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Vegetarian falafel and pita eatery. The cheese used contain vegetable rennet. Bar style stools and energetic music make for a quick stop. Cash not accepted. Please note that many businesses in Sweden are cashless. Open Mon-Fri 11:00-19:00, Sat 11:00-16:00. Closed Sun.

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First Review by LeoM


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13 Sep 2023

Good falafel

It was good, fresh, quick and they hade a lot of option. I get why people are coming here. At first i could not decide if i wanted to give it 3 or 4 stars cuz it fellt a litte basic even if it was nice. So i eated it with joy but Will probably not go back



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17 Aug 2023

Fresh but small sized meal

The flavour and texture of the falafel was great. If you're really hungry the sizing of the meal probably won't be enough.


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07 Aug 2023

Just amazing

Stumbled across this place because we were in the mood for falafel and immediately knew we made the right choice - the small store was bursting with locals who all enjoyed their lunch.
We went for a hummus plate that came with the most amazing pita, additional sauced were on the tables.
The hummus itself was amazing, the toppings very fresh and worked well together. Just perfect all around!

Pros: small independent store, fast and nice service, good portions

Cons: difficult to find a seat during rush hour


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05 Mar 2023

Best falafel place in Stockholm

We go here every chance we have!

Pros: Friendly staff, Amazing falafel

Cons: Crowded, No WC in the restaurant


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30 Dec 2022

VERY VERY nice stuff

We ordered fries and a Falafel role and Falafel Pita. All were vegan. The fries were crispy and salty. The Falafel was very delicious. It is a small and loud place with a Lot of movement. But you can sit Inside. We would absolutly reccomend this place. Best Falafel. :)

Pros: Delicious , Vegan options, Crispy fries

Cons: Not sooo cheap, Energetic place


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30 Apr 2022


My favorite falafel shop. Always super happy and full.


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14 Oct 2019

Nothing for me (anymore)

This place seems to have become a little too successful for its own good. Originally a bike vendor, they eventually acquired a central location from which they attracted, and continue to attract, a hipster-like clientele that is happy to pay over 100 kr for street food. It's not that their prices are exorbitant, but for this type of meal.. plus, while the chickpeas may be organic, the sauces (or at least some of them) are not even made in-house!
On top of that, they recently stopped accepting cash, which prompted some criticism and led to one of the owners writing an article in response to it in a major newspaper. He had the gall to say things to the effect of: "For whom should we accept cash? Who thanked us when we did?" Excuse me? In addition, they have no toilet (I guess that costs money too) and it's quite hard to get full after eating one of their dishes.


04 Mar 2020

Hello milk,
It´s so sad that success so easily attracts people like you, who needs to criticize everything else around the main attraction, what we really care about the most, the food. One of our top selling products are our Original Pita, it costs SEK80, a price that is not in any way exceptional for the Stockholm food scene . A dish that satisfies most of our guests for lunch! You write "over 100 kr for street food", the problem is that we serve "street food" in a permanent establishment, paying rent, making your dishes, serving at the table, paying nine full time staff etc. The food we are serving in our restaurant, ("this type of meal"), is a daily prepared falafel made from organic chickpeas, fresh vegetables, in-house made sauces and salads, hand made bread (though not in-house, we are very open with that). There is not one out of maybe seven or eight sauces that is not made in-house. Please do not lie in your reviews!
We love our "hipster-like clientele" along with all our guests! We accept payments with credit cards, Swish, pre-paid cash cards or even cash under certain circumstances when its manageable. So, thank you for your review, but please take your grudge elsewhere and try to do something positive to the world, and let those who are already trying be.


05 Mar 2020

Good afternoon, J. I've written 150 reviews on HappyCow, and nobody has ever had the audacity to call me a liar. As I'm willing to retract any wrong statements, I headed for your establishment yesterday in order to find out, in face to face conversation, if that was the case. I spoke to staff who conceded that the canned mango pickle sauce (clearly out there, it's not like you're trying to hide it) is used, and so it wouldn't be accurate to regard the final product on the table as in-house. Whether that would be the case in other restaurants is beside the point. The same member of staff also acknowledged that she will no longer take cash, no matter what. So here, once again, you've either miscommunicated with your staff or are spinning us a yarn.
Half of the reviews here refer to the price being somewhat high, are we all so deluded? And if you look at your inbox, we're not talking about some childish hater stuff here, I contacted you already six years ago and pointed out that I didn't find your dishes to be filling enough. And I did so from an e-mail account using my real name and last name, because, to me, that just makes for constructive criticism.


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14 Aug 2019

The smell of Falafels draw you in

That yummy aroma of falafels cooking can be picked up before you reach this cute little place.I tried the Halloumi and falafel combo salad...perfection

Pros: Many variations of falafel dishes


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03 Jan 2019

Organic falafel

good organic falafel .
Maybe little too pricey but good.
closing times too early

Pros: good organic falafel

Cons: opening hours too short


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13 Oct 2018

Amazing falafel

I think this is the absolute best falafel place in Stockholm.


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30 Sep 2018

One of the Best Falafel Places in Stockholm

Great falafel with good souses. My personal favorite is the Falafelsallad, really fresh!


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16 Sep 2017

My favourite falafel place

I really love this place. The falafel is so good, fresh and tasty. The place is nicely decorated and the staff is always friendly.


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19 Aug 2017

Slightly pricey, but great and filling

For around 100kr I got a great pitta full of falafel, wonderfully crispy salad, accompanied by some skin-on fries and a glass of homemade lemonade. It's fantastic value, and the whole meal was lovely. We came at the right time and seemed to miss the queues, but even people around us were getting food quickly. A great place!

Pros: Tasty, Filling , Quick

Cons: Pricey, but maybe average for Stockholm?


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19 Aug 2017

Amazing quality, speedy service.

We found this through happy cow, and had lunch here. I ordered the falafel salad, my partner the falafel with company, which is a pita, homemade fries and homemade lemonade. Everything was fresh and tasty and took only a few minutes to arrive. The service was friendly, and the place was bustling with locals. We'd definitely return. The menu seems all veggie with vegan dishes clearly marked on the menu.


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29 Jul 2017

Good but expensive

Yes this place is expensive, yes it might take some time when they make your Falafel if there is a lot of other customers.

Yet I come back, because most Falafel in this town is not good, and the prices are not far from this place. So I come back, but the best things here is the Amba-sauce and the Fries, the falafel is okeyish but in central Stockholm that is a good Falafel.

Falafel quality is about the same as what I got at Maoz in Amsterdam. But yeah, probably not worth the price to be honest.

Pros: Nice amba-sauce, Central

Cons: Expensive, Small portions


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07 Jan 2017

Not much for your money and slow service.

Something so simple as falafel should not take a 20 minutes to prepare and cost as much as a full meal. You'll get better values elsewhere, and save some time as well.

Updated from previous review on 2016-12-29

Pros: Good location (near Mariatorget)

Cons: Expensive, Slow service

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