Vegan cinnamon roll bakeshop founded in 2010 in Berkeley, CA. Has grown into a franchise with outlets across North America. Offers many flavors of rolls as well as the option to build-your-own from a range of flavors and toppings. Also sells cookies, brownies, and coffee. This one est. 2018 at The Shops at University Park. Open Mon-Thu 9:00am-10:00pm, Fri 9:00am-4:00pm, Sat 8:00pm-11:30pm, Sun 10:30am-8:30pm. Closed Sat.

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First Review by storywell


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05 Feb 2023

Awesome Vegan Desserts

Everything I have tried from Cinnaholic has been awesome! There are definitely not many healthy options. The cinnamon rolls are of course their highlight, but they also have great cookies and brownies!



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05 Nov 2022

Drool Worthy!

So many delicious options to top you cinnamon bun. You would never know that everything was vegan! It’s so awesome to find a place like this that can so easily appeal to vegans and non-vegans alike.

Hubs had the old skill cinnamon bun and I had a bun with vanilla frosting, cookie dough, Oreos, chocolate chips, and chocolate sauce - so decadent and delicious and somehow not sickeningly sweet, it was just right!


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23 Feb 2022

Lives up to the hype

I've been reading about this franchise for quite a while and was excited to see one in South Florida. Trying to mind our waistlines, we got the old school buns which have the fewest calories. They were simply amazing. You can easily get a dozen or so for an office event or family event and no one would know they were vegan.

Pros: Truly decadent desserts

Cons: Too rich for me to go on a regular basis


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03 Feb 2022

The most delicious cinnamon buns!

Won't be disappointed!!

Pros: Amazing!, Amazing!, Amazing!

Cons: None


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12 Jul 2021

Sweet tooth sanctuary

Wonderful store with wonderful owners! Family owned. Everything is made fresh.

Pros: Lots of options


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03 Apr 2021

Amazing desserts and coffee

Everything vegan, huge cinnamon buns always fresh with tasty toppings and icings. Cookies, coffee and frozen hot chocolate are also highlights of the shop. Absolutely love this shop! Reward system is also awesome

Pros: Everything vegan!!, Best cinnamon buns I’ve had , Best frozen hot chocolate


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27 Dec 2020


Great bakery and shake place. Staff was extremely friendly and helpful. We chose six different cinnamon bun varieties and all were enjoyed. Guilty pleasure for sure. A bit expensive but worth a visit.

Pros: Everything is Vegan, Friendly Staff

Cons: Little expensive


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19 Oct 2020


The workers seemed friendly. The roll was very good. With the maple it basically tasted like a fluffy pancake. The cookie dough was decent, but too much sugar in combination with the role

Pros: Sweeeet...maybe too sweet, Lots of customization , Seating

Cons: Expensive as heck! Especially at 60c a topping


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15 Aug 2020


I drive out from fort Lauderdale just to go here! Cinnamon rolls are really good and so are the milkshakes.


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09 Mar 2020

All vegan treats!

I love this place! It’s so awesome that everything is vegan, they are even able to offer things such as Reese’s cups as toppings, but veganized versions. We need more places like this, it’s such a gem for a vegan with a sweet tooth!


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28 Dec 2019

Amazing Vegan (and Kosher) treats!

This is a welcome addition to the area (although I'm not sure how often I should be going :)

First they take a cinnamon roll, and you have over a dozen frosting flavors to choose from, then a ton of toppings. They have drinks and coffee there to wash everything down. Everything is 100% vegan and 100% kosher as well!

Pros: Owners are vegan, Thousands of different combinations, Vegan marshmallows

Cons: Hard to find - in a shopping center - use GPS, Definitely *NOT* a daily visit :)


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14 Aug 2019


Stopped here after hummus for dessert and oh my goodness. I’m glad these aren’t near me because I would gain 50 pounds in a week!!! All delicious and so many options, staff is friendly and helpful in making choices, and honestly there IS no bad choice.

Pros: ALL VEGAN!!!, Would NOT be guessed as vegan by non-vegs!!


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21 Jul 2019

100% vegan, 100% delicious

These are the best cinnamon rolls I’ve ever had! I love that I can customize my frosting flavor and toppings! I recommend the almond or strawberry frosting.

Pros: 100% vegan , Large variety , Rewards program


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20 May 2019

Perfect Rolls!

If you like warm , soft delicious cinnamon rolls this is the place for you!

Pros: Fresh & warm , Lists of topping, Choice of “cream cheese” flavours

Cons: They are addictive!! 😜


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14 Apr 2019

Fantastic and all vegan

This place is great! Everything is vegan. You can choose one of their cinnamon roll creations where they chose several toppings or you can create your own customized cinnamon roll. I got their creation called "The late night" and it had tons of toppings and tasted fantastic. The cookie dough on it was especially good. The more toppings the better in my opinion. So fun to eat and yummy. They also have other things there. I recommend everyone visit this place.

Pros: All vegan and workers confirmed it., Cinnamon rolls, brownies, baby buns and more., Delicious and you can customize.

Cons: No sign or anything inside say vegan or dairy free, Cannot see store from the street so use GPS.


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07 Jan 2019

So damn good!

This joint should be 5 stars all day everyday! Great cinnamon rolls made to order-choose your icing and additional toppings. Even my nonvegan boyfriend loves this place. Very delicious. The cookie dough is yummy too. So glad I live near it. Well my hips aren't glad, but my soul is. Lol!

Pros: Fresh, Decadent

Cons: A little pricey


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02 Jan 2019


I absolutely love this place. Service was fast and the options to customize were awesome. The fact that everything is vegan here is so refreshing! I got a customized cinnamon roll with strawberry frosting, brownies, and cookie dough on top. They have many frosting and topping options, and I think the selection is great and the price is pretty good. The food was amazing and I wish I lived around here! Actually, scratch that; I'd likely gain 50 pounds if I lived close to this place.

Pros: Many choices, Delicious, Good pricing

Cons: Not much seating


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29 Sep 2018

Fluffy Cinnamon Goodness

The classic cinnamon roll is my go-to. It takes like eating a cloud. With frosting, that is, LOL.

Pros: Yummy


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29 Jul 2018

Very interesting concept

I thought it was delicious!

Pros: All vegan, Many toppings

Cons: Pricey


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18 Mar 2018

A sweet treat

This no frills shop is in a new shopping center near the university (FAU). Very neat and new. The person taking orders was also making up the orders and delivering them. She is very friendly and helpful. We're were there after noon on a Sunday so it was not terribly busy. The full-to-overflowing trash can outside showed evidence of a VERY busy morning. The cinnamon rolls are modest-sized but not too small. For the price I was expecting larger. Despite all that, they are DELICIOUS! Yeasty, cinnamony, and sweet vegan treats. I'll go back the next time we're in town.

Pros: All vegan, customized options

Cons: a little pricey

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