Vegan Mexican restaurant close to Memorial Mall. Open Mon-Fri 11:00am-10:00pm, Sat 10:00am-10:00pm, Sun 10:00am-3:00pm.

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First Review by sydneyo


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28 Jan 2024


12/26/2023 and 12/28/2023: Great food, enjoyed lots, great vibes.



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27 Dec 2023

Second best vegan breakfast spot in Houston (Mo' Better Brews is #1).

Best vegan mexican restaurant. Mo' Better Brews is best overall.


27 Dec 2023


13 Jan 2024

It's tiny but good! I ordered another before I left, 😆!


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07 Nov 2023


Easily my favorite vegan restaurant in Houston. Great food, drinks, everything. Definitely worth visiting if in Houston!


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06 Nov 2023

A must try for the Houston vegan scene!

These folks are making magic in the kitchen at Cascabel, so delicious and flavorful! Highly recommend the street taco sampler, it’s filling and you get to try so many wonderful flavors all at once! Also, the dirty horchata with coffee is the stuff of dreams!

Pros: Delicious flavors , No shortage of menu options , Kind and attentive staff


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07 Oct 2023

Fantastic selection!

Great laid-back vibe, un-pretentious, and WOW their specialty "meat" selection! I got the taco platter with: bistec, baja, al pastor, tinga, and fajitas, and couldn't decide which one was my favorite because they were all amazing. My partner got the quesadilla poblana and we were enthralled with it as well. Big fan of this place and it'll be on our list to hit whenever we're back in Houston!


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24 Sep 2023


Very good Mexican vegan food, laid back ambience and friendly service. We both devoured our meals - so good!

Pros: Tasty Mexican food, Fast, friendly service, Good portions

Cons: None


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25 Aug 2023

Favorite restaurant

Since I've stopped eating meat , I missed good Mexican food. Cascabel brought it back for me. I recommend it every single time someone asks me for good food. Everything you order comes perfectly seasoned and you can ask for extra hot salsa. 10/10.

Pros: Food, Service


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06 Aug 2023

An All-Vegan Mexican Restaurant? Yes, Thanks!

I ordered online, and was in the restaurant only long enough to get my bag of dinner, so I can't say much about the ambience or service. (TThough there is a large outdoor seating area, along with the inside space, and they were feeding a beautiful neighborhood cat out on the patio.) But I can attest that my dinner was wonderful! I got their special burrito that allows for a number of customizations; I was very happy with how mine came out, but I suspect many other combinations, and other dishes, would be just as pleasing. I look forward to your report when you go!

Pros: Tasty, Many options, Good-sized portions!

Cons: Not close enough to where I'm staying!


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16 Jun 2023

Sooo tasteful and I can’t get enough

I’ve visited cascabel numerous times and I always enjoyed it. Especially knowing their entire menu is all vegan is a huge plus!


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29 May 2023

Phenomenal vegan Mexican food!!!!

Very cozy environment with some of the best food I've ever had!! Definitely a hidden gem

Pros: Huge portions, Extremely friendly staff

Cons: Your body will say you're full but wanna eat more


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28 May 2023

Unreal food

Ordered via delivery, I’ve never had this hood a chimichanga. I cannot wait to visit the area again to go back.


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23 May 2023

All vegan Mexican with adorable patio

We had an amazing dinner here on the cute outdoor patio. Highly recommend the Tamarindo Margarita. Tostada plate with jackfruit meat was the highlight!


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14 May 2023

Just wow

Breakfast all day, brunch on Sunday, and lunch/dinner options. I got the birria tacos and casa bel sampler with a strawberry horchata to share with my spouse. He got a rumchata.

Pros: 100% vegan, Seasoned well, Options for any time of day


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12 May 2023

Best Mexican

Best Mexican; hands down! So, so, so good!


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09 May 2023

Great jackfruit enchiladas

I liked the jackfruit enchiladas and would be happy to get them again, though with so many options on the menu, there are lots of things I'd like to try. Three enchiladas smothered in cheese and a sauce, served with rice, a small salad, and three salsas. Friendly staff, too.

