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Serves meat, vegan options available. Coffee shop offering many vegan dishes including a vegan hamburger, vegan panini, many vegan pastries including pies, chocolate banana cake, a vegan quiche, and pastel de papas. Open Mon-Thu 11:00am-6:00pm, Fri-Sun 11:00am-7:00pm.

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First Review by BrianAcree


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09 Feb 2024

Cute shop, yummy food

I had the "tuna" panini and a vegan brownie. Both were delicious! The panini was very tasty, with fresh veggies, and they were happy to accommodate onion free for me. The brownie was fresh and delicious.

Pros: Several options for meals and desserts, Happy to accommodate dietary restrictions , Nice atmosphere



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31 May 2023

Calm place with good panini

We had a nice vegan tuna panini. It didn’t taste like tuna, but it was good. We also had nice ice coffee


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15 May 2023

Vegan empanada

Unfortunately, there were no more panninis, so we had only the vegan empanada. Nothing special but solved our hunger issue 😊


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25 Feb 2023

Delicious panini, but

Very good panini, the vegan tuna is perfect and it’s really big. The chips that come with it are very good aswell. The pineapple juice is nice and sweet.
We got charged more than what we ordered (before taxes) and it wasn’t because of the language barrier because I speak Spanish. Also, the prices for the sandwiches are not published and they should be. Ask for the receipt.


Points +14

23 Feb 2023

Nice eatery with Paninis and Burgers

Evy's is a nice place to have a quick meal. They offer vegan tuna paninis and a vegan burger. Meals are quite pricy but tasted amazing :)

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Friendly staff

Cons: Slightly overpriced, but still very tasty


Points +233

31 Jan 2023

Great little coffee place

Went here twice during my stay i Monteverde and it was a treat! Friendly staff and very good food.


Points +500

30 Jan 2023

Comida fina

La torta de la hamburguesa vegana es hecha de la dueña - muy rica! Las papas del campo también fueron muy buenos!
El panini vegano también es recomendable. Toda la comida fue muy fresca.

El pastel de chocolate y Banano también me gustó mucho.😄

Tuvieron empanadas vegetales también, así que las llevamos por el día siguiente.

Pros: Comida fresca y rica


Points +229

10 Jan 2023

Nice cafeteria

We ate vegan hamburgers and green smoothies. Good! Also vegan pastry (savory sweet, coffee, paninis). Nice staff :)

Pros: Vegan options , Nice staff, Quick service

Cons: Quite pricy (Costa Rica...), Normal cafeteria look


Points +1071

05 Jan 2023


Yummy vegan panini, iced coffee and cinnamon bun. What a treat!


Points +28

23 Aug 2022

Best vegan panini in Costa Rica

The vegan tuna panini is amazing, so flavourful and comes with a side of salad and chips with Ali olí.

Pros: Tasty food , Cheap prices for the zone


Points +1015

09 Jun 2022


Had an absolutely lovely lunch at Evy’s. She is an incredibly talented chef and baker! I ordered the ‘tuna salad panini’ (chickpea tuna), and it came with a delicious dipping sauce, yuca chips and a nice side salad. To polish it off I got a lemon tart- yum yum yum! Would visit again. So tasty.


Points +272

23 Mar 2022

Panini and sweets

We came here twice during our stay in Santa Elena. Delicious Panini and a lot of vegan sweets.


Points +231

15 Feb 2022

Unreal Chickpea Tuna Panini

Had the best meal so far at Evy’s! I ordered the chickpea tuna panini and it came with a small salad and plantain chips. The sandwich itself was hugeee and made with caramelized onions bit tomatoes and cucumbers #Veganuary

Pros: Friendly staff , Big portion, Vegan!


Points +576

31 Jan 2022

I enjoyed it!

I’d been craving a full flavor burger - and this hit the spot. With caramelized onions, avocado, lettuce, tomato, sauce, pickles. Very tasty. Fries were excellent. Maybe not the healthiest ☹️ lunch but was worth the indulgence. Cinnamon bun was tasty too. I’m picky. If I buy something and it’s not good I don’t eat it. I ate this one. On the other hand I’m not craving another. So I’d say it’s a solid B. #Veganuary


Points +66

28 Jan 2022

Best vegan sweets

Wow!!! The selection of vegan sweets is just amazing, it makes it hard to decide on one, especially after trying the quality. Really well done!! We tried the cinnamon bun - this one is crunchy outside and super wet inside. We had also extremely delicious strawberry tarte and chocolate banana pie, also crazy good!

