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Khun Churn - Mediplex

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Bangkok Mediplex, Sukhumvit Soi 42, Bangkok, Thailand,

Extensive Thai vegetarian food menu. Upscale atmosphere with air conditioning. Offers fresh juices. Directions: from BTS Ekkamai, take exit 2 directly in to Mediplex building and go down to lower ground floor. Dec 2015 reported still operating. Mon-Sun 10:00am-8:30pm

Category: Vegan-friendly, Ovo, Thai, Juice bar, Take-out

Reviews (27)

First Review by duffiness

Yes, obviously - Edit

The best places to get vegan Thai food in Bangkok are among the food stalls along Chinatown sois. Years ago I located a vegan noodle stall on Thanon Charoen Wiang that was so good I ate one meal a day there for six months. In the late 90s even the MBK food court was a regional mecca for vegan Thai dishes—seriously, people flew in from Vietnam. I have purposefully *not* reviewed such sites precisely because they are so damn excellent.

Bangkok vegetarian/vegan restaurants, on the other hand, and in particular the ones that claim to cook Thai food, simply suck. These are famous restaurants that are always full with backpackers in the evening, that give cooking classes, that are favorably reviewed on HappyCow and elsewhere. They suck. What is on the menu at such places is the equivalent of Thai cuisine to the extent that the average Euro-american shopping mall Chinese restaurant serves real "Chinese" food. (This analogy does not quite work because strictly speaking there is no such thing as "Chinese" food, but I digress...).

Khun Churn is a true exception amongst the Krungthep dregs. I've eaten at their various branches maybe 100 times? It is a relaxed (air-con) environment offering delicious, and dirt cheap relative to quality, vegan Thai food, with an emphasis on Northern/Lanna dishes (Khun Churn is a chain; the original is in Chiang Mai. They have branches in Nonthaburi and Thonburi. All excellent). Bangkok Mediplex surely is one of the spookiest places in the city (take the elevator to the 13th floor, see for yourself), but the journey into its basement is well worth it. Try the mieng kham and laap.

Pros: Casual, authentic vegan Thai food

Cons: Spooky location

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Huge selection of veg food; healthy options - Edit

I was there in January and again in March 2015 and had the impression that the menu had grown even more between the two days. They had a huge menu with soups, salads, and mains, plus 2 extra menus with specials and the daily combo meal. They also offer macrobiotic food. The set lunch menu is 150 baht, other main dishes also around 120-150 baht. The setting is a modern restaurant in the basement of the mediplex. Some dishes are with egg, so you need to check what is vegan.
Updated from previous review on Monday March 23, 2015

Pros: healthy options, macrobiotic food, yummy

Cons: more expensive

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nice environment with healthy food - Edit

Conveniently located at mediplex building right beside ekkamai station.
Food is towards the healthy range with brown rice etc served.
Restuarant is well decorated.
But food is abit pricey.

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Brilliant place - Edit

I love this place. I eat there often, even my meat eating colleague loves the food. They food is beautiful and fresh, and the price isn't cheap.The service is fine,but wished the staff would smile more!

Pros: Fresh tasty food, Lovely place, Connected to Ekkamai BTS

Cons: Lack of desserts, Expensive

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Highest quality food - Edit

Easily the best food we had on our 3 week trip. Fresh, tasty and very well presented, this is high quality food which will be sure to impress. Make an effort to get there. Downstairs in the building.

Pros: Great food, excellent service , well priced

Cons: not the prettiest location

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Worth a visit - Edit

Visited yesterday and really enjoyed this place. It's in a mall with nothing much of interest for tourists (clinics). The space is roomy, clean, and has a nice ambiance.
The menu didn't denote what was vegan, and the staff didn't speak much English, but the menu was quite good, and the food was nicely presented and tasty. They also have non-dairy ice cream and lots of fresh juices.
A great place to bring a date or meet for a business lunch.

Pros: ambiance, clean, good food

Cons: not all vegan

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Great vegan food! - Edit

Still serving quality food 26th Feb 2014. Open hours are 10am to 8:30pm.

Bit hard to find cos its down stairs in the basement and you get the feeling there is nothing down there but walk around and you will find it!

Great high carb low fat options. I don't find the food too salty if you know what to order. The rice is so fresh tasting. They do serve egg but if you order the vegan menu items its no worries. Just ask. Staff are fast and friendly.

I order 3 main dishes + 5 serves of rice + 2 serves of brown rice noodles.

Pros: tasty, high carb low fat options.

Cons: hard to find (sort of), closes 8:30pm

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A worthy splurge, with many uncommon items - Edit

The Khun Churn at Mediplex has a glossier vibe than its older sibling in Chiang Mai, but the food is equally good. The menu is overflowing with delicious cuisine, including a number of items one doesn't usually find on restaurant menus.