Pros: All vegan Mexican with a huge variety , Nice people


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28 Apr 2023

My favorite vegan spot so far!

Our waitress was so kind and so helpful, which was the first of many great things about this place. There were so many delicious options to pick from! I sampled dishes around the table - they were all amazing. The carnitas stood out because of the exceptional flavor and texture! I really cannot say enough good things about this place! 💖 Can't wait to come back and try more things. :)

Pros: Flavors are through the roof , Friendly and helpful service, Amazing selection of food


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28 Jan 2023

The Nachos are awesome!

I got the Nachos with al pastor and there were seriously delicious! Also, they have the best vegan queso I've ever tried!


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02 Dec 2022

Extremely Delicious, Profound Service!

I was impressed with this place because the cheese tasted so real, fresh and flavorful. No dish here was NOT delicious and I was quite full by the end of the meal. Service was great and very accommodating too.

Cons: Inside Not Super Clean


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16 Oct 2022


Had the chilaquiles verdes, coffee and jamaica- all were outstanding. Will be back next time I am in town!


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14 Oct 2022

Vegan Mexican Win!!

The food is great. A huge selection and all delicious. Great indoor and outdoor seating. I wish I lived closer! The food looks and tastes wonderful.

Pros: Many options, Outdoor seating


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13 Sep 2022


We love this place! So many good options and tasty vegan meats. Especially love the chimichanga, fajita burrito, spicy bean dip, pastor tacos, and capirotada! Also they always have an innovative and unique weekly chef’s special!

Pros: Sooo many delicious vegan options!, Free vegan chicharrones to start, Reasonable prices

Cons: A few of their options can be hit or miss


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11 Sep 2022

Pretty good Mexican food

To be honest the food isn’t to die for. It’s great if you haven’t had Mexican food in a long time since going vegan, but it’s really heavy and some dishes are way too greasy. Not to mention their desserts never taste really fresh.

Pros: All vegan, Mexican food

Cons: Oily/greasy, Expensive , Isn’t totally amazing


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06 Sep 2022


Everything I've had from them has been amazing! My favorites are the Tinga and Barbacoa by far, although I can't eat the Barbacoa on it's own without feeling like it's "too realistic." They're both very well seasoned with good texture.

Their cheese is also really good, way better than I've ever had or bought anywhere else. Their queso on the other hand kind of tastes like what I imagine those spray can cheeses taste like tbh. The chipotle mayo is also really good, almost suspiciously eggy even.

I was lot less impressed with the Al pastor. It's still good just not anything amazing like the other two in my opinion. Their Mole sauce was also extremely sweet imo, but I do have a low tolerance for it and it still had a lot of flavor.

Pros: Really Tasty, Amazing cheese, Decent portions

Cons: Addons are $2 at minimum


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09 Aug 2022

Real Tacos!!

Most of the time, vegan tacos are more of a trendy-fusion food item; Tex-Mex at best. The restaurant is undeniably authentic as are the tacos. SO TASTY!! You get a lot of food per order as well.


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07 Aug 2022

Good food but...

So many choices with a good outdoor. Unfortunately the servers were inattentive. Watched multiple guests sit and wait with no attention from servers.
Never received refills on our drinks and we had to go in after waiting more than 20 minutes for our check.

Good food, but I likely won't return due to the service.

Pros: So many choices., So many protein options

Cons: Inattentive wait staff


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10 Jul 2022


The taco platter was so good. I wish I could remember which protein was which because there were a couple that stood out more than others but they are all good! Loved the charo beans too.


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22 Jun 2022

Stale cold food, not worth the trip

I saw so many great reviews and decided to get a few friends together and tried out the place. Aside from the patio, the place is subpar. Food was cold and stale. When it was brought out, it looked and tasted worse than my high school cafeteria. Everyone was disappointed to say the least. I'd rate 1* because it's vegan but Happy Cow doesn't allow vegan places to be 1*.

Pros: vegan, patio

Cons: food, atmosphere

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