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Part of buffet restaurant group in Portugal, this one est. 2012. Self service style. Offers an all-vegan spread with a variety of of dishes for lunch and dinner. Beverages and dessert are separate from the buffet price. This branch converted to vegan in 2017. Open Mon-Sun 12:00-15:00, Mon-Sat 19:30-22:30.

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First Review by ZairaRickenbach


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05 Feb 2024


Wie bei meinem ersten Besuch im Herzen von Porto nun auch hier ein tolles, frisches und abwechslungsreiches Buffet. Sehr gut 👍



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15 Oct 2023

Não me apetecia ir para casa!

Obrigada por estarem abertos ao domingo 🙏

Pros: Localização , Variedade


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25 Sep 2023

Love daTerra

All-you-can-eat buffet that is affordable, reliable, and tasty. Got all the protein
I need for more one day on the Camino.

Pros: Food quality, Ambience


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Non Veg
16 Jun 2023

Uma boa experiência

Bom atendimento, boa variedade e bom ambiente


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16 Jun 2023


Delicious flavours and so nice to indulge in fresh tasting cuisine.

Pros: Food of course, Atmosphere , Staff are very friendly


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07 Jun 2023

Fresh, Awesome Vegan Buffet

We picked up carry out a couple of times during our stay in Matosinhos, always trying as many items as we could fit into our boxes. There were only a couple of dishes (out of like 30!) we didn't care for. The food was fresh and healthy, and we liked the cold options on one side of the buffet and hot on the other. (You can also add soup and dessert to your purchase.) The Banoffee pie was delicious, as was the chocolate torte. The apple crumb cake was our least favorite of the desserts we tried.

Pros: fresh, unique options, feels healthy, great price for carryout


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Mostly Veg
19 May 2023

Great food

I liked that they served soups, snacky samples, hardier dishes, and smoothie samples


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03 Jan 2023

Best one out of the DaTerra chain

Really tasty vegan buffet with lots of choice. The food tasted fresh and the staff was super friendly.

We have tried other DaTerra and this one was definitely the best.


Updated from previous review on 2023-01-03

Pros: Tasty food, Lots of options , Very affordable


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Mostly Veg
30 Dec 2022

Mais um DaTerra na minha lista

Comida boa ao estilo do DaTerra mas demasiada confusão para o meu gosto. Buffet servido pelas próprias pessoas.


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09 Dec 2022

Excellent value, healthy, and all vegan, but there are downsides.

This is one of I believe three De Terra locations in and around Porto. There's no doubting the overall convienience and value. The buffett format means there's no faffing about with menus or ordering and you can get a good look at the admirably wide range of dishes on offer. Depending on how much you eat it's also excellent value: at lunchtime on a weekday it's a steal at 9.50 euros. If you've worked up at an appetite (say, surfing at the nearby beach) you can really get your moneys worth. It does of course depend on what day you go but the quality and flavour of the food is generally good. That being said sometimes the salads (and it is mostly salad/cold food based) can be a little plain. The warm options, of which there are usually four, are hit and miss. Sometimes they feel very generous, with large slices of seitan and tofu as a base for the individual item, other times the protein feels a little thin on the ground. Also, being as they are small appertif style constructions they have a tendency to fall apart on the hot plate as people move them around with the tongs. This can mean a customer having to scratch around the hot plate for different parts of the same dish. Not a huge issue but it takes away from the overall clean, orderly and well-organised standards of the place. Then, from an ethical perspective, there's the potential this buffet model has to produce a huge amount of food waste, as things aren't made to order but made in huge batches and people's eyes are bigger than their stomach.

Pros: Excellent value, Good range of dishes, Usually a pleasant space

Cons: Few hot options and sometimes ungenerous , Potential to produce a lot of food waste


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15 Nov 2022

Fantastic choice great value

Fantastic selection of food. Great service. Great value. 5/5


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20 Oct 2022

I love this place

Vegan buffet with a lot of option, soup, dessert, natural juices. And really fair price.


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15 Sep 2022

Buffet with great variety

This place has good food, the atmosphere is friendly, loads of vegan options, kind staff, cheap, variety in the buffet. Highly recommend.

Pros: Many vegan options, Extensive buffet with variety, Open space

Cons: M


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01 Jul 2022

Amazing Vegan buffet at an affordable price

I was tired, I was starving, the beach offered little of what I wanted…what was I to do? Finding this place was perfect. Good vibe inside, delicious vegan food, flavors and spices fitting for a higher price tag, it was amazing.

Pros: Lots of different dishes and options, Cheap!, Nice location


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17 May 2022




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16 May 2022

A great vegan restaurant

A great vegan restaurant , buffet style

Pros: Lots of options, Protein, Vegeies

Cons: Dessert not included in the buffet


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01 May 2022

Muito bom

É bufê ou seja podes experimentar tudo para saberes o que gostas mais, mas para mim a comida é muito boa


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02 Apr 2022


Good yummy vegan buffet.

Pros: Creative, Good value

Cons: Fake meat.


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27 Mar 2022

Simplesmente amo

Como não amar um buffet 100% vegan??
O restaurante em si é super acolhedor, muito agradável.
O buffet é maravilhoso muita diversidade, comi coisas que certamente não faria em casa e fiquei a amar. Não gostava de quinoa mas graças a este lugar passei a amar, não sei como fizeram mas amei e o mesmo com a beringela. É um lugar que vou para almoçar e trago sempre refeições para mais dias.
As sobremesas são igualmente otimas.

Pros: Buffet / muita variadade, Super acolhedor, Super delicioso


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17 Feb 2022

Ótimo sítio para almoçar ou jantar diversas comidas!!

Fui hoje pela primeira vez e gostei bastante! Espaço tranquilo, comida agradável! O buffet tem muita variedade, desde sopa, entradas, pratos principais, diversos acompanhametos! Estava tudo bom e têm muitas opções e variedade!!!

Pros: Muita variedade , Bom preço


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11 Oct 2021

Delicious food!

Has a great variety of food every day and it never disappoints!


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03 Sep 2021

Amazing vegan food

Lots of options to eat with very tasty and fresh food. The place really got good vibes and very friendly staff

Pros: Lots of options to eat what you want


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22 Apr 2021

O melhor brunch

Espaço vegan, possui buffet para almoço, jantar e brunch (apenas aos fins de semana - all you can eat por 6.5€).
Staff simpático, espaço acolhedor, imensa variedade de pratos e sobremesas.

Pros: Totalmente vegan, Comida saborosa , Excelente preço para buffets


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11 Mar 2020

Muito bom, fantástico

O melhor DaTerra, pelo menos no norte.
Com comida fantástica

Pros: Tudo vegan


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13 Feb 2020

So good!

Amazing food, with lots of interesting choices. The food is very well prepared, not the average buffet with canned food and bland salads. The staff is super friendly. Imo, the best value for your money in Lisbon.


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10 Feb 2020

Dos meus restaurantes favoritos

A equipa é bem disposta o espaço é muito agradável e a comida é apta a todos os gostos! É variada, com algumas opções diferentes do habitual e bem confeccionada!

Vale a pena ir!

Pros: Muitas opções veganas, e têm opções gluten


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20 Jan 2020

I love this place

One is my favorite places when I visited Porto .

Pros: A lot of vegan options , Clean, Nice staff

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