The emphasis here leans toward heath-conscious cooking, though they don't always make the health choices we would make (e.g. the menu says they use only wheat noodles for health reasons, but customers with wheat allergies or gluten intolerance would surely prefer the traditional rice noodles, as we do). On our first visit in 2011, we read that they use some organic ingredients, but in 2013 we didn't see any mention of that so we're not sure.

We found the atmosphere relaxed despite being located in a mall. If you come during off hours, you'll likely find it almost empty (though it fills up at peak lunch hour). Service was attentive, graceful, and accommodating.

Especially recommended are the appetizers, which include some less common options and a few original inventions well worth trying. The noodle rolls and the fried corn cakes are particularly good. For dessert, try the grilled banana with cereal cream (vegan, made from brown rice milk and soy).

The curries are less spicy than the Thai norm, but still flavorful. In Sep 2013 there was a cassia curry special that was particularly good.

Many dishes use egg, but there are plenty of vegan options, so the only downside is the price (about 3-4 times what we usually pay at other nearby veg*n eateries for similar portions), but the creative menu and the quality of taste and presentation all make it a worthy splurge. Just be aware going in that if you have much of an appetite, you'll likely need to order more than one item per person.

There are fresh juices, which are always appreciated, but the portions are so small as to make them very overpriced (at 85B for a slender champagne class of carrot juice finished in two or three gulps, that's essentially five-star hotel pricing).


Updated from previous review on Saturday February 19, 2011

Pros: Creative and delicious cuisine, Plenty of vegan options

Cons: Expensive, Many egg dishes

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Personal favourite - Edit

I discovered this restaurant about three years ago as it just opened and I just moved to the area. The food is delicious and of restaurant quality. Just what you would expect when you walk in, because it looks a bit classy and more upscale. Looking at the extensive menu you immediately notice the low prices. I expected something more expensive so I was pleasantly surprised. The food itself is in one word delicious. Never had a complaint, been going there regularly for three years now. Also a nice drinks menu with juices. Staff is very friendly and helpful.
The location is very convenient as you can walk from the skytrain straight into the building.

Pros: Delicious, Friendly staff, Reasonably priced

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Great Food, Sad Location - Edit

After the bustling and friendly lunch buffets from the Chiang Mai Khun Churn, I was a little disappointed as I wandered around the Mediplex, passing one clinic after another... One positive thing though: it's very easy to get to from the BTS station Ekkamai. Pretty space, nice long menu, kind staff.

Food was OK, I had a the macrobiotic plate with some extra veggies, it was a little bland (no seaweed, no tahine, just veggies, grains and beans).

Would I go back? Maybe, there aren't many other vegetarian/healthy/nice places in central Bangkok. But I might also just go to one of the great salad bars in Central Chitlom or Terminal 21 Gourmet for example...

Pros: healthy food, choice of dishes, nice restaurant/space

Cons: almost empty, ground floor of Mediplex

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Unmarked but quite good - Edit

As other people say this is a very unmarked restaurant because it's on the downstairs of Mediplex building.
Foods are quite good and dished up beautifully.
Some food taste rare and impressive.
Mediplex is next to BTS Ekamai station and actually very convenient to access.
I want many people to know this restaurant. It's like a hidden jewelry box!

Pros: Delicious , Rare and creative, Quiet

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Expensive but nice - Edit

I went to Khun Churn with a friend and we opt for the lunch option. They give you options to choose from and it's only 150 per lunch. Tolerable, but portions are really-really-I mean it - REALLY tiny. Like in a doll house.
The food is delicious but very spicy. They cannot change it in case of lunch set, so my friend wasn't able to eat most of her servings.

Other options in menu is expensive, about 120-200 baht per dish.

Pros: Ekamai BTS direct entry, Setting is beautiful, Tasty

Cons: Spicy, Prices are high

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Expensive and roomy - Edit

We had dinner in this restaurant. We were the only ones.
Ambiance is indeed very good, but to be the only guests and leaving some 40 seats empty feels strange.
Food itself is quite upmarket. Display is very good, size of the portion rather small. Taste also very nice and sometimes even surprising.
Total experience not at all bad, however the price does not make up for the experience.

Pros: room, surprising combinations, healhy

Cons: lack of customers, price

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Fancy and pleasant but not the best in Bangkok - Edit

Certainly a pleasant experience. The interior is well designed - so well that you totally forget it's inside a shopping mall.

The menu is the most extensive we've seen so far in Bangkok, to the point where ordering becomes quite an ordeal ;) Do be careful if you're vegan though, they do use egg here and there so best to keep an eye out - the korean style pancakes that accompanied our platter of boiled vegetables with red curry sauce (which were great by the way) had so much egg in them they tasted like omelette.

