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Serves meat, vegan options available. Indoor food market consisting of various stands where (local) entrepreneurs offer culinary snacks and drinks that you can eat there. Not all stands are vegan friendly, but some are. See website for business list. Open Mon-Sun 12:00-22:00. Closed Mon-Tue.

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First Review by DanielaPremuda


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15 Feb 2024

Weinig veganisitische opties

🌱 Veggiebox van Samurice > 8x veggie, 3x komkommer, 3x avocado, edamame (€18,50)
- - -
In de Foodhallen heb je meerdere restaurants waar je eten kan halen om in de centrale hal op te eten. Voor vegans is de keuze echter beperkt tot wok, falafel of sushi. Ik koos voor de sushi-veggiebox van Samurice. Het was de eerste keer dat ik (vegan) sushi at, gelukkig viel het niet tegen en was het lekker! Op het einde van de Veggiebox was ik het wel wat beu, meer verschil in de ingrediënten (nu was het alleen avocado en komkommer als vulling) zou dit kunnen verhelpen.

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05 Feb 2024

Decent lunch

Went for lunch here during our day in Den Haag. Saw vegan options at a couple of the counters (Vietnamese, Mexican, Malaysian, Japanese) but not all of them and the places that did have options didn't have a lot. Places also seem to change often because reviews from only a couple of month ago mention different cuisines than I saw at my visit.
Went for spring rolls from the Vietnamese counter as a starter but was quite disappointing. Only vegetables, nothing like tofu or something. Very little flavour except for one leaf of mint. There was a sauce but I was served too little to cover up the blandness of the rolls.
Pita falafel was quite good though. Really liked the falafel, good taste and not too dry as often happens.


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02 Aug 2023

Great place with many options

Good vibes in a food court-like setting. Many different cuisines to choose from with (mostly) clearly labelled, vegan options. I had the Lebanese mezze and it was sooo good that I forgot to take a picture. Other labelled options for vegans were Kenyan, Thai, Indonese, Surinamese and pokebowl. Worth the visit!

Pros: Excellent for mixed group, Location next to central station, Great value for money

Cons: The music was very loud in half of the building


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13 May 2023


Very cozy inside. There are different food stands with multiple vegan options. The cool thing is that you can order from every stand and sit wherever you want


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04 Jul 2022

Great falafel

Falafel came with lots of pickles and some hummus, the order was very big I should have shared


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29 Jan 2022

Tasty falafel platter for 2

The atmosphere was great, there was a live dj and good service. Apart from the falafel platter there weren’t very many options. Maybe 1 at 5 if the restaurants.

Pros: All vegan falafel platter, Good service, Many drink options

Cons: Not as many vegan options as expected


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28 Nov 2021

Malaysian Foodcounter (food stand)

Very tasty vegan options!

Pros: Vegan options , Tasty


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08 Nov 2021

Decent choice

With all the different food stands there's always some vegan options, though some stands are more vegan friendly than others. Nice seating and friendly staff, prices are slightly on the highter side, but it's a bit of a trendy place. Overall quite OK.

Pros: Enough vegan options

Cons: No fully veggie/vegan food stands


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17 Oct 2021

Quality depends on food stand

Baomazing vegan buns “you had me at veg” were terrible. I’m sorry, there was just no flavour at all. No fantasy was used to spice it up, like even a bit of fresh herbs would have made it better.
We also had jackfruit tacos from Lima - these were very tasty and so was the guacamole.

Pros: Different cuisines


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26 Sep 2021

A few vegan options.

There weren’t many specified vegan options on many menu’s but I do believe that you could have have veganized dishes from certain places, though I did not ask. I had the Mee Goreng and asked them to make in completely vegan, so I got it with rice noodles instead of the ones they usually use. It was pretrt good but very oily. Later on I went back and got the Veggie Poke Bowl with sesame sauce, which was delicious, so I’d definitely recommend that. The inside seating area was very nice and cozy. Staff were friendly too.

Pros: Vegan options (just ask at some places), Decently priced, Nice seating area

Cons: Would like more clearly labeled vegan options, Drinks got quite expensive if you ordered online


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11 Aug 2021

The best thing was seating

We arrived first and had this great place with privacy and lots of cushions. Samurice has some good stuff and you can get the jackfruit salad without cheese and creme fraiche, making it vegan. Banh xeo was meh imo, fries tofo was not nice and some cheese mixture on it wasnt great(vegan or not, was dofficult to tell but i got told he would make it vegan before. Then qhen i arrived he realised i was vegan and replaced the fish sauce. Maybe he also forgot about the cheese) And honestly the music could have been more chill for 12 o clock. Don’t play the same music all day.
Indoor looks much better now compared to a long time ago. They have greenery and some other details to make it look nice.

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-11

Pros: Nice seating


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27 Aug 2020

Food stands

Vegan options available

Pros: All food stands are willing to veganize, Enough vegan options , Quick service

Cons: Inside is not very cosy but trendy, All disposable tableware (glass for drinks though


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16 Aug 2020

A couple vegan options

There's a few different vegan options available here, from sushi to dim sum to pita falafel.

Pros: Foodhallen means everyone's happy :), Seating inside and outside, In the city centre


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22 Feb 2020

Tasty Vegan Options!

There’re different food stands inside and the ones where I tried vegan options are: Samurice, Malaysian Food Rocks, and Holy Falafel. What is my top favorite that I’ve tried here: Veggie Poké Bowl at Samurice food stands! I also highly recommend Vegan Falafel from Holy Falafel.
I’d also like to highlight there first time I was there Malaysian stand did not have vegan options specified on menu, however when I asked about vegan options they right away kindly told they can veganize many of their meals for me. Next time I arrived here, Malaysian stand now has specified vegan options on menu. This means they listen to their customers’ wishes.

Pros: Dog friendly , Many different cuisines , Kind workers

Cons: Pricey for a student, Serves meat too, To me personally very boring interior of the place

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