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Established summer 2012, a quick service restaurant located in the Good Food Hall food court within Center Street Promenade. All vegan menu with juices, sandwiches, burgers, "fish" and chips, salads, chili, pizza, snacks and sweets. Relocated from 201 Center St Promenade Unit B. Reported open Augsut 2023. Open Mon-Thu 11:30am-9:00pm, Fri-Sat 11:30am-10:00pm, Sun 11:30am-9:00pm.

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First Review by softballheart


Points +1385

09 Nov 2023

Sooo Good

I cannot say enough good things about this place. While it is nowhere approaching healthy, it is absolutely delicious. Best fried chicken sammich you will ever eat. 10/10



Points +284

01 Nov 2023

Sooo good! Amazing selection

So glad we stopped and tried this place! Impressive menu selection! Pizza, burgers, fries. The Margherita pizza was so good. They also have fried mozzarella sticks which were my favorite out of all the vegan mozz sticks I have had in the past.


Points +72

16 Sep 2023

It's pizza.

The only good thing I can say is that it is, in fact, pizza. But never have I regretted pizza so much. A Celeste frozen pizza would have been better, despite the horrible digestive issues that a real dairy pizza would create.

Pros: It's pizza, The food hall seems nice

Cons: So many, The pizza is uninspired, bordering on morose


Points +289

19 Aug 2023

Kale Mediterranean

I skipped the burger and fries, and I should’ve had the junk. Salad w/chk’n was just OK. I liked the falafel, but for some reason the quinoa and kale salad just didn’t have enough flavor. I brought most of it home so I could dress it up and make another meal out of it.


Points +723

19 Jul 2023

Enjoyed the food

I liked what I ordered, a fried “chicken” sandwich with fries.

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-19


Points +33

18 Jun 2023

Not impressed

We prefer to support vegan places but just did not like the food here. The pizza was almost inedible; the vegan cheese was very gummy and salty. Also got the Middle Eastern Bowl and the falafel and hummus were both sub standard. The burgers were ok but nothing special. Unfortunately we won’t be returning.


Points +49

01 Jun 2023

A MUST visit

The menu is huge, the food is great, and the staff is super friendly.

Pros: I love that their food is all vegan., Prices are reasonable., Friendly staff.

Cons: The marinara sauce is watery.


Points +1631

24 May 2023

Tasty Comfort Food!

This place is in a cute location and has a lot stuff on their menu…I wish I would’ve tried more! I had the salmon burger which I thought was good since it wasn’t too fishy but just enough. My non-vegan family did try a part of the salmon and they said it doesn’t taste a lot like actual salmon (I wouldn’t know I e never had salmon), but there is a fish flavor! They tried the chick’n sandwiches and they enjoyed it so they had their stamp of approval. I will say it’s good and the fries are good too! I wish I would’ve tried the pizza since I think that’s more of their speciality (I mainly watched people order those). I thought it was good and would try again if I come back to Anaheim.

Pros: Good taste! Chick’n especially!, Cute location! Nice atmosphere


Points +46

23 Apr 2023

Delicious and healthy

I love the outdoor patio/bar area, where even the alcohol is vegan! The sweet scent of orange blossoms wafts through the air! The ambience is casual and fun. A great place for an office or cast party!

The food is absolutely delicious, and although they have plenty of vegan junk, there are also a few truly healthy options - which are no less tasty than the junk!

This place puts me in a good mood! Go - you’ll love it!

Pros: Cruelty-free (vegan), Healthy Options, Outdoor patio seating available


Points +29

09 Jan 2023

The only vegan place I’ll never go back to. Used to frequent it.

This place almost always disappoints in one way or another. #Veganuary

Pros: Vegan. That’s all.

Cons: Orders always wrong, Not open at posted times, Slow. Very slow.


Points +519

04 Jan 2023

Good vegan food hall option

Who doesn't love vegan junk food?


Points +194

02 Jan 2023

Get the Loaded Fries ASAP

I've had a lot of vegan loaded fries that are takes on animal fries and Healthy Junk for sure has the best! I have eaten here a few times, and everything they make is very different but they do it really well. Nothing is ever dry and is super saucy regardless of what you order. A great place to take non-vegans hooked!

Pros: Great portion sizes

Cons: A little slow on the service


Points +89

20 Nov 2022

Finger Lickin Good

The vibe is awesome with good staff & great food. My wings were so good! I believe it was seitan & the texture was spot on. Can't wait to go back & try more from the menu!


Points +4367

12 Nov 2022

Throwback Animal Style Fries

"Healthy" and "junk" can only really go together when you're thinking of plant-based foods, and when it comes to their repertoire of nostalgic American comfort dishes, this place really hit a home run.

* Crispy Chick Burger ($15) - one of the best chick'n burgers I've had! Super crispy and flaky coating over the soy patty, with that familiar texture as well. The side of slaw was also a refreshing touch with our massive burger.

