Serves meat, vegan options available. Chinese-Korean restaurant. A vegan black bean noodles and sweet and sour mushrooms can be made upon request. No English spoken - mention "chaeshik" when ordering (vegetarian in Korean) to make vegan. "Chaeshik jajangmyun" mans vegan black bean noodles, "chaeshik tangsuyuk" mans vegan sweet and sour mushrooms. Black bean noodles require 2 order minimum as it is made from scratch. Open Mon-Sun 10:30am-9:00pm.

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First Review by ALee1990


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27 Oct 2023


Sometimes it feels like I have survived in Korea through just eating Jjajangmyeon. It is one of my all time favourite foods! And I think here it might be my all time favourite!! So many vegetables it was the most flavourful through all that I have eaten during my time here (trust me I eat it a lot)

Pros: Good location nice walkable area cute shops

Cons: English not spoken in my experience



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15 Jul 2023


Loved this place, the staff are very nice and the food was so delicious!!!

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-15

Pros: The jajangmyeon was amazing


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04 Aug 2022

good! Temple standard possible k-chinese

I loved this place. Place is Very clean and staffs are friendly. Jjamppong had really prominent flamed flavor. I didnt taste too much msg compared to other chinese place. I especially loved that it wasnt too salty (most restaurants are for me) and they did temple standard (no 5 veggies) cuz i dont like garlic and onions. Also loved that there was alot of veggies and mushrooms in the soup. Overall balance is really great. Adequate portion, they have many vegan options if u ask.

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18 Jul 2022

Most food can be made vegan and it's great!

Most food can be made vegan and it's great!


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14 Oct 2021

Good option for K-Chinese Food

This is a good place to try real Korean style Chinese food. They understand how to adapt for vegans due to Korean Temple Food standards and even asked if I could eat onions and garlic (banned in temple food).

Spicy fried mushrooms are adapted from their sweet and sour fried mushrooms, which they said were not vegan because of sauce. It was really good 😋. The jajangmyeon was good but alot. I was really stuffed when I left.

Cons: no clear vegan menu, have to ask


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25 Jul 2021

Vegan option & buddhist friendly Chinese food that Korean will love.

People think jjajang and jjambbong is hard to make to have right flavors w/out animal ingredients. The jjambbong I had at this restaurant is one of the top that I had entire my life. Lots of vegetables and the Flambé fire flavor was great!

The reason why this restaurant has vegan options & buddha friendly (w/out 5 ingredients that Buddhist monk don’t eat) for about 20 years is that there were temple employees office near.

Although they been doing their business for a long time w/vegan options, they really don’t promote outside. However, vegan people currently started to spread how good their vegan Korean style Chinese foods are.


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07 Jun 2021

Good Chinese-Korean food!

This Chinese restaurant offers a couple of dishes that are veganizable or vegetarian-friendly, for example Jjajangmyeon (채식짜장면), Jjamppong (채식짬뽕), Japchae (채식잡채), Kkanpungi-style Mushrooms (깐풍표고), or Mushrooms Sweet and Sour (버섯탕수).
(If you speak Korean, you could order veganized 울면, 잡채밥, 송이덮밥, 고추덮밥, 가상두부, 마파두부, 볶은 짬뽕)

The sauce of the veganized Jjajangmyeon contains a lot of vegetables and mushrooms! It was neither too salty nor bland nor sweet - the flavor seemed just right to my taste!

I also enjoyed the Sweet and Sour because it was still somewhat crispy. The mushrooms were fried in a light and airy batter, while the sauce was not covering everything.

The restaurant itself was rather spacious - seating is available on the second and third floor. Considering the location, it didn't seem too expensive.

Updated from previous review on 2021-05-29

Updated from previous review on 2021-05-29

Pros: Good food, Not too expensive


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10 Mar 2019

Sweet childhood memories

Jajamyung has been a childhood comfort food that I couldn't have since I went vegan. It made me really happy to find a place where I could get vegan jamjamyung and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality noodles and sauce. The owner was very kind and we were served relatively quickly. Will definitely return at my next visit to Seoul.

Pros: Really good jajamyung

Cons: Must order at least two servings of jajamyung


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21 Dec 2018

Vege zha jiang mian

Friendly owner that can speak fluent Chinese.


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17 Oct 2018

There's also vegan japchae

Besides the two dishes mentioned in this listing, the owner told me that they can make gochu japchae (shredded green paprika japchae), Actually there are several other dishes that they can make for vegans if you ask them, such as dubu/tofu dishes.


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02 Apr 2018

Family friendly, delicious Chaeshik jajangmyun and excellent service

We ordered the black bean noodles, they are really nice and come with pickles on the side. The portions are very generous. The owner was so sweet to our 1 year old, she brought a bowl of noodles for her on the house and even looked after her while we had our food. It’s not spicy so it’s very child friendly. There is plenty of room for the stroller. Highly recommended and it seems to be a popular choice for locals too.

Pros: Delicious, large portions , family friendly


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30 Jun 2017

Very good jajangmyun

Ordered vegan Jajangmyun (black bean noodles) and the sweet and sour mushrooms. The Jajangmyun was out of this world good.. The sweet and sour mushrooms were good but not really worth the price. You must order at least two bowls of Jajangmyun so bring a friend.

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