Serves meat, vegan options available. Chinese restaurant with a couple of vegan dishes, which are listed separately. Open Mon-Tue 11:00am-9:30pm, Thu-Sun 11:00am-9:30pm.

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First Review by bongbong733


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31 Dec 2023

Super friendly workers

I came here a couple of times to order takeout. I sat down here once and the workers were so friendly and helpful (too helpful lol but that’s okay). I think I tired most of the vegan options and all were really good! Vegan menu is right at the table.



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02 Jun 2023

It was good!

The food was very fairly priced, big portions and the restaurant was comfortable enough. The food was good but nothing to write home about.

I would definitely give it another chance, they had plenty of vegan options.


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22 Mar 2023

Good jjajangmyeon

I went there because I love jjajangmyeon and it was indeed really good!


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07 Nov 2022

vegan jajangmyeon

I tried the lotus root 짜장, it was delicious. Different side dishes came with it. I will come back to try the rest of the vegan menu. The staff was really kind too :)

Pros: several vegan options, staff was very kind


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16 Oct 2022

Best jjamppong

The Neungi Mushroom Jjamppong was so great I want to come here again! On the other hand, the Yuni Jajangmyun was too sweet.

Pros: Has a separate vegan menu


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03 Oct 2022

I could not love this place more

Lots of vegan options! Massive portions!! Cannot fault!!

Pros: Big portions, Cheap


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30 Jun 2022

great jjajangmyun

went with my sister who's vegan! bigger vegan menu than i anticipated and the jjangjangmyun was super delicious, we will definitely come back!

Pros: big vegan menu, side dishes are vegan too, good prices


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10 Jun 2022


This place has a large vegan menu with some unique additions compared to other Chinese places

I like the 깐풍가지 although the most recent time I had it, it was not as delicious as before. The chili lotus root is also nice. Lotus jjajang is alright, but not as good as other places.

I was really surprised at how delicious the 고추덥밥 is, normally its not something I would order but it was really good. The 덥밥 dishes are large servings compared to the price.

We also tried the 새송이 덥밥. This one was quite bland, but i enjoyed the texture of the mushrooms.

The side dishes they serve include this fried coconut dough ball which the staff told me was vegan.


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10 Jun 2022

not really my style

i am not a big fan of korean chinese food but i really enjoyed the 짜장면

i would go back and try the fried 연근 for sure. nice place to eat with a group of people


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16 May 2022

Amazing food

The main thing that I really enjoyed about the place is how quick the service was! I was really hungry when I stumbled upon this place and the food did not disappoint at all. The portions are huge. They have a separate vegan menu on the table with so many options to select from. I requested the staff if I could order some japchae since I was craving it and they did not disappoint. I would definitely go back here to try the other dishes!

Pros: Separate vegan menu , Big portions , Fast service


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15 Apr 2022

Traditional Korean/Chinese style food.

Vegan menu separated. Food was good. Will not regret it. It was quiet when we were here. Generous portion for Jjangpong. Worth a try definitely

Pros: Delicious


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15 Apr 2022

Huge portion!!

Vegan menu available, mist try the Jjamppong, you can skip lunch for this, the portion is so big!!

Pros: Lots of vegan option, Huge portion , Fair price if you are just ordering noodles


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25 Nov 2021

Separate vegan menu

The restaurant serves meat but has a separate vegan menu with a lot of options. We had the mushrooms soup and it was delicious! The staff was friendly and the atmosphere felt really local.

Pros: A few vegan options, Food was good, Good price


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13 Nov 2021


The restaurant owner was so nice and even made vegan Japchae for my meat eating husband by mistake because he assumed both us of were vegan 😂 and then gave him meat on request. The food is so tasty, I had jajang and fried mushrooms. Highly recommend

Pros: Owner knows a lot about veganism, Lots of options, Very tasty


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28 Sep 2021


I had their 자장면. It was soooo good!!! I wish they’d add some fried tofu to it. Otherwise, it was perfect!!


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18 Sep 2021

Fantastic Vegan Options

This is a totally legit chinese food place that added a vegan menu at the request of customers. It is so good and spicy. Dishes are BIG so plan on only 1 dish per person. Great for group meal


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08 Apr 2021

veggie-friendly Chinese food

Another veggie-friendly restaurant located in the area Mangwon-dong.

There is a vegan menu on every table, it includes for example Mapo Tofu 마파두부, Jjajangmyeon 유니짜장, vegetable Jjamppong 야채짬뽕, Kkanpunggi-style eggplant 깐풍가지, mushroom rice 새송이덮밥 and some other veganized Chinese-Korean dishes.

Some dishes are large and intended for sharing, noodle and rice dishes are single servings and rather affordable.

Pros: vegan menu, price is affordable, taste is ok

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