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Choose takeaway and pay by weight, or opt for dine-in that's all-you-can eat buffet. The ingredients are specified in small signs; no garlic or onion used. The buffet spread is available from 11:30am-3pm and features some house-made grains, soya sauce, and oils, plus chop suey, pies, cakes, and cookies. Previously named Bambu. Open Mon-Fri 9:00am-6:30pm, Sat 9:00am-3:00pm.

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First Review by juliotnunes


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20 Sep 2023

Muy buen lugar

Los bollos al vapor y las trufas son de otro mundo!



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22 Apr 2023

Taiwanese-style buffet in downtown Montevideo.

Bosque Bambu is a combination buffet restaurant and store offering a wide variety of products. The buffer offers a good variety of both vegan and vegetarian dishes that are tasty and well-prepared. It is not an "all you can eat" buffet, but you pay by weight. Prices are reasonable for Uruguay. Best to come early for the best selection.

Pros: Tasty food, Comfortable seating, Friendly, helpful staff


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20 Jan 2022


Não há identificação dos pratos, você precisa perguntar ao atendente o que há em cada travessa. Não é você que se serve, é o atendente. Não há pratos nem talheres, apenas uma caixa de papel e talheres de plástico. Para pagar vc entra na fila com sua comida em mãos. Nunca mais voltarei.


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26 Nov 2020

Nice buffet although expensive and unclear labeling

Food is good, they’ve a nice variety. Its a bit expensive and the main problem is that ingredients are not labeled so you’ve to ask what’s vegan and what’s not, which is annoying for both sides. Also allergens are not labeled. They use a lot of plastic as well.

Cons: Uses a lot of plastic, Not labelled ingredients, Not labeled vegan options


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31 Jan 2019


Ideal para comida al paso.


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20 Jul 2018

Good food but the buffet closes very early

I went mid afternoon to Bosque Bamboo, and the buffet had already finished?
I know in uruguay they close shops early, but the store itself was open, so why not the buffet?

Luckily they do sell other fresh foods at the counter, I got some delicious vegan sushi, and a rice bun filled with marinated veggies, which was also delicious.
I wish I could go back for that delicous sushi again.

Pros: Buffet ends early

Cons: Delicious vegan sushi


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02 Feb 2018

Tasty with big selection

Last time I went it was only midday buffet. Feeels like they have two chefs, one chinese, one Italian.
Many vegan, tofu based options, the itialina side is more cheesy and bechamel-y.

Go early for freshest selection.

Also has a little shop with all kind of health foods, mostly chinese cuisine based.

Pros: Central, Quick, good relation price/quality

Cons: food seems less fresh after 2 pm, not very cosy setting


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26 May 2017

vegans - stay away!

Trust me, if you're vegan, you wanna stay far away from this place.

First of all, they dont have an "all you can eat buffét" option, only pay by weight and its expensive! My plate landed on 534 pesos!
Second, the first thing i do is that i ask the girl working there what is vegan and whats not, she sighs and has a very bad attitude and make it seem she's doing me a huge favour but points it out to me - and i double check so i repeat and ask her twice just to make sure because im not only vegan but also lactose intolerant. The first section of the buffét was supposed to be all vegan, but the first thing i dig into turns out to have cheese inside - for that they give me my money back. I continue eating, the taste is blah and the food is super fried and oily. Then before i knew it i dig into another thing and i notice it has cheese in it aswell, so I call her again and tell her this is not ok i asked you twice, but she had to go to the cash machine, because turns out she works in the store section and obviously knows nothing about the buffét so up comes the chinese girl and starts yelling at me and says "yes this dish has cheese" - "yes i can see that but thats not what i was told, I asked her twice about the food" and drama breaks out. Up comes another worker who says that the other thing on my plate has egg, and says its my responsibility "you should know that has eggs". And there i just hit the roof, im not from here how the hell am I supposed to know anything, thats why i asked - i mentioned a swedish dish to her and asked her if she knew whats in it, because its the exact same thing! I say im not paying for the things I refuse to eat but of course Im not asking for the money back for the other stuff, yet hey refuse to give me my money back so there we stand arguing. They speak no english whatsoever and my spanish is very poor, and the whole thing was just a big mess - luckily a local comes up and handles the situation and I end up getting some money back but the whole thing is still just horrible.

Expensive - no knowledge about what the hell they are serving - and no service minded staff whatsoever.
Not a good combination if you ask me.
Gets 2 stars just because I have to rate and 2 is the lowest, so..

Cons: expensive, no knowledge about the food, blend taste,oily, and heavily fried food


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Mostly Veg
22 Jan 2017

Another buffet with good, basic food

This is another Buffet that had good food. Nothing out of the ordinary but it was filling and relatively inexpensive compared to other sit-down restaurants in town. I arrived at 1 p.m. on Saturday before going on the walking tour. I got a plastic to-go container and put a decent amount of food and my total was 135 pesos. There's also an all-you-can-eat option that allows you to sit down in the dining room but I think that's close to the 300 pesos which was too expensive in my opinion. There were probably 30 items on the cold salad bar and 40 items or more on the hot food bar. This staff seems indifferent but at least they weren't unfriendly. I would go there if in this part of town although there are less experience expensive alternatives in other neighborhoods.

