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Offers a traditional breakfast noodle soup of My Tho called hu tieu chay as well other soups. It has evolved considerably over the years, and now has 3 separate dining rooms in 3 separate store fronts, with a fourth, the original location, serving all 3. The current addresses are 22, 24, 32 and 36 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia. It's all one restaurant. Mostly vegan, but uses dairy milk. Open Mon-Sun 6:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by mybalo


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15 Sep 2023

Yummy humble food

Very clean place with vegetarian food. Different main courses and sides. Good price and friendly staff.

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25 Feb 2020


Owner speaks English, super helpful making choices on food. Food was delicious and arrived quickly


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10 Aug 2019

Excellent taste

We were a bit sceptic at first when we saw the huge menu but we ordered the curry rice noodles, stir fry noodles with veg and the banh xeo.
We were very impressed with the flavours. The curry had a coconut base which was a nice taste change to the regular pho.
We also had a couple of lime drinks that were very refreshing.

Pros: The flavours!

Cons: Asked for no plastic straw but still got one.


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16 May 2019


Lovely food. Good prices. Tried the curry with rice noodles which was delicious and cost 35k. Fairly big menu with engish translation.


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14 Jan 2018

super cheap, great

Nice food and very cheap prices. We didnt like vegan “meat” balls. Everything else very tasty :)


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Mostly Veg
17 Aug 2017

amazing food!

Cay Bo De was just around to corner from where I was staying. I went in for dinner and was delighted with the choice and quality of what was on offer. There was a good crowd of people inside and plenty more getting take away. I tried some noodles with spring rolls which were delicious. In the morning I returned for a late breakfast and it was less busy but by no means less friendly! There is a menu translated into English and although no English is spoken the staff are friendly and ready to help. One of the best veg. places I have visited in Vietnam so far!

Pros: super cheap, extra tasty food, friendly environment


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26 Nov 2016

Super varied menu, great food

I'm not sure what I liked most about this place. There was a range of great, cheap juices, of which I tried corn and soya bean. Both were lovely.

The rice plate (mixed veg, tofu and mock meats) is a typical offering for such places but also good.

I returned for breakfast the next day and had a great curry with bread (who says curry can't be for breakfast?).

A great restaurant.

Pros: tasty food, varied menu


Points +297

27 Jun 2016

great place

Such a good find! Thanks to this app. Everything we ordered was really yum. My favorite was the pumpkin soup with rice (in broth) and my partners was the pancake. Recommend this place. Fresh and delicious food. Lovely staff and nice relaxing place. And really cheap! Total for two of us with drinks and fresh spring roll was 65,000dong


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20 Jan 2015

Excellent restaurant in My Tho

Cay Bo De has undergone a great transformation over the years. Once located at 24 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, some years ago it added a second storefront next door at #22. For years their only offering was hu tieu chay, a vegetarian version of the popular regional breakfast soup hu tieu. In 2013 they decided to become a full-scale restaurant, and in doing so added a third storefront, but this one not contiguous with the others. It's at #32 NKKN, a few storefronts away. At the same time they developed a menu featuring a full complement of rice and noodle dishes, spring rolls and soups, while retaining their signature hu tieu chay.
Unlike some restaurants that lose all that was good about them when they expand, Cay Bo De has made a completely satisfactory transition, growing from a very good soup joint to a very good restaurant. Last year they added a fourth storefront at #36 NKKN. The seem to be growing according to demand.
We ate all our meals at #32, the most attractive of the storefronts (the original location at #24 is now the kitchen only). It's bright and clean and has a few nice pictures on the walls. The other dining rooms are clean but plainer.
For breakfast we had the hu tieu chay (chay means vegetarian so I'll drop that word from my descriptions) and chao, a rice porridge. I'm partial to porridge but both dishes were delicious. The hu tieu was 17,000 and the chao 15,000. For lunch we had bun thit nuong, a dry noodle dish that came with both vegies and mock meats. It cost 17,000. We also had cari banh mi, a delicious curry dish that is accompanied by a small baguette. It cost 20,000. For dinner we had bun gao xao Singapore, a noodle and vegie dish that while good was probably the least satisfying entree we tried. The selection of vegies was quite good but overall it was a bit plain. Our second entree was banh xeo, the so-called country pancake. You cut pieces of it off and wrap it in and with salad greens. It comes with a dipping sauce and was delicious.
With both lunch and dinner we also had goi cuon, one kind of fresh spring roll. These were also most delicious, and cost 3,000 each, a real steal. That's less than 15 cents US in January 2015.
Nothing on the menu exceeds 20,000 dong. No English is spoken there, but much of the menu has been translated into English. This is a wonderful restaurant.

Pros: Excellent food, Inexpensive, Friendly staff

Cons: No English spoken

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