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Serves meat, vegan options available. Cuban and American fusion food. Has gluten-free, fresh juices and smoothies. The whole menu can be made vegan upon request. Open Wed-Sat 11:30am-8:00pm, Sun 11:00am-3:00pm. Closed Mon-Tue.

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First Review by Annie27


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24 Jan 2024

Casual Fresh and Flavorful Food

Earth Bistro’s menu has several vegan options, however the entire menu can be made vegan by swapping protein and condiments with vegan ones. We tried two different wraps while there. The chicken and basil wrap was modified with a plant based chicken substitute. The wrap was full of fresh veggies and grains and was very flavorful. The other wrap was the marinated tofu wrap. This was obviously one of the vegan items on the menu. It too was full of fresh veggies and so much flavor!Both wraps came with a delicious marinated slaw that was made with dill. It also came with a cold pasta salad. This side was just okay as it was way overdressed. The portions were quite large too, which left us no room to enjoy one of the vegan desserts. However, we couldn’t resist and brought home a chocolate Oreo cake that was amazing. Their desserts are also made in house. #Veganuary

Pros: Friendly service from the owner, Delicious food, So many vegan options available

Cons: The bathroom could use a good cleaning



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04 Nov 2023

Best vegan breakfast in Cleveland

The food here was incredible, they had 10 vegan options😍😍😍


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31 Jul 2023

Don’t Judge from the outside

This place is a hidden gem. It looks pretty shady from the outside. A bit worn, same on the inside. Wasn’t seated but told to sit anywhere.

Was a bit unsure until we met the owner. He was great. Can do everything Vegan and it didn’t disappoint. Definitely vegan junk food but delicious!!!
Definitely must go to the Sunday brunch.
Loved it and will go back when in town.

Pros: Breakfast Sammy , Owner was very cool, The drinks! Support this local biz.

Cons: Rough on the outside , Needs a remodel , Should make the place 100%vegan


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08 Jul 2023

Excellent Vegan Food

Even though they have meat dishes on the menu, they can make the ENTIRE MENU VEGAN! The chunk of “steak” (made from mushrooms) was beyond great.

Pros: The food, The service


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12 Jun 2023

Horrible Customer Service

I can’t review the food from this restaurant because the service was so abysmal that we ended up leaving before we could place an order. Instead of greeting my family, the employee said ”what do you want” as we stood waiting ant the counter to be seated. After several other derogatory comments, we walked out.


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08 Jan 2023

Excellent vegan options

This is not a vegan place because they serve meats but they do have a vegan menu with excellent options and deserts. I tried the Impossible meatless meatball sandwich and it was great. I loved the raw strawberry cheesecake.

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-08

Pros: Great vegan options


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10 Dec 2022

Love this place

Wish i could leave 5 stars. Ive tried almost their whole menu, which is huge and I love everything. Even something as simple as a tofu wrap is so flavorful. Anything can be made vegan. Vegan desserts are excellent too. Owner is super friendly and always remember us! He also does specials for the holiday which are amazing.


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10 Dec 2022

Excellent!!! Deserves 5 ⭐️

I Loved how every dish could be made vegan.

Pros: Lots of Vegan options! , Friendly atmosphere! , Clean and Reasonable!

Cons: Parking is iffy sometimes. , Needs more vegan sweets!


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12 Oct 2022

Casual dining with hearty vegan options

We enjoyed the vegan tofu wrap and the fried tofu sandwich. The portions were large. The vegetables were fresh. We ate on the premises, and observed a steady flow of takeout customers.

Pros: Vegan options , Nice treatment of tofu


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03 Jul 2022

Deserves 5 stars but Happy Cow won’t let me (another of their weird rules).

I loved that everything can be made vegan!!!


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10 Mar 2022


I appreciate that there is a place with numerous (ostensibly) vegan options in Cleveland, where obviously there isn't a vegan place on every corner in the metro area.

It also appears to be a small business, and I am sure it has been a struggle during the pandemic, so I don't mean to pick on them.

But I cannot imagine visiting this place again unless I were a bit stuck.

First, it's all take-out at the moment (understandably), and their packaging is copious amounts of non-compostable styrofoam (!) and plastic – not understandable or defensible at all in this day and age, and not consistent with the veggie ethic.

Second, I have to wonder about the actual ingredients, as others have alluded to here. The basic aesthetic of the place is meat-heavy, but they will stick in fake meat upon request. While the menu claims the like of 'impossible' meat replacements, that is clearly false, as the unmistakable taste of Trader Joe's faux meatballs were in my sub. That's just... well, kind of lying. There were also some accoutrements that I suspect had dairy, though I cannot say for sure, even though 'vegan' was requested.

Third, an extra charge to literally drop in some low-cost meat substitute versions, at a place that advertises vegan friendliness, seems dubious. I am happy to pay it if there really does seem an extra cost, but it makes little sense here.

Finally, the food was unremarkable by any standard. Definitely not bad, but the meatball sub could be easily simulated by going to TJ's, purchasing packaged bread, marinara, and the frozen faux meatballs and putting them together. One expects a bit more for $13, I feel like. And the much-raved-about pickle chips (man, I wish I hadn't searched google maps for this venture) had zero taste of pickles – just the taste of deep-fried breading – so I just do not get the high scores.

Again, I don't want to bash a small enterprise that offers vegan options, and certainly not discourage them from offering them – hence 3 stars here – but putting 'Earth' in your title and advertising vegan options, with several other sketchy aspects, kind of sets yourself up for criticism.