Staff was prompt and polite but not friendly - no positive, community vibes to speak of.

As for the food... well.. conceptually it was great - lots of interesting combinations and vegetarian versions of things that we've not tried since quitting fish. But from a foodie perspective...mmm... room for improvement. The tastes were good but could be more sophisticated, complex and complete, especially considering the price, which for Bangkok is definitely expensive (most expensive we've come across so far). We also felt we could do with more veges, although perhaps that was an ordering blunder on our part.

Another thing - not sure how accurate and complete the ingredient descriptions on the menu are. We ordered one dish that said it had tofu in it but I swear what arrived was closer to mock meat. The curry we ordered was said to contain pineapple, but we were a little surprised to also discover grapes in there and not much else.. felt like a curry fruit salad, which in our minds was just a bit wrong.

All in all, not a bad experience but it is a bit overpriced all things considered and the food is better at May Kaidees, which is priced at a fraction of this place although granted the ambience is not as posh.

I'd be interested to try it again to see if the food is better on a different order, but I doubt it. Looking forward to seeing what the Chiang Mai HQ is like.

Pros: posh ambience, overwhelmingly extensive menu, healthy food

Cons: a bit cold (no loving vibes), overpriced, some surprise ingredients

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Nice place, food ordinary - Edit

A very nice restaurant with great decor. The staff were very attentive and only approached us when needed. But - the food was bland also the beer was a lttle on the warm side. We did ask for no chilli but we did expect our meals to have some flavour at least. The food was very well presented though more pricey than other vegie restaurants. Now that we have had the experience of eating at this restaurant we probably won't return when we visit Bangkok again soon. Easy to access by skytrain - so a good location.

Pros: Nice decor, Close to skytrain, Attentive staff

Cons: Bland food, Expensive, Warm beer

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WOW! - Edit

The food here is amazing. Worth a fancy veg dinner out. Had the larb duck and a delicious curry (somo?) with fruit in it (forgetting the name). Amazing.
Small portions for the price, especially how small the rice is! but very delicious.
Don't order the "chaa manao" (lemon iced tea) it's just Nestea mixed with water and ice. Not good.
Professional, friendly staff and a beautiful atmosphere. Hi-so establishment!

Pros: Great food, Professional service, Beautiful dining area

Cons: Expensive, Small portions

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Excellent! - Edit

This was my first meal at Khun Churn, and it was excellent. The menu is expansive and I am looking forward to returning to try some more dishes. The decor was very nice. I agree with other commenters that this place is great for taking people out to dinner.

I was particularly pleased to see Khao Soi on the menu - not common outside of Chiang Mai. It was delicious.

A little on the expensive side by Thai standards, but well worth it.

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cool place, slightly strange location - Edit

It was a bit eerie finding this in a seemingly deserted floor of the mall (along with a new "Whole Foods" that seems, confusingly, to mostly be a glorified 7-11). The restaurant was very comfortable, nice old tunes, wifi, good ambiance. Unfortunately what I got was just a little off somehow, a bit too salty, too rindy, but that may have been what I ordered. Looking forward to going back and trying a few more dishes though, the Issan Set they have looks good.

Pros: shiny, tasty, upmarket

Cons: pricey, weird location, salty

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Upmarket ambience - Edit

It was real easy to find Khun Churn, which is always a bonus when searching out the great vegan eateries here on HappyCow. We enjoyed everything we ate and the menu was extensive - my Thai friend was able to check which dishes were vegan - my Thai is limited, as was the waiter's English. Will definitely head back to Khun Churn soon.

Pros: Upmarket feel, Extensive menu, Delicious food

Cons: Smells a bit sterile - maybe mediplaza, Limited understanding of English

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best upmarket in Bangkok - in an odd spot though - Edit

this is the best up market veg/vegan food in bangkok. their food is always interesting and the lunch menu for 135 baht (from 11.30am-3.00pm) is the best option, you get to try 3/4 different options. Its "expensive" for bangkok but totally worth it. Its just in a really odd spot, the medical mall lower floor.

Pros: great lunch menu, great vegan options

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good place to entertain your friends. - Edit

Hardly find an upscale pure vegetarian restaurant in Bangkok, this is a place for a veggies fancy dinner. The food is good and freshly cook. Understand that most of the ingredients are organic.

Good place to take your non-veg friends to try vegetarian.

The price is higher than other Khun Churn's branches.

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Spoilt for choice - Edit

New,upmarket and classy but good value for money , we have just come back from our second meal there in a week and it was excellent. Delicious, tasty food, do try garlic fries, this place is heaven sent.

Pros: Location, New, Variety

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