* Loaded Bunny Fries ($8) - now THIS was the most exciting for me. It's essentially In N' Out animal style fries and everything about it left me wanting more. Sauce was fantastic, grilled onions on top gave it depth, and every crinkly fry was so good.

* Mighty Kale ($15) - because even when you indulge in food that's clearly bad for you, a salad needs to come through to save the day. The mighty kale was simply the best - tangy flavors from the peppers and pineapple, with a light vinaigrette over all the kale goodness. Eat your greens!

My body may have been screaming afterwards but no regrets - this place packs a serious punch. Location offers tons of indoor and outdoor seating, so pick and choose. We dined outside on a beautiful sunny Southern California day.

Pros: Amazing salads, Excellent comfort food options


Points +1587

22 Oct 2022

Comforting junk

This spot offers some tasty comforting eats with their own spin and flare. I really liked the bbq western burger with the works. The crispy onions rings and the sauce was delicious and the veggie ham was an interesting addition to the burger. I didn’t mind the veg ham as it actually gave the burger some some good flavor. The fries are absolutely five stars that have a fantastic crisp and are seasoned perfectly. The fish tacos are legit and the sauce was solid and overall the crisp on the batter was done well.
If you’re in the area I recommend you give this place a visit for some of your comfort food cravings.

Pros: Vegan , Comfort foods


Points +18

10 Oct 2022

Close for some reason. Working giving attitude

Store closed for some reason, worker or manger gave a reason but seemed more like an excuse. Didn’t seem at all concerned he had to turn away customers


Points +55

11 Jul 2022

Awesome junk food!

The loaded fries were so good.

Pros: All vegan!


Points +18

24 Jun 2022


Had the kale salad and it was amazing! All good on menu looked delicious! Highly recommend!!


Points +19

Mostly Veg
22 Jun 2022


All vegan restaurant in a food court with lots of restaurants and bars. Great vibe and many other choices for the non vegan with you.

Pros: All vegan, Food court venue is amazing., Great food!


Points +475

08 May 2022

Food is fine

Got a chik'n ceasar wrap and mozzarella sticks
I would rate the wrap a 3 star. The tortilla was wonderful and hand made, but the insides didn't match the quality. Mostly lettuce with dressing lacking in flavor.
The mozzarella sticks are fire though. I would happily eat a bucket full of them

Pros: All vegan, Large seating area, including outside

Cons: Expensive, Flavor is lacking


Points +634

11 Feb 2022

Really Great for New Vegans or Non-Vegans

I was addicted to this place when I first became vegan. I took every chance I had to get the chicken burger, fries, and milkshake. All of which are great. Looking back, and having now tried a ton of veg places, there is better veg food out there than fast-food style but Healthy Junk does it the best. Absolutely grab a shake from here.


Points +209

08 Dec 2021

Good vegan sandwiches

I think I got a “chicken” sandwich here, I liked it


Points +85

Mostly Veg
12 Oct 2021

I didn’t know healthy Junk could taste so Good!!!

100%Vegan, Having Gluten Free options was really kool. I was kinda bum from the rodeo 39 trip this totally made up for it. So glad I came out to try Healthy Junk….and Yes it’s gets a “FIRE”Rating That was the best plant based food I’ve had on my Disneyland visit.

Pros: Hella Vegan options , Gluten Free options , Worthy the price

Cons: Expensive


Points +356

15 Sep 2021

It’s meh

A lot of the food is soggy and greasy. The animal style fries were good but those are hard to mess up to be completely honest. Not really worth the price in an area with a ton of other vegan options. Asked the staff if there was any gluten free options for a friend and they told me straight up there were zero.

Pros: Ok junk food

Cons: NOT allergy friendly , Overpriced , Soggy


Points +16

05 Sep 2021

Bad Customer Service and no time perception

Love the food and been coming to both locations for years but for some reason my service was terrible last night. ordered for pickup about an hour in advance. Went to pick up a few minutes after the time it was supposed to be done. When I arrived they clearly forgot my order and they began to make it right then. They weren't busy so no problem, but nobody communicated anything and I could tell the cook was aggravated. 30 minutes later the cook said the order was up but I noticed they forgot a pizza and when I told the cook he was very upset like it was my fault. the food was great per usual but almost an hour after it was supposed to be ready on top of no apologies, the lack of communication and outrage in the cook. It was uncalled for.


Points +867

22 Jun 2021

Amazing Selection

Salads, Pizzas, sandwiches and more … all vegan 🌱 all tastes amazing 😻


Points +176

22 May 2021

Tantalizing. Fries were seasoned perfectly.

Oh so creamy ranch dressing (for our onion rings and fries). Delicious seasoning on the fries. Cheesy, creamy and rich tasting portobello burger. Serving size of the wrap was huge (lasted two meals!!).

Only complaint from my omni friend was the texture of the tofu in the (I think, but I’m not sure) Caesar wrap.

We will be back. Often.

Updated from previous review on 2021-05-22

Pros: Validated parking for 2 hours, Near-ish to downtown Disney, Other food court options to mix and match

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