Updated from previous review on 2022-03-10

Pros: Vegan-ish options where they're needed

Cons: Disingenuous title & ingredients, Meh tastes


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18 Feb 2022

Outstanding quality and value

Always wonderful food prepared by 2 excellent chefs. New specials weekly. Affordable prices. You can't go wrong here.

Pros: It's of vegan options., Outstanding quality., Not expensive.


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07 Oct 2021

Rude staff and not sure if food was actually vegan

I ordered a breakfast dish with a vegan croissant and vegan bacon. I honestly don't know for sure if it was vegan or just vegetarian. The bacon was so much like Morningstar. The cook was also running counter as well and he was just kind of rude.

I doubt I'll ever come back. I don't trust this place at all.


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27 Sep 2021

A good take out option

Currently no dine in, but we got take out and took it to nearby Edgewater Park to enjoy our meal. Good food and manager/owner? was friendly and helped us navigate the menu- everything can be made vegan! There is an up charge to make the non-vegan items vegan, but they also do have a couple already vegan items on the menu


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18 Aug 2021

Anything can be made vegan

The entire menu can be made vegan. Even though there is an up charge, it is well worth it. As I have only gotten takeout, the wait wasn’t too long.


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17 Jun 2020

Great Food!

Everything can be made vegan, large portions. Unfortunately all vegan come as extra charge.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Fresh smoothies

Cons: Vegan is extra charged


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01 Feb 2020

Worth the wait

Service is usually very slow but the food is amazing and worth the wait. Everything can be made vegan. Just don't go if you are in a hurry.

Pros: Everything can be made vegan, Large menu

Cons: Slow service, Only street parking


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19 Jan 2020


Everything at this restaurant is able to be made vegan. There were so many options, and the food was delicious. I ordered pancakes that came with hash browns, (vegan) bacon, sausage, or ham. There was a $2.50 up charge to make my meal vegan, but it was well worth it. They also have JUST egg, beyond sausage, and Impossible sausage.

Pros: So many options, Everything can be made vegan, Knowledgeable servers

Cons: Small dining area


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08 Sep 2019

Awesome burritos!!

Really great menu with tons of different options (including several desserts) that can all be made vegan!! So delicious and they have awesome fake meats and plant based sour cream and cheese sauce.

Pros: Everything can be made vegan, Variety of meat substitutes, Wide variety on the menu

Cons: Not super fancy


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29 Apr 2019

Hidden Cleveland gem

Enjoyed Sunday brunch here today, ordered the vegan English breakfast platter. Utterly scrumptious! Beyond sausage, tofu scramble, quinoa potato hash browns, baked beans, tomato slices, and toasted baguette. Coffee with almond milk to wash it all down. Bliss!

Earth Bistro can veganize anything on the menu for a small upcharge (like $2) - even the Cubano! Definitely getting that for lunch next visit. Prices very reasonable, comparable to other places where the selection is but a fraction of EB's. Music was an eclectic selection including Ella Fitzgerald, The Police, Toto, and instrumental jazz. Fun!

The only thing I disliked was the bathroom. It was small but in decent condition - however the artificial air freshener odor was OVERPOWERING. It could easily trigger an asthma attack in a sensitive individual. I don't have asthma but I do have chemical sensitivity, and it was a very unpleasant experience.

Pros: All the vegan options!

Cons: Long wait at peak times


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13 Mar 2019

Very friendly service and delicious food

Quick, friendly service


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29 Dec 2018

One of my favorites

Everything always tastes so good! Great options for vegans and omnis. You can go there with your omni friend and both of you can enjoy yourselves.


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07 May 2018

Omni but not really!!

We went to the Sunday brunch and EVERYTHING can be made vegan!! EVERYTHING!! We got the pancakes and the waffles, both of which came with hash browns and a kind of fake meat. The portions were MASSIVE and only $8.50 each (although an added $2 for the vegan option). Soooo yummy!!

Pros: Everything can be vegan, Big portions, Realistic

Cons: Higher price for vegan options, Pretty small, Omni


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01 Mar 2018

Excellent vegan flavor

Walking in it felt like I needed to know the secret handshake, but once I got the food I was quite impressed. The tofu wrap was surprisingly flavorful, and I appreciate that anything can be made vegan.

Pros: Very flavorful vegan food, Anything can be made vegan, Generous portions

Cons: A bit expensive , (~11$ per entre + 1.50 vegan upcharge)


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02 Jan 2018

Best Vegan Food in Cle!!!

Earth Bistro is my favorite restaurant in Cleveland. Despite the fact they are not 100% vegan, everything on the menu can be made vegan. Their vegan chicken is amazing, their pasta salads and side dishes change every day to keep things exciting and fresh, and they serve Beyond Burger! Sunday brunch (from 9am-3pm) is the best, with soo many different vegan omelets, chicken and waffles, breakfast quesadillas. It is a great place to take your non-vegan friends, because their vegan food is delicious and convincing even for meat eaters! I have taken multiple people here who wanted to become vegan afterwords. Also, atmosphere is cute and cozy, and the staff is incredibly welcoming.


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19 Nov 2017

The Best Vegan Food

This is the best vegan food I've ever had. Everything I've had there has been great. My favorites are the pierogi sandwich, grilled burrito and the peanut butter cake.

Pros: Excellent Food, Friendly waiters and owner, Literally everything on the menu can be made vegan


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09 Sep 2017

Awesome dinner special at Earth Bistro

Earth Bistro was, is, and will remain my favorite lunch/dinner spot. Food is always very fresh and the vegan replacements are always spot on. Portion sizes are generous and food is always delicious.

Favorite place in Cleveland for a vegan meal. Hands down.

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