Serves meat, vegan options available. Trendy restaurant serving Pan Asian cuisine and sushi. A few vegan choices including inari tofu, a labeled vegan bowl, tofu option in curry. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by BethGary


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08 Jul 2023


They have a whole vegan menu so it’s super clear what the options are. The edamame spring rolls and inari pressed sushi were my favorites. Can’t wait to go back!



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18 Jun 2023

Dedicated vegan menu

Had spicy udon and it was soooo gooood!


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13 Apr 2023

Excellent Vegan Asian restaurant

I'm so glad we discovered this place. We make sure we go at least once every time we're in the area. Love the online ordering even if it takes a while.

Pros: Best Udon Noodles I've ever had, Great edamame spring rolls

Cons: Smallish portions, Online orders take about 30 minutes to make


Points +27

10 Mar 2023

Really good and surprisingly varied!

They actually had a whole vegan menu with about ten varied options from different types of sushi to noodle/rice bowls. We ordered the edamame spring rolls, the tofu roll, and the crispy vegetable roll. All were excellent. And some of it was discounted for happy hour. Can’t wait to go back and try all the other noodle and rice dishes! Highly recommend.

Pros: Lots of different types of dishes were offered. , Had a separate vegan menu , Offers outdoor seating

Cons: Happy hour was very busy but still quick service


Points +78

24 Dec 2022

Great vegan menu

I got the Spicy Garden Bowl and Buddha roll. Both were delicious. Ordered online and everything was fresh when I arrived. It was great to have a vegan menu to choose from that wasn't just a cucumber roll!

Pros: Vegan menu , Fresh ingredients , Online ordering

Cons: Pricey


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02 Oct 2022

Good but pricy

Really good food and a whole page of vegan options. Meals are pricy but very delicious and fresh.

Pros: A whole page of vegan options, Knowledge staff

Cons: Indoor seating is mostly high seats


Points +732

30 Sep 2022

One of my new all time favorite sushi spots!!

This restaurant is in a cute area that will make you wanna sit outdoors! They have a separate menu just for vegans and all of it was soo good! I can’t wait to come back!


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21 Sep 2022

Excellent Vegan Menu

Many options-all entrees and apps were fantastic!!!


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12 Aug 2022


The edamame spring rolls were really good. The bowl we got had a good sauce but wasn’t anything crazy, still tasty 😄

Pros: Whole vegan menu

Cons: Expensive , Loud and crowded at busy times


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28 Feb 2022


My favorite date place. My husband and I frequent CO Sushi. Spicy udon noodle bowl, crispy vegetable sushi roll and edamame spring rolls will not disappoint. They have a separate vegan menu and great atmosphere. Love sitting outdoors and enjoying a wonderful meal

Pros: Great selection of vegan options, Great date place, Outdoor seating


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10 Mar 2021

open late

we got into town a little late and they were the only place open with vegan food. decent sushi, can't complain when they have designated vegan roles, served us quickly, and allowed me access after they closed to ask the bartender a question about SC liquor laws. multiple locations, almost went back in charleston but we found neon tiger.


Points +39

02 Jan 2021

Excellent Food

We had a late lunch and ordered tofu dish and spicy Udon noodles. Both dishes are highly recommended. The service was awesome and atmosphere was nice.

Pros: Separate vegan menu that was touchless , Nice restrooms

Cons: Restaurant felt a little congested


Points +20

24 Sep 2020

Vegan Menu Available

CO Sushi has a VEGAN MENU not just vegan options which made ordering so convenient and less stressful. I had the Avocado Maki and Edamame Spring Rolls. The bartender,Rachel, even gave me tips on how to eat the spring rolls to make them taste even better! I highly recommend this place.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Friendly staff, Fast service

Cons: Sushi is a little basic


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21 Jan 2020

Vegan Hibachi

The vegan hibachi deluxe with lemongrass tofu is fresh and delicious! There are several other vegan options clearly marked on the menu including sushi, rice, and noodle dishes. This place is in a nice location, but seems to always be busy and is quite small inside, so be prepared for that.


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20 Oct 2019

Small menu, but good vegan menu

Good vegan sushi & sashimi. No vegan dessert.


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20 Oct 2019

Limited but tasty options

Had crispy vegetables roll, avocado pickled-radish roll, spicy udon all wonderful

Pros: For 2 hours you forget u r in a vegan-desert

Cons: No dessert option , Limited menu yet quality and tasty options


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16 May 2019

I had the veggie roll and the tofu roll. Both were pretty amazing.

Veggie roll is dipped in tempura and deep fried. Comes to you hot. Would definitely recommend.


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02 Dec 2018

Great vegan and gluten free options!!

Everything was amazing and our server Jon was very knowledgeable about the vegan options and if he didn’t know he went and double checked !


Points +39

29 Apr 2018

Real sushi taste and experience

CO has a separate vegan/vegetarian menu with 3 vegan rolls that have us a real sushi experience and taste. Highly recommended.

Pros: Real sushi!!

Cons: One of the 3 rolls we tried was not great.


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29 Mar 2018

Vegan options

The vegan food options were fabulous.


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25 Aug 2017

seperate vegan menu

Ask for the separate vegan menu and get the spicy udon noodles 😍


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11 Aug 2017

poor service, good food

Great vegan menu and were accommodating of that at the start. I ordered off that menu and the fried rice came with eggs in it so you must ask pr make sure to tell them no eggs..... Even if you order straight off the vegan one.

Pros: vegan specific menu

Cons: be careful if you have allergies, for sure..


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17 Jul 2017

Excellent service w/ separate vegan menu

LOVE this place. They have a small but excellent vegan menu available upon request. I ordered the crispy vegetable roll and it was absolutely delicious. I meant to take a photo but forgot and accidentally ate it all by the time I realized.


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Non Veg
12 Apr 2016

Vegan menu is not 100% Vegan

My wife and I were very happy to find out that CO announced their Vegan menu, as a meat eater, I now had a good excuse to go here, and being that Myrtle Beach has a handful of select options of Vegetarian/Vegan-friendly restaurants, she was more than happy to tag along.

However when reading over the menu and talking to our waiter, they only used 1 fryer to fry their food, which was a big no-no, as well as preparing their food in fish-related products. She ended up just eating a vegetarian roll (boring), we emailed promptly after and heard nothing since.

I on the other hand love CO, but do question their logic by having a "vegan menu" when the food isn't actually vegan.

Pros: Great food for your meat eating

Cons: Vegan Menu isn't vegan


Points +35

11 Nov 2015

Great Vegan Option in Market Common

This is a great vegan option in Market Common. They have a separate vegan menu. There is also a separate gluten free menu. Variety of vegan sushi options and a vegan bowl that is delicious!

Pros: Excellent food, Friendly staff, Moderately priced

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