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Serves meat, vegan options available. German restaurant franchise with emphasis on simple, healthier food. Vegan items are clearly labelled on the menu and offers dishes with planted.chicken! as well as vegan harvest roast vegetables, various salads, soups, wraps, sandwiches, cold pressed juices, smoothies, and coffee with a plant milk option. Open Mon-Sat 09:00-21:00, Sun 12:30-19:30.

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First Review by Karishockey


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26 Aug 2023

could always count on the falafel salad

had this twice in a week while visiting hamburg, really loved how fresh everything was. would love to see more vegan options besides falafels though :0



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07 Aug 2023

Variety of vegan options

If you’re on the go, this is a really good option since they also have a location in the main station. And the bowl was also really nice. Can’t complain.


Points +28

29 Dec 2021

Disappointing wrap

Wrap was tasteless. Personnel unfriendly.

Pros: Some vegan options

Cons: Tasteless wraps


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03 Sep 2019

Fresh Food ?

It's not my favorite bistro, because I feel the staff isn't that fast, and the path between counter and tables is uncomfortable narrow, when you have to stay in line.
The yellow and red vegan curry are okay and the apple cake is really good !
However I wonder about their slogan that everything is freshly prepared . . . I asked one time if they could make the curry a bit milder (although by now I know none of them is spicy) and was told they couldn't because everything is already prepared beforehand, for that I feel the waiting time for the food is too long.
It's not a real restaurant, but more of an imbiss, where you get one of these blinky buzzing items, that tell you when the food is ready.

Pros: Great apple cake

Cons: Service can be a bit slow, No bathrooms, there are located in the center and , you need to pay extra for them


Points +122

02 Sep 2019

Fresh vegan options - but sad falafel

Honestly I am only calling it falafel because I want you to know what item ... it is NOT falafel. It is a small cold ball of something that is dry and has no crunch. The salad greens were good! Voting with our dollars to get chains to prioritize vegan options can be hugely beneficial. But IMO it was avg. great in a pinch but not if you have time to pick somewhere else!

Need to push them to have heartier proteins on their vegan salads (there was no hummus on my salad either and the falafel didn’t taste like chickpeas) - and to have real silverware to minimize plastic waste!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Allergy lists - easy to avoid gluten , fresh produce

Cons: Terrible “falafel”, Plastic silverware dining in, No hummus on falafel salad


Points +285

05 Nov 2018

Surprisingly good food every time I go

I don’t expect much from a chain, but I must say every time I go there, I love the freshness of the things and even the taste is all fine. Not a great culinary experience but good and healthy.

Pros: Fresh, Juices , Smoothies

Cons: Little expensive but fine


Points +45

13 Sep 2018

Vegan options - great taste

The vegan dishes really are vegan. Good tastes and pleasing to the eye.
The grilled vegan sandwich - yummi.
Great place when hungry in Hamburg. And vegan.

Pros: Friendly competent staff, Nice decor, Excellent food

Cons: Overrun - many people


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29 Jun 2018

Train station shop

Really happy to find this gem of a place, with a fair amount of vegan options, while waiting for my train. Bought two wraps and two chia puddings and my Omni husband and I were both satisfied.


Points +33

23 May 2018

nothing special!

Only a chain, like many others! Not only vegetarian/vegan, fast food, expensive... i can't understand why it is appear on the happy cow :-(

Cons: expensive, fast food, a chain


Points +94

10 Mar 2018


Franchise food, but done in a nice way. Beware of the smoothies, they seem to use concentrates for some or all of them ?


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30 Jul 2017

Oh so tasty!

I'm from New Zealand and am traveling around Europe. We're currently in Hamburg, and I was worrying it would be difficult to find food that is both vegan and gluten free, but there were plenty of tasty options at Dean & David!

I got the vegan red curry (amazing, so filling, large portion) and a vegan berry chia pudding (so creamy and delicious).

Usually I have to just settle for a plain salad or fried chips, so I'm really glad to have found a healthy and tasty option!


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07 Jun 2017

fresh & mostly regional suppliers

What I really like is that everything is certified free from flavor enhancers. They offer really fresh salads! Sometimes I just pick up a vegan wrap for lunch.
Also you can get wifi there.

Pros: fresh and free from flavor enhancers, seasonal from the region, wifi, nice interior


Points +105

09 Dec 2016

Quiet good!

I found it walking along Bremen, fresh food, cosy place and good prices. Several vegetarian and vegan options plus omnivorous ones. I found it later in Hamburg hauptbahnhof and took the vegetables sandwich. Both the piadine and the sandwich were really good!


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23 Nov 2015

not bad for a non veg place

We went in here as we saw it on happy cow earlier in the day and we were desperately cold and in need of food in the centre of Hamburg. The only other place nearby was Loving Hut which we have back at home and find the food average and the ethos bizarre (high leader said on one of the propaganda videos that played whilst we were eating that vegans were going to be rescued by the aliens and everyone else will perish...) with this is mind we have Dean and David a try.

The menu and board have clearly marked vegan options. The lady behind the till was very nice and happy to explain in English.

I had a Thai red curry which was nice and warming. Good sized portions and reasonable pricing.

I would recommend if you're in town and hungry. All the vegan places in Munich are far from the centre.

Pros: near to centre , cheaper/ quick food, nice staff

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