Part of Zizai Restaurant. Offers claypot rice and noodles, prata, and more. Has pizza but uses dairy cheese. From Serangoon MRT Exit H, take bus 101, 107, or 153. Or from Exit B, take bus 81, 82. Alight at bus stop 'Opp Upp S'Goon Shopping Ctr.' Open Mon-Sun 11:30am-10:00pm. Last orders at 9:30pm.

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08 Apr 2023

Good service

I went almost at 9 PM during closing when I was very hungry. They were already moping the floor. The person in charge arranged for me to still be served. Excellent.Food was good.

Pros: Good menu, Affordable prices , Good service

Cons: Need more items



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25 Nov 2022

Went down at 9pm earlier on & found Timing change to 9pm.

Please update your new timing.
Love your mala thou, a lot of very nice choices.


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Non Veg
05 Jun 2022

Good food and reasonable price

Had lunch with family. Spacious place with good choice of dishes. Like the non-mock options.

Pros: Good option., Food is nice., Price reasonable.

Cons: Parking might be difficult.


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04 Mar 2022

Affordable with many choices!

[Alliums Free Veg] Where to have family gathering over Veg Chinese Restaurant now? Here’s one recommendation- Greenland Vegetarian Restaurant (heard from a Grab Driver that this restaurant was there when he was a child… it has operated for ~40years!? Who can verify? Ha)

It’s my first time trying and my fam feel that the foodie are generally tasty & affordable in restaurant setting! Also there’s no Gst and service charge (wow). Staff are friendly and restaurant is spacious!

P.s. Yam ring gong bao has too much of gong bao nuggets for us. I just saw that there are yam ring vege - highly suggest to go for that instead 😋 We will opt for that next time.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Spacious restaurant , Friendly staff


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13 Jan 2022

Feedback for improvement

Cooking standard had to be improve
One of the service Crew had to put on smiling face because we feel that he is not happy to take orders and serve. #Veganuary

Pros: Standard dropped compare to the previous owner.

Cons: One of the service Crew had to put on smiling face, The rest of the service Crew still quite friendly


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20 Oct 2021

First time visit

Recommended yam ring ! Nice dish ever I never had . But the service soso

Cons: Price much higher but acceptable


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Mostly Veg
02 Oct 2021

Quality ingredients, average cooking

Quality ingredients and generous portions. But the cooking skill could be better. The stir fried dishes have no wok hei.

Dishes I liked:
1. Assam fish
2. Bak kuh teh soup (just the soup, don't like the ingredients)
3. Butter cream abalone mushroom

1. Claypot tanghoon (was dehydrated by the time it was delivered. even with the given soup to add, still doesn't taste great. perhaps it's better eaten at the restaurant.)
2. Basil gken
3. Sharks fin soup
4. Cereal prawn (cereal is nice, but the mock prawn is a bit tough)

Pros: Big menu, quality ingredients, generous portions

Cons: No wok hei, A bit expensive


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16 Mar 2021

Another good alternative restaurant

Upon request, olive fried rice was not oily.

Ee fu noodle was soggy and taste saltish.

Handmade deep fried mock fish with soy sauce is expensive yet lacking the kick.

Mock sharks fin soup was smooth and taste just right.

Pros: Spacious and comfortable seating, No gst or tax service

Cons: Vege dishes can be quite expensive, Inattentive staff; busy talking


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15 Mar 2020

1 of my TOP FAV chinese restaurants!

my favourite restaurant to patronise when i can’t decide what to eat 😂 the staff are really friendly, good is delicious, price is reasonable, and ambience is great. the staff is also helpful to clarify what’s vegan etc. what more can one ask for?

must try:
***: highly recommended

***1. sweet and sour pork (small) $8
this restaurant does it the BEST. FLAVOUR AND TEXTURE IS SO GOOD. the ratio of mock meat to veg is great too.
**2. bitter gourd soup (small) $6
light and flavourful. great if you’re looking for a soupy healthier option! don’t forget to add pepper!
***3. vinegar pig trotter 猪脚醋 (small) $10
MY FAVOURITE DISH. this restaurant does it the best too.
***4. sesame stir fried monkey head (small) $10
generous chunks of monkey head mushrooms stir friend with ginger, carrots and capsicum. soo good the sauce is delicious.
5. teochew style steam cod (small) $12
6. mapo tofu (small) $8
7. hot plate brinjal (small) $10
*8. yi-fu noodle (small) $6.80
***9. sin chew bee hoon $4.50 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
a new fav!!! super fragrant and yummy, don’t forget the vinegar and green chilli :-)

other dishes i tried that was alright but don’t strongly recommend
1. bamboo p mushroom soup (small) $12
2. sweet and sour fish (small) $8
3. phad thai kwaytiao (small) $6
4. seaweed soup (small) $6
5. bowl of dumplings in soup (forgot the name)

hokkien noodles are underwhelming imo. have never tried a veg restaurant’s version that i’ve enjoyed. quality of their rice is not the best and expensive for $1.20 a bowl but the food is still great.

