and gave it to us saying this was on the house. this place ruined our anniversary and even tho we live in Beijing we will never go back to give it another try.

Pros: nicely decorated

Cons:, price and service


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07 Dec 2015

Nice, upscale splurge

Very good food, beautifully presented, with pleasant atmosphere (with a mix of temple and upscale restaurant), and very good service. Pricey, but worth it for a splurge. 3 of us had plenty to eat, with nice tea, for 275 RMB each. On the night we were there, two very good musicians (cello and harp) played western music at a tasteful volume.

Pros: Very nice vegan food, Nice atmosphere , Very good service

Cons: Pricey


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25 Aug 2015

Nice Treat while in Beijing

On my first day in Beijing, my friend, a "local" who works in Beijing part time but lives in Hong Kong, asked me to if vegetarian was OK for lunch. This was a nice surprise. I agreed and we were off to the King's Joy. I was shocked when we arrived and to find a harp accompanied by a cello playing in the atrium of the restaurant. We were seated at the adjacent table and promptly had our drink orders taken. To be 100% honest, I don't know exactly what was ordered for drinks or for food because I completely deferred to my Chinese friend. However, the juice, something similar to cranberry, that was served in individual dry ice accented carafes with small 1 oz shooters was almost enough reason to visit King's Joy. We started with a pseudo pork dish that reminded me of Korean Char Siu. We also had a lettuce wraps and another TVP dish that resembled a fatty grilled beef. A 4th dish was served as sushi, and again, having arrived at 0530 in the morning and not sleeping, I didn't examine it, I just enjoyed the presentation, texture and taste. All of our orders came a la carte. Again I can't be specific, but I assume that our bill came to right at 1000 Yuan for the two of us for what was a light yet satisfying meal. We left a bit of food untouched. The service was fantastic. As mentioned, I completely deferred to my friend who speaks Chinese, but I was treated with no disrespect as another reviewer commented. Our glasses were never less than half full. We were brought a couple of small complimentary appetizers. The wait staff was constantly present, yet in no way obtrusive. Unless harps and cellos are your daily, I'd recommend this as a special treat. I will definitely be back next time in town.

Pros: Prompt friendly service, upscale atmosphere, tasty food

Cons: pricey, smaller portions


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09 May 2014

Great for Special Occasions

This restaurant is great for special occasions, but if you don't want to pay 700 RMB per person for dinner, go with a cheaper option like Pure Lotus. At King's Joy, my partner and I each had a set meal for 499 RMB and with wine our total bill was a bit over 1400 RMB. We both thought it was a delicious meal and a beautiful restaurant. We had a great night.

As other reviewers pointed out, if you are vegan you need to be careful. Our set meals had cheese and eggs.

Located across from the Lama Temple; reservations recommended.

Pros: Delicious Food, Great Atmosphere, Next to Lama Temple subway station

Cons: Price

Bernhard M.

Points +26

13 Aug 2013

Dine in Style

I am sorry, that other members of had negatove experiences in King's Joy, Beijing. for us it was a very nice evening. (Despite the fact, that I turned from vegan to vegetarian for the limited time of a week in Beijing)

Here our experience:

Our last evening in Beijing we wanted to have some special dining experience. Being vegetarians/vegans from Austria, our choice was simple: We headed for the "best": King's Joy!

Sunday evening, the place not crowded, but with a very special music: a Lady that played the harp! How extraordinary is this nowadays!

Our young and charming host: Ms Zhaoyayun guided us through the i-pad menu and we took the "8 course" set meal.

Food was just excellent, many different nuances, natural ingredients and very creatively arranged on the plates.

In Berlin and Vienna we know Restaurants with similar quality and subtlety, but we did not hope to get something special in Beijing.

Pricewise, Kings Joy is on the high end of the scale (499 each set menu, plus wine) but it was worth every Yuan.

This was a very exclusive end of our first stay in Beijing.

We certainly will come back and try some of the other delicate meals.

