Serves meat, vegan options available. Los Angeles-born Japanese ramen noodle chain. Vegan items are listed on the front cover of the menu. The vegan items include multiple vegan ramen bowls (with customizable add-ons), Impossible meat steamed buns, a vegan rice bowl, mini Impossible tacos, crispy rice with guacamole, and edamame. Casual dining. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-11:00pm.

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First Review by astvnss


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29 Sep 2023

Really Yummy!

The food was just delicious! The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable in vegan food and their options. My family still talks about this place months later. I definitely recommend this place!

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-29

Pros: Multiple Options



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09 Apr 2023

Sort of well labeled w several Ⓥ options

Jinya is a nice ramen stop. Very boisterous and active when I went. Serves meat. Everything we ordered was good. There are several vegan options (not a ton, but several / maybe five?) but the drawback is they don’t label Ⓥ on the menu - just vegetarian. So you have to ask for clarification on anything. Edamame was delicious and the creamy ramen was very good. Small servings. Reasonably priced. My partner ordered the Impossible tacos and Impossible bun. That’s a Ⓥ disagreement between us as I don’t consider Impossible products Ⓥ due to their animal testing practices (in cosmetics and hygiene, a company wouldn’t get even a cruelty-free label, let alone a vegan label if they tested their products in animals no matter what the ingredients are). Anyway … nice spot with some vegan options!


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08 Apr 2023

Best vegan ramen I’ve had

Would give this vegan ramen 5 stars if the app let me. Of three vegan ramen dishes offered, I chose non-creamy w miso broth and asked for extra spice on the side. Toppings and ramen perfect, broth (where other places fall short) divine- deep, rich, layered flavours, perfect on a rainy day and worth every penny. Shared vegan gyoza w an omni friend- we both loved them. Service was truly excellent. Jinya will be my go-to the next time I’m in Vancouver.

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-08

Pros: Vegan menu, Excellent quality food, Great location & fab service

Cons: Expensive


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14 Nov 2022

Should be 5 stars. So good!

Has full vegan section on the menu plus multiple other labella’s vegan options. And absolutely delicious. Plus the best customer service.

Pros: Well labeled options. , Customer service

Cons: Sometimes busy


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16 Oct 2022

Great vegan ramen

Got the spicy creamy ramen and it was perfect. A decent amount of tasty looking vegan options on the menu


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08 Oct 2022


We’ve been at there place in Calgary already so we had to come here and get ramen too. The vegan creamy spicy ramen and the vegan Harvest are both so good. I will definitely crave them in the coming weeks.

Pros: Vegan ramen

Cons: Not all vegan , Expensive


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03 Sep 2022

Very good!

I tried the Quinoa and the Seaweed Salad and both were delicious! Might be some of the best seaweed salad I’ve ever had!


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01 Aug 2022

Best Ramen in town

They have a separate vegan menu and some very good vegan ramen! The spicy creamy vegan ramen is the best, they others are ok, but I promise the spicy creamy is the best ;)


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13 Jul 2022

Spicy Creamy Vegan Ramen

I was happy to see a few vegan ramen options here. I wanted to order the Flying Vegan Harvest the second time I went, but stuck with the Spicy Creamy Vegan Ramen. I added broccoli. It’s expensive here, but it’s a nice treat every now & then. It won’t disappoint you!!

Cons: Expensive


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02 May 2022

Best ramen ever

So so so good! Would give it 5 stars if I could


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01 Apr 2022

Delicious vegan ramen

I always get the spicy creamy vegan ramen but they have several other options too!

Pros: Labelled options

Cons: Busy so you might have to wait outside


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22 Nov 2021

Very good vegan options

Very tasty food, good service, very good experience.

Pros: Good vegan options (3 available)

Cons: No vegan deserts


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02 Jul 2021


Definitely one of my favourite vegan ramens in the city. The noodles are good and the broth is super flavourful. I personally prefer a firmer tofu than what they offer, but still good. Wish they offered more vegan options. Especially appetizers.

Pros: A couple vegan options , Flavourful , Good portion sizes

Cons: Expensive , Not many vegan appies


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05 Mar 2021


There are a few things I miss from my meat eating days and ramen is one of them. Jinya’s vegan ramen is delicious! Full of flavour and packed with great toppings, I crave this bowl regularly. Highly recommend.

Pros: Flavorful vegan ramen

Cons: Few vegan option


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21 Jan 2021

Go for the Flying Vegan Ramen

I had been a big fan of Jinya in 2019 but got tired of eating their only vegan option after a while. However, now they have expanded their options and the flying vegan ramen is my new favorite ramen in the city! I would describe it closest to tan tan mien, it has a beautiful ma to the broth and the toppings all mix together in a balanced way. Definitely go and try it out, even if you have been to Jinya before!


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12 Feb 2020

Separate vegan menu, fast service, delicious

I was surprised with how fast service was, despite the fact that it’s a pretty big restaurant and was very busy at lunch.

There is a separate vegan menu now, on the regular menu’s cover itself (see photo). I ordered the spicy ramen and the vegan bun, and they were both delicious.

Inside was a bit loud during busy lunch, but the staff was very courteous and super efficient. Great!

Pros: Separate vegan menu, Very quick service, Not super expensive

Cons: A bit loud


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20 Oct 2019

They’ve expanded their vegan menu!

Just tried the Flying Vegan Harvest Ramen while eyeing the vegan tacos and Ofer goodies added! This is so exciting!

Pros: More vegan options, Fast service, Good staff

Cons: Long wait times for a table , A tad pricey


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16 Sep 2019

Great vegetarian options

Restaurant has great ramen!
They have several options of ramen for vegetarians as well as small starters. One of the best vegetarian ramens I had. The broth was thick and had a lot of flavour.
Great if you love ramen but also have company of friends who want meat options. Make sure to go there and reserv a seat, long que outside.

We also tried the house sake that was dangerously good!

Pros: Great vegetarian options, Cozy

Cons: Can be a long que


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Mostly Veg
21 Aug 2019

Best ramen I’ve ever had

You can add toppings, but the portion is already big! The atmosphere is awesome, very crowded usually. Very expensive but worth it!


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15 May 2019

Tasty but pricey

The creamy vegan ramen is very delicious but too pricey especially for the portion size.

Pros: Creamy vegan ramen

Cons: Pricey, Not many vegan options


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22 Apr 2019


Must eat here!
Staff are friendly and informed.
A little expensive but worth it.


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04 Feb 2019

Amazing creamy ramen

Vegan identified food, its a bit expensive, but the ramen noodle tastes amazing. Take a reservation on busy nights because wait time can be long

Pros: 2 to 3 vegan options, Most of the staff is vegan aware, The creamy ramen is really delicious

Cons: A bit too pricey, no shock for downtown Vancouver, A bit loud


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16 Jan 2019

Creamy vegan ramen is a dream

They don’t let me rate it 5 stars because it has meat options

Pros: Creamy vegan ramen, Great service, Iced green tea

Cons: You could be eating next to someone’s gross Ramen, A bit expensive , Al mostrar always full

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