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Offers a daily menu of soup, appetizer, main, dessert and drink. Vegan and gluten-free options available. Peaceful atmosphere. 'Stravenky' vouchers accepted. Reported fully vegan March 2023. Open Mon-Fri 11:00-15:00.

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First Review by arahja


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30 Mar 2023

Best value for your money by far!

Do yourself, the owner, and me a favour and add this place to your repertoire. Or if you’re visiting Brno, try it, seriously. This place goes against the modern commercial flashy trends and instead focuses just on food. I wouldn’t say the food was delicious, but it was very well cooked, easy to eat, healthy, and relatively balanced. What’s more, however, it was only 150 crowns (!!!) which is the cheapest you can get, but there also was so much food for the price that not only do you pay the smallest amount, you also get the biggest amount of food. Truly a rare find and I can’t wait to come back.



Points +228

10 Mar 2023

The best indian restaurant

The served food looks every day the same but it is so delicious that you won’t eat anything else. Full serving of soup, main meal, salad, dessert and drink for the best price.


Points +19

02 May 2021

Hare hare, rama rama

Good choice in hearth of Brno, cosy and next to park, one can enjoy food on sun!

Pros: Alto cheap ingredients they add love to it!

Cons: Cheap/quality rice, flour, and other ingredients.


Points +65

21 Sep 2019


When I came to Haribol for the first time, I was pretty scared - this place looks like from 70. 20th century. The space is led Hare Krishna movement members. There is a thali menu. You don't know exactly what's inside but you can choose between one of few options: vegan, glutenfree, maybe something else. Price is really good for the whole meal, which is: soup (mostly dhal or something from peas), rice + sauce, some fried vegetables, piece of cake and big glass of sweet lemonade/tea. The meal is big and it's hard to eat whole, really! It tastes orientally, you can find the typical Eastern spices. You can also buy samosa - big dumpling with vegetable filling for 15-20 kc (ideal as second breakfast) and some sweets, people there are kind and will tell you whats vegan for sure.

Updated from previous review on 2013-01-20

Pros: non-typical food, price, vegan option

Cons: for some: atmosphere, not exactly clear what is vegan and what is not


Points +76

19 Aug 2019

Tasty, good atmosphere

Very good place, full or good vibes. Different good tasty cooked meals in a thali. Low price. WE really enjoyed.

Pros: Quality of meals, Price, Nice owners


Points +297

30 Sep 2018

Great food, healthy

Hindu restaurant with very very good lunches. You won't be hungry after that cheap meal but also you will feel very good as it is very healthy and absolutely no junk food. Maybe it is often slightly the same food every day...


Points +25

17 May 2018

Super friendly Govinda-style restaurant

I've been going there since 2014 and it has never disappointed. Since then, it went fully vegan with a gluten-free option. It is situated near the Lužánky Park where you can go after a meal to chill out. The food is very well balanced (usually soup, salad with legumes, a sweet dessert and tea) and affordable (about 90czk for the whole menu).


Points +111

Mostly Veg
30 Jul 2017

Good place

This is a Hare Krishna place. Nice food, not great but it is fine.

Quiet environment.

Pros: good food, central

Cons: few options

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