So please make your own picture about this fabulous restaurant with it's stylish - awardwinning - interior and the little garden. It is worth a visit, if you want to experience something special!

Pros: Creativity of meal, Superb taste of each course, Location - just great

Cons: No real vegan options


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19 Jul 2013

single travellers not welcome

I went here on a sightseeing day during a business trip, otherwise I might have found it too expensive. When I entered the restaurant by myself, they looked at me as if it was too weird, coming alone. They offered me a table in a sort of tea area, far away from other customers. This location looked very nice, so I did not mind too much. The menu was in an I-pad. There were many pages you could scroll through and them make your choice. The dishes are very expensive, but look beautiful and sound interesting. I chose 3 dishes, which I thought should be enough for 1 person. Sadly here is where things went horribly wrong. Apparently there was something wrong with my choice. the waitress did not speak much English so the manager came to my table. He scrolled through the I=pad again 3 times to ask if I could confirm my choice. I did, but this is not what he wanted to hear, the order was not placed. I asked him what I should do, bu he never answered, he just scrolled through the I-pad again. I still don't know what I was supposed to do, I think they expected me to order 10 or so dishes, which doesn't make sense when you are alone. In the end I just walked out, because it was apparent that they were not processing my order.

I find it quite shocking that they refused to take my order, but could not explain what was wrong with it. I really would no recommend this place to single travellers as they seem very reluctant to cater for you when you are alone.


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Non Veg
16 Apr 2013

Good to impress visitors. Pricey,

Very stylish and sedate decor, quiet atmosphere, attentive waiting staff. The menu has a strong Western (mostly French) accent. Lovers of mushroom dishes will be able to indulge. The presentation of food and drinks is highly sophisticated and very impressive. Portion sizes vary a lot. With respect to this and to the quality of food, most items are considerably overpriced. 100 RMB for a tiny slice of cheese cake with passion fruit sauce, albeit delicious, is just exorbitant.

Pros: stylish interior, impressive food presentation, good mix of Eastern and Western

Cons: largely overpriced, inconsistent portion sizes


Points +1175

26 Nov 2012

Almost too upscale

This is a really upscale, quite expensive vegetarian restaurant just opposite Yonghegong, Lama Temple. It is situated in a totally new but traditional style courtyard building. The interior is really fancy. They serve Chinese vegetarian food, but many of the items are not vegan. (Even though the chef of the restaurant is a monk who has left the monastery to spread vegetarian message, the magazines have told.) I was not super impressed with the food, especially regarding the price. And the service was not really good either.

Pros: Fancy interior, Interesting experience, Suberb locations

Cons: Expensive, Not so nice service, Not so vegan-friendly


Points +248

23 Sep 2012

The door is this way

I went to King's Joy with a group, and have to say that my feelings are mixed. On the other hand the restaurant is beautiful, situated next to Yonghegong Lama Temple and the hutong areas, with a picturesque interior, a bamboo grove in the inside yard, etc... So the surroundings and the interior are beautiful. On the other hand, the staff was very unfriendly. They told us that we have to choose our dishes quickly, because the chef has to get home. Excuse me? In an expensive restaurant you'd expect the staff to actually stay on the premises to serve the customers. And King's Joy is expensive, a bit too expensive for my taste. We did have a reservation, so you'd expect to get service.

This is not a mock meat restaurant so I wasn't expecting piles of stir-fried tofu and seitan, but as a vegan I was disappointed to find that almost all the tofu dishes had egg in them. The food was ok, not anything to write home about. I'd recommend the eggplant dishes. The food presentation wasn't anything special, I'd expect more from a high-end vegetarian restaurant like this.

But the staff's attitude was the worst part of the evening. When we went to the bathroom, one staff member actually came to escort us out. You don't do that to paying customers! Maybe we, a mixed group of Chinese and expats, didn't fit the customer profile. But in any case, how rude!

Pros: beautiful interior

Cons: not good value for money, unfriendly staff, not vegan friendly

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