Pros: Good selection of food, Good location near Plaza Independencia

Cons: More expensive than similar places


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16 Aug 2016

Buffet with vegan options

Crowded place, oily but decent food, awkward and grumpy staff.

You have to ask for vegan options. So I asked for vegan options and, instead of just pointing to the food, the girl actually touched some of them with her big nails with no gloves. Ew. She was nice and helpful, though - unlike the rest of the staff. The food IS good but I just wanted to get out of that place.

I can only recommend this restaurant to people who don't worry so much about cleanliness.

Updated from previous review on 2016-08-16

Pros: Vegan options

Cons: Not the cleanest place, Not labeled, Staff


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08 Apr 2015

Nice food

I'm a local, and found this place with some friends and returned to try the food.
The food is tasty, a little oily for my taste, but good anyway.
When I went and asked how the system was, they said it was by weight, and it was a little expensive, so I would recommend to go for the "all you can eat option" which I now know of!
Great variety of salads and vegan options, sadly, they are not identified and you have to ask to know, which kind of annoys me, also, that day, the stuff who were there were so grumpy! Maybe a bad day for her, but... it's not an excuse...
Overall, nice food.

Pros: Nice food.

Cons: Grumpy stuff, Vegan and vegetarian not identified


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18 Mar 2015

Great Vegan Buffet

Lovely little buffet offering eat in (cafeteria style) or take away. 250-300 Uruguayan pesos. You can make a vegan, gluten free, or vegetarian platter.

Pros: Variety

Cons: Ambience


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19 Feb 2015

Open again Feb. 23,2016

Closed for vacation sign says it will reopen Feb 23,2015.


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11 Feb 2015

Good buffet with tasty vegan options

Very nice buffet with many vegan options of high quality. It would be nice if the food would be properly identified as "vegan" and "vegetarian", as you always need to ask the staff.

Besides of a restaurant, it is also a shop with many good products.

Pros: Very tasty food, Buffet

Cons: Food not identified as "vegan", Staff not very friendly


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02 Apr 2014

Nice restaurant

Very nice restaurant. Food was a bit bland but there are some seasonings to put on the food. The staff is nice and the place was crowded at noon. It was located just behind the hostel I was staying, so the location was perfect.
I went on a saturday, so the buffet + a regular orange juice was about 400 pesos - not that cheap, but Montevideo as a whole is expensive so...

Pros: central location, good food

Cons: a bit expensive


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09 Feb 2014

Good buffet.

This place offers a good buffet, which has numerous vegan options. If you're hungry you can choose the 'all you can eat' option.

They also have a shop at the back where you can buy fresh vegan snacks like empanadas.

Pros: All you can eat, Good vegan options


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Non Veg
07 Jan 2014

Great buffet

If you are hungry in Montevideo, this is the place for you. The all you can eat buffet costs 300 pesos uruguayos. The staff is aware of the (many) vegan options.

Pros: great value, excellent food

Cons: too much fried stuff


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16 Dec 2013

great if you're hungry

In a city that serves predominantly meat eaters, this cafe is great. It is close to the Plaza Independencia. The buffet style eatery is all you can eat for 300 Uruguayan pesos. But they don't speak English so touch up your Spanish before coming here.

Pros: delicious, wide variety

Cons: not hugely friendly , a little confusing


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Mostly Veg
17 Mar 2013

Not bad

A tracional chinese vegetarian restaurant. Is in the best option in the center of Montevideo. In saturday it is a bit expensive, 280 pesos urugayos or 14,80 dolars. Vegans can eat here and find very much options.

Pros: It has free-GMO soy


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14 Mar 2013

Good food

The best vegetarian food we've had in Montevideo, shame it's not open for dinner as well!

Pros: Good food, Helpful staff, Some English spoken by one waitress


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20 Feb 2013

Very good all-you-can-eat buffet

My girlfriend and I ate there 2 days ago (18 Feb 2013). We had the all-you-can-eat buffet for 280 pesos, drinks are extra, e.g. a fresh orange juice for 60 pesos. It wasn't labelled which food is vegan and we had to ask, so you should be able to speak Spanish. The food was very good and worth the money when you can eat a lot, otherwise you have the option to pay by weight for the take-away food.
They had pizza, unfortunately not vegan. Also for the dessert, only fruits were suitable, not the creams, etc. It would be nice if they offered a vegan version of the so typical dulce de leche.

Pros: Very good fake meat, Many vegan options, Clean and quiet

Cons: Vegan options not labelled, No English spoken, Limited vegan desserts


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Mostly Veg
04 Mar 2011

Bambu Restaurant & Health food shop

I just had an amazing meal there yesterday (03March2011). It is now an all you can eat buffet. It is not cheap, but it is by far the best one in the city for vegetarian food. Excellent choices both for vegan and vegetarian. If it was not so expensive I would eat there every day of this week I am here. You can also buy healthy snacks and drinks in the shop part of this place. Great meal, don't miss it!

Pros: excellent food, clean, relaxing music

Cons: expensive


Points +744

09 Sep 2010


This location has changed to 1060 on the same street. Although at the new location it was closed by 17.00. Hope you have better luck.

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