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Vegan eatery serving mostly-raw vegan food and desserts plus juice and smoothie selection. No soy or gluten in the food. Sample dishes include toona salad, kale chips, and bowl meals. Black-owned. One of several branches, this one est. 2019. Reported closed February 2024.

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First Review by bknamaste


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04 Nov 2023

My Go-to for Raw Deliciousness

I highly recommend this restaurant! Salads, juices, “burgers” and smoothies are delicious. The sandwiches/burgers were not my favorite at first but they’ve grown on me. Now, I order the Toona Sandwich every time I go.
I wish there was one in Anne Arundel County. Parking at the Baltimore location is the worst. Riverdale parking is much better.
The owners are super nice!
However, their staff person, older woman at the Riverdale location, always has a slight attitude. If you ask her for extra of anything or a substitution, get prepared to get a sulky face, eye roll or get a “no, you can’t” to when you ask “can I get a little extra sauce on my salad?”, LOL. Even if you offer to pay extra, you will still get an attitude from her. Never fails.

Pros: Raw food, Delicious , Good Variety

Cons: No locations in Anne Arundel County, Staff frowns at asking for substitutions, Juices are pricey



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13 Sep 2023

Not the best

I took a scooter to get here, staff more interested in her phone I had the beet burger which was just ok served cold and a juice which tasted like fresh orange and expensive , food was ok 5/10 I wouldn’t come back sorry !!

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-13


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28 Aug 2023

So good!

The food was fantastic! They have bowls, smoothies, juices, burgers & desserts. We ordered the dirty south & alchemy bowls & the beet burger. When we picked up our food, they were pretty heavy containers. It was so fresh & filling while also being delicious! Loved that they use paper containers and compostable utensils!

Pros: Good variety, It was delicious!

Cons: They were sold out of a lot of the fresh juices., They were little a difficult to find.


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16 Jul 2023

Nourishing and delicious

I LOVED this. Such healthy and tasty food, just what my body needed😄


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17 Jun 2023

Gangster Nutrition

All the food i ate at both paces of slow to savor and fast because it was so delicious.
On top of the food tasting great everything is organic. You feel good knowing you're giving you're body wholesome nutrition.

Updated from previous review on 2023-06-17

Pros: Abundant Seating , Organic Ingredients, Fast Service


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11 Jun 2023

Still open and serving it up!

Lots of great vegan options, it's also a very healthy spot. The dehydrated bread was interesting - worth trying out although not my favorite. it's a fast casual food stand with general seating around the rest of the market. I went on a Tuesday around 6 and there was only one employee there - it felt like it might be closed since she was cleaning, but it turned out that they were open and had all of their stuff available. I wonder if they're having staffing issues and may be closing occasionally (based on the description written above where somebody thought it might be closed). However, they're definitely still open in general, and were even open on a Tuesday although that isn't within their original hours. Long story short, it's worth checking out - because it's a great spot - and even if they do happen to be closed, there are other vegan food options in cross street market so you won't be stuck hungry for long.

Pros: Great food, Healthy, Large portions/lots of vegetables

Cons: May have occasional staffing issues


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07 Jun 2023


Delicious Ay papi bowl, I will definitely go back

Pros: Fast, Open late until 8pm ET


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31 May 2023

Abysmal customer service and wait times

I was really excited to try the food here, but it was kind of disappointing for a few reasons. I had the Ay Papi (taco bowl) and the Notorious ("tuna" bowl). The tuna salad was excellent. I would definitely recommend getting it. The Ay Papi taco bowl, however, was not good at all. It was really bland and hardly seasoned. I expected to be blown away by the nacho cheese, which was also tasteless. Don't bother getting that dish. I could make a better vegan taco bowl at home. Finally, the service was disorganized and slow. The woman taking the orders was way too chatty for how long the line was. They seem to have no system of knowing who ordered what or how to get food out to customers in a timely manner. The lady was just yelling out dishes and giving them away to the first taker even if other people had been waiting longer. They didn't have enough tuna prepped, so we had to wait while they made more. I doubt they will last if they don't fix those issues. I'd go back again, but if the service and flavor isn't any better, I wouldn't waste my time or money here.

To update my review: I returned years later to the market and thought I might give them another chance, but nothing has changed. The lady behind the counter was have a conversation on her phone and making someone else’s order as slowly as possible. I stood there for 5 min and she never acknowledged me, said she’d be right with me, etc. I walked away and went to the poke place next store. Gangster Vegan, why do you not train your employees or have any level of customer service? This has been an issue for years at ever location I have been to!

Updated from previous review on 2023-05-31


17 Oct 2019

I think you may have showed up during their first week when things were a little bumpy. When I visited a few weeks after you, the kitchen organization had really come together and they were humming along very well.


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05 Mar 2023

Good and Clean

Got the burrito bowl (Ay Papi), Mos Def and The Truth. All were good, nothing was processed and still flavorful. Will be returning!

