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Upmarket plant-based eatery est. 2019 by Soul Kitchen (also in Davao). Among the options are avocado toasts and cold pressed juices. Open Mon-Sun 7:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by Durianwalker


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Mostly Veg
20 Feb 2024

Fresh Ingredients

Really good. Up market but well worth. Love the ambiance



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30 Oct 2022

Decent food, but very expensive.

Very upscale and quite expensive. Tofu poppers are cheap fortunately and taste good.

Pros: Tofu poppers are great, Few good options, Friendly staff

Cons: Very expensive, Small portions


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01 Apr 2022

Clean, Cozy, Comfortable

The cafe is a treat for the senses - from the aesthetically pleasing ambience, to the sweet smells of vegan desserts, to the sound of their courteous staff, and the amazing delights that are their dishes!

Pros: Dishes are beautiful & delicious , Ambience is spot on, Staff are courteous, patient, and accommodating


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Mostly Veg
13 Sep 2021

Bougie White Girl's IG Dream

Everything from the decor to the meal presentation is an ig stereotype. That's not to say it isn't a lovely aesthetic because it is, with everything carefully appointed and thought out, and more tastefully done than many local restaurants.

When the owner is there and prepares the meals herself, the quality of the dishes is significantly better but this was only sustainable during the nascent stages of the restaurant. This indicates that it is still incapable of maintaining a quality standard. The bar in Davao is not very high so a burnt bun on the tempeh burger or an overbaked and dry lemon olive oil bundt cake, which would otherwise not be served in better restaurants elsewhere, get a pass here.

The quality of the produce though is consistently fresh. However, other ingredients are not up to par: the olive oil is fake (won't name the brand but it's grocery bought) and I can tell it's all chemically synthetic evoo. It's easy to forego their dressing but they use the fake evoo on some of their fried or marinated ingredients too and makes it greasy tasting. Most people can't tell the difference between synthetic olive oil and the real thing being so used to vegetable oils and not being exposed to the real thing so no one typically thinks twice about it. Given the dish rates and the branding of the place though, a little effort to serve authentic evoo would be the conscionable thing to do.

Greenwashing seems to be on brand here. People easily associate "clean cafe" with "clean food" and think they're making healthy options for themselves, when it's not true. The marinated food such as the tempeh and mushrooms are high in salt content, refined flour is used for all their desserts, agave is listed as if it's healthier than sugar or maple, the absence of nutritional labels leaves consumers unaware of the actual salt or added sugar or cholesterol content of their dishes. These are just some examples of how the undiscerning customer can easily be misled into thinking they're eating "clean" and be surprised they're losing money but not reducing their bp or their blood sugar or their weight. For the person merely interested in adorning their ig feed, then it's okay, but for people with real health issues, it's unethical.

Nevertheless, this place is still worth a visit; just read between the lines of their menu to make wiser choices. I'm still giving it a middling rating because I believe in their capacity to take it a notch higher.

Updated from previous review on 2021-09-13


09 Jul 2022

One of the best reviews I’ve read, about anything! Spot on!


Points +619

18 Jul 2020


My 2019 ended beautifully because Clean Cafe finally opened, a place where I can dine-in and not have to worry about anything. As a vegan, that’s always been a struggle especially in Davao. But CC just made Davao City life better. I can now eat out without having to pre-book food orders and request for so many ingredients to be omitted. Grateful for the people behind this wonderful cafe.

Pros: 100% plantbased / beautiful cafe, Attentive Staff, Excellent Attention To Details

Cons: None


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27 Jan 2020

Chic Plant-based Cafe

Great aesthetics matched with elegantly plated plant-based dishes.

Pros: 100% plant-based dishes, Convenient parking, Attentive staff

Cons: Limited seating, Upscale cafe prices


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14 Nov 2019

Shocking how great it is

excellent foods and service. loved it. Top in davao city. highest Quality like The Vegan Dinosaur too. 5star.

Pros: lots of delicious vegan options, nice location, comfortable

Cons: it is not open 24 hours

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