Pros: lots of vegan options (eggless) 10/10 DELICIOUS , reasonable price , friendly staff and great ambience!


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11 Mar 2020

Affordable price

Decent place to have family dinner ; company dinner or friends gathering etc.
Vegan Options available.
Not much crowd.

Cons: The gentleman, don't pull a long face leh, Say cheese!!! (Might be the boss 😜)


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27 Dec 2019

Beautiful food

The quality is just perfect

Pros: Everything

Cons: Yet to find one


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19 Oct 2019

Cozy, big and extensive menu

This restaurant is situated cross diagonally opposite upper serangoon shopping center. Plenty of seats, spacious and extensive menu. Service was super fast each time I went there.


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23 Jul 2019

Super place

This is probably my favourite Chinese vegetarian restaurant in Singapore. Good variety. Tasty food.


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29 Aug 2018

Excellent Vegan-friendly Thai Food

Really classy setting. Staff were courteous.

Was really happy to see that they had a Thai menu in addition to the Chinese and Singaporean food so we tried it. Delicious!

This place is egg-free, however some items have milk in them and they're marked with a red arrow. You can request for them to make the dishes without milk.

Pros: Quite an interesting menu, Thai dishes, in addition to Chinese/Singaporean, Clean and comfortable


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Non Veg
05 Jul 2018

Cool place

But plays pop songs


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05 Jul 2018

Is actually chrysanthemum tea

Like, there's actually a whole load of chrysanthemum inside the tea pot.


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05 Jul 2018

order the right dishes

Some of the great orders are: sambal potato leaves, hotplate brinjal, green curry, yam ring.

Pros: if you go at the right time, ambience is great., no service charge


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24 Jun 2018

Inconvenient location

Sometimes we end up going elsewhere because they have limited parking space and this place is definitely not 10mins walk from the MRT. Its located at a very inconvenient place.

Pros: Food is above average , Hardly found this place crowded

Cons: Expensive, This place has limited parking


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10 Apr 2018

Good Thai Food

There is not much Thai veg food around Singapore. So glad that Greenland has launched a separate Thai food menu on top of their usual menu. Almost 90% of the Thai food menu can be requested to be vegan.

I tried the claypot tang hoon and I love it very much! Although the Thai food from Greenland is not very authentic, it’s something close to the taste and worth to try it out with their continuous improvement.

Pros: Good environment, spacious


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14 Aug 2016

delicious vege restaurant

Great for family gatherings. The satay is to die for!

Peace ...

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29 May 2012

Time to Eat ... Food for Thought

To rejoice, in this little red dot, we have magnificent choices of vegetation food.

We were at the Greenland Vegetarian Restaurant which is situated between the Serangoon MRT and Kovan MRT. Stepped into the place, it seem like we were teleported into the 70s or 80s or in some of part of Malaysia (they have a restaurant in Malaysia too). It has a quiet and peaceful vibe.

Greenland Vegetarian Restaurant serves mainly Traditional Chinese Vegetarian Cuisine but we ordered the Western Dishes on their menu. Hmm..., having western food @ S$6.8+ in a Traditional Chinese Vegetarian Restaurant and drinking Chinese tea. A different kind of combination.

Love the dishes we ordered, simple and yet delicious. The flavorful sauce for the Black Pepper Chop Set was just nice and pair well with the mock steak which has a good texture. As for the Chicken Chop Set, the mock chicken was crispy. Balancing the meal, both set came with a generous serving of salad which makes them healthier.

Looking at the food, I start to ponder, how many countless beings have worked and sweated directly and indirectly in the process to make this possible. I am grateful to all the beings that I have never met in the past and now that contributes to this plate of food.

All things are interconnected and interdependent, is it possible to survive without the contribution of others, I doubt. Am I going to take things for granted or sincerely and wholeheartedly share my merits as a form of appreciation?

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