Pros: Wide selection , Wet pies

Cons: Super sweet, Not gluten-free


Points +486

10 Jan 2022

Vegan food and desserts available

Evy's offers a couple of vegan main dishes (pannini and hamburger) that come with chips and a side salad. There are also several vegan desserts available, including a lemon tart, brownie, and a dessert roll. I ordered a pannini dish and tart, which came to 6300 Colones (US$10). A platter at the local sodas (lower cost food counters) come to about 5500 Colones so not a bad price for the town.

Pros: Clearly marked vegan options, Reasonably priced


Points +1806

28 Dec 2021

Solid vegan options

Solid vegan burger and panini, also some sweets are vegan and quite healthy. We enjoyed a lemon and a pecan pie that were delicious

Updated from previous review on 2021-05-15


Points +82

25 Dec 2021

Lots of Vegan Dessert Options!

The vegan falafel burger was delicious here, and so were the potato wedges! The best part was the dessert options. They had vegan brownies, pecan pies, cinnamon buns, and passion fruit cake. The lemon pie was sweet and delicious, the best I’ve ever had. They could have had more vegan lunch options, but overall it was really good.


Points +196

11 Oct 2021


My partner and I shared a vegan panini and a vegan burger and both were delicious. the burger had a falafel patty and the panini had vegan tuna made with chickpeas. both came with salad and chips/wedge fries. they have many sweet vegan options like cinnamon rolls, brownies, banana bread (with chocolate icing), pecan pie, and lemon pie. We also got to try a passion fruit cake that they were selling at another café made from Evy’s and it was superb and light. Definitely worth it and the prices are amazing!!

Pros: delicious flavor, many options

Cons: not all vegan


Points +18

30 Aug 2021

Delicious veggie burger

Lugar bonito, tienen una hamburguesa vegana con torta de falafel, muy grande y sabrosa. También ofrecen un panini vegano, varios postres veganos, smoothies y cafés. Recomendado


Points +1503

15 Aug 2021


The food and the smoothie was really good. Highly recommend.

Vegan burger is superb, pecan cake and arrollado pastel is delicious too.

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-13

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-14


Points +575

30 Jul 2021

Cute cafe

Had the chickpea tuna panini. Definitely recommend it!
Their burger was good- the patty was delicious.


Points +6742

26 Jul 2021

Good vegan options

Over a few visits, we tried the chickpea tuna panini, a lemon tart, a pecan pie, and the cinnamon roll. All tasted really good. They sell churros there which unfortunately aren't vegan. Hope they change the recipe soon because churros are usually vegan anyway.


Points +436

02 May 2021

Vegan food

Good knowledge of vegan food, vegan burger is really nice, also they do a vegan paniniand cakes. Smoothies are delicious too. Good prices.


Points +2559

04 Apr 2021

Amazing place!

This is a must try in Santa Elena. The vegan hamburguer is huge and very tasty, and there are sooo many options of vegan pastries, and they are delicious! The owner is super friendly and everything looks very well made. It is also quite cheap and centrally located, definitely recommended! Great experience, I was fully satisfied and would give it 5 stars if possible!


Points +32

09 Mar 2021

Great coffee shop with vegan sandwiches and pastries

Was surprised there were so many vegan options here. They have nut milks of course for the coffee, a really good smoothie menu with lots of healthy options, a vegan hamburger and a vegan panini. But you definitely have to try the vegan baked goods. The pastel de papas was fantastic. So was the vegan quiche. And the chocolate covered banana bread was seriously the best thing anyone has ever done to banana bread.

Found this place a little by accident but I’m glad we did and would definitely stop here again. It’s also across the parking lots from Marlene’s trail foods which is also a food place to stop and get snacks for trail hiking. The owners of both stores are super friendly and I’m glad to support them!

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