Pros: Vegan, Good selection, Raw


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20 Feb 2023


Gangster Vegan has delicious fresh food items with homemade sauces; nothing processed.

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-20

Pros: All Vegan, Lots of raw options, No processed junk food


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09 Feb 2023

Food hall gem

Gangster Vegan was a great lunch spot to get a healthy option quick. They need more protein options to give their meals a bit more balance and satiety. Also, they were a little hard to find.

Pros: Delicious, Quick and Easy , Good variety

Cons: Expensive , Not enough protein options


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17 Nov 2022

Great Place!

I love this place! I honestly have it multiple times a week. It’s always just a quick and easy option.

Updated from previous review on 2022-11-13


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23 Sep 2022

Try It!!

The food was delicious and filling. Ay papi and the truth juices were our favorite. The notorious salad and the redman juice were also very good. The bonita applebaum was good and the you da boss was pretty good. I probably would have preferred mos def if they hadn’t already sold out.

Pros: Healthy options , Refreshing juices


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31 Jul 2022

So fresh!

Very tasty and revitalizing! I often feel raw food lacks flavor, but this was the perfect balance of fresh, pickled, seasoned and true taste of the ingredients. Loved it and hope to go back and try more items. Meant to grab a juice and desert as well!

Pros: All vegan, Super fresh , Excellent mission


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14 Jul 2022


I like the location, the staff, and the food, absolutely remarkable


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16 Jun 2022

Great food!

The taco salad was very fresh and tasty! Loved the walnut taco meat!


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29 Jan 2022

Healthful vegan options.

Tasty taco salad and tuna sandwich. Healthy options like juice, smoothies and such. Inside a really cool market with other eateries.


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16 Dec 2021


I really loved the soy free options which are hard to come by when eating out as a vegan, but everything was average. Like other commenters I would go back a second time to try something else as I loved the concept.

Pros: Fresh vegan food, WFPB

Cons: Bland and Average


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15 Dec 2021

Not bad, I only had one thing and it was ok

would go again to try something else.

Pros: clean

Cons: more options


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18 Sep 2021

Raw, Fresh, Reviving

Great place to eat some raw food that’s more on the gourmet side. Taco salad is the best dish I’ve had from the restaraunt. Toona salad was good but on the heavier/ high fat side. All of the cheesecakes have been delightful but apple pie is the top contender. Truth juice may be possibly the best juice I’ve ever tasted. Staff are friendly at both locations. Rice and beans are not raw** food items also contain salt, not sure about the use of oil. Overall, a great place to try something new and fresh!

Pros: All vegan, mostly raw , Great fp juice , Large selection of raw/ gourmet items


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Mostly Veg
21 Jul 2021

Good basic food

I would rate the meal I had as 3 stars for being average. Average doesn't mean bad... It just means average. I got the Dirty South bowl for $12. It was something I could have made at home for a couple of dollars. There was no real distinct flavor in the entire dish and what they gave me didn't look anything like the beautiful photographs on their site. Once was enough for me.

Pros: Vegan, Healthy

Cons: Priced too high for what it is, Not flavorful


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28 Mar 2021

Aya Papi is delicious

I love Gangster Vegan and it has become my main restaurant of choice. Not only because of excellent food, but because I can eat here and stay within my whole food plant based diet without cheating. Eating here is a pleasure and also great for you. Not for those of you who are looking for highly processed or comfort food, but if you want to eat good things that are also good for you. Go here.

Pros: It’s all whole food plant based, It’s all good


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04 Nov 2020


I’ve been wanting to try them for quite sometime and finally got the chance! i got the Ay papi bowl and the de la soul pressed juice. i was very impressed the bowl was absolutely delicious the walnut taco meat is to die for and the cashew cheese sauce. The pressed juice was perfect very happy they have a bunch to choose from! i’m excited to try more, deff stop by if ur in the area you will not be disappointed!!

Pros: All vegan, salads, bowls, sandwiches, fresh juices , DELICIOUS


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27 Oct 2020

Get the Ay Papi Bowl

Wonderful experience while visiting Baltimore. I had the Ay Papi Bowl which was very tasty. I look forward to coming back and exploring more of the menu.


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16 Oct 2020

Good but not great

Super pricey for what you get. The employees weren’t very friendly at all, and they were out of avocado which I feel like is a vegan essential.
Probably won’t be back unless I was already close to the area and really needed something to eat.
The Applebaum cheesecake is absolutely delicious though. But I wouldn’t go out of my way to go there just to get it.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Delicious cheesecake

Cons: Expensive, Not friendly employees, Annoying location


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26 Sep 2020

Excellent Food

The Esta Loco (taco salad) I had, baebae it was some kinda delicious 😋🤤 along with the Swizz Beets burger was delicious 🤤 too.


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27 Feb 2020

acceptable choice

Acceptable choice

Pros: Vegan options

Cons: Basic vegetable spot, Not a place to go out the way for

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