Com chay buffet style vegan restaurant with options that include a tofu quiche plus noodle soups and mock meats. Open Mon-Sat 6:00am-7:30pm, Sun 6:00am-6:00pm.

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First Review by Mangsawirat


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21 Oct 2023

Over charging

Be careful of this place. Know exactly the cost before you buy.

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27 Sep 2022

Hi! Is it open at the moment? Google shows it’s closed temporarily


27 Sep 2022

Normally the day after a special Buddha day, they take the day off



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21 Oct 2023

Absolute scammers

As can be seen below they like to overcharge. The price for com chay is 38k which is clearly shown on the wall (pic added). Last time we suspected we were overcharged so this time asked for a breakdown of prices when told the total. She told us com chay is 60k each. When I pointed out the price behind her she graciously knocked 10k off but still outright lied about why she was overcharging us. As I was with my wife rather than make an even bigger scene I paid the scam price. If you want to charge 60 charge 60 but don’t have a price of 38 and then charge 60. It’s a shame there’s no way of having scammers removed from HappyCow.

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29 May 2023

Horrible service - scammed us!

My companion and I came here to grab breakfast one morning. We ordered two plates with rice and some meats. We did not order any drinks - we brought our own water.

In terms of food, I personally did not care for most of the offerings - they were spiced strangely and tasted pretty stale. They all looked much better than they tasted. No English is spoken so you have to guess what you are ordering just by its appearance.

Despite me leaving over half my plate untouched, when we asked for the bill we were charged a whopping 250K dong - this is completely out of line with the other reviews as well as the posted prices.

Given the poor food quality, we felt completely scammed by the price. Do not go here.

Updated from previous review on 2023-05-29

Pros: Seemingly vegan

Cons: Scammed us with insanely high prices, Poor food quality and freshness, Unfriendly service


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24 Mar 2023

Very Good vegan food

Mi piace la varietà della scelta

Cons: Economico , Qualità , Varietà


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04 Dec 2022

Not that great

Been here yesterday, both of us just had a Pho, so can't speak for every dish. But definetly had better Pho before, tasted ok but it missed some ingredients I would say. Maybe the other dishes are better.


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09 Oct 2022


Overpriced for what it is. 60k for a small plate of rice and tofu and not many vegetables. Don’t recommend


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03 May 2022

Very yummy

Vegetarian/vegan restaurant, very yummy, prices are ridiculously low, variaty of actually pretty good food, definitely worth a try


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01 Mar 2020

Very tasty

Very tasty food in a local style small place. Pick what you want to eat. Cheap. Many different versions of soy meat, different dishes with tofu. A lot of different mushrooms and other veggies. Soup, desserts etc. Very friendly staff. Very clean. East to find. Big letter sign outside ’VEGETARIAN’ but it is all vegan.


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31 Dec 2019


A bit expensive for precooked local foods but okay. The food was delicious but nothing special. We paid 100.000 Dong for two plates of rice with toppings. The plate was quite big with lots of rice. To much for us we could not finish the dish.

Pros: Good variety of foods

Cons: Bit expensive


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19 Dec 2019

Interesting small food stall/restaurant

The lady’s working there did not really speak English but they tried to explain that you can chose between a 35,000VND portion and a 45,000VND portion. We chose the second one because this included rice with every kind of mock meat and spring roll she had. So this restaurant does not really have a menu. You can choose which side dishes rice you want on your plate. It’s a small and authentic vietnamese restaurant. It’s worth a try because the mock meats taste so real but it’s a little bit sad that there are not really veggies like spinach or something like that.

Pros: you pay between 35,000 and 45,000VND, Authentic vietnamese veggie food, Really good mock meat

Cons: there are not really veggies as a side dish, Communication can be a little bit tricky


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04 Dec 2019

Really tasty

Very clean place with vegetarian food. Different main courses and sides. Good price and friendly staff.

Pros: Tasty, Clean, Cheap


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17 Nov 2019

Incredibly similar mock meat

I literally stopped eating because I really thought it was real meat. Seriously. The lady saw me and came to assure that it was just soy bean, bread and coconut oil. Never seen before a thing like that.

Pros: Umbelievable mock meats

Cons: Maybe try to increase the price for foreigners


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05 Nov 2019

Yummy humble food

Everything is vegetarian and looked vegan friendly too. The staff today didn't have much English but were happy to make up a plate of random dishes with rice for us. Simple food but everything tasted good. No a/c but they turned on the fans for us.


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27 Oct 2019

Very friendly

Very friendly old woman who speaks excellent English. A small selection of dishes in trays. Pick and point.

Pros: Inexpensive , Nice food

Cons: Limited selection of vegetables, more soy dishes.

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