Serves meat, vegan options available. Asian restaurant. Will give you a vegan menu if you ask. It includes starters, sides, mains and dessert. Open Mon 11:00am-10:30pm, Tue-Thu 11:00am-11:00pm, Fri-Sat 11:00am-1:00am, Sun 12:00pm-10:30pm.

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First Review by Scholemillers


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16 Sep 2023

Clearly labelled options, fair prices considering location

I chose assis as the vegan options were clear and I wanted a nice view! I had the vegan maki (beautifully presented but not overly my taste) and stir fried greens on the side (absolutely delicious). Definitely recommend!

Pros: Clear labelling, Friendly staff



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22 Jul 2023

Safe choice for a nice dinner

Asia has a super nice location at Aker Brygge in the more touristic part of Oslo. As a restaurant for finer dining it’s quite affordable and not to uptight. The restaurant changes it’s meny from time to time, but always with clearly marked vegan options. Amongst them sushi, baos and rice and vegetables. Also an own vegan drinks menu. Smart to do a reservation beforehand.

Pros: Multiple vegan options , Good drinks


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07 Mar 2023


Asia Aker Brygge is a restaurant located it Aker Brygge in Oslo that specializes in Asian cuisine, and offer vegan options.

The restaurant has a modern and chic atmosphere, with comfortable seating and a welcoming ambiance. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, providing excellent service and making guests feel at home.

The menu is diverse, with a variety of Asian dishes to choose from, including several vegan options. The vegan food is tasty and well-prepared, with fresh ingredients and authentic flavors.

However, some customers may find the prices to be on the higher side, especially for the portion sizes. Additionally, the wait time for food may be longer during peak hours.

Overall, Asia Aker Brygge is a decent restaurant that offers a good selection of vegan Asian food. While the prices may be a bit steep and the wait time longer during peak hours, the quality of the food and service make it a worthwhile dining experience. If you're looking for a modern Asian restaurant with vegan options, Asia Aker Brygge is definitely worth considering.

Pros: Clear allergen markings on the menu, Great outdoor seating area, Friendly staff

Cons: Basic, Expensive, The area (I don't personally like Aker Brygge)


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15 Aug 2022

Expensive for what it is

Yes we pay for the view with norway prices, but the shiso asparagus with 3 asparagus in the main dish part of the menu for 120kr is not okay.
Beware of what you order to have a filling meal, bun bao are big, makis are normal, shiso asparagus are barely a side. They also could add some tofu in their meal.
Not bad food, but cultivate 200m away is better and cheaper

Cons: Misleading menu


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27 Jun 2022


Loved this place! Great food, great atmosphere, clearly labeled menu. Not too expensive at all, considering the location. Would give 5 stars if you were able to do that to places that also serves meat.

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-27


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02 Jun 2022


Highly reccomend for a nice dinner out. Lovely location and fantastic food. I reccomend the aubergine fries


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17 May 2022

Pretty Good

Asia - Aker Brygge was a good place. Food was tasty but didn’t blow me away. I love the location

Updated from previous review on 2022-05-17

Pros: Gorgeous location, Clearly marked vegan options

Cons: A little pricey


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28 Apr 2022

Good food, nice location, a little expensive

Went there a few years ago but still remember that I had the bun bao and chocolate cake. Both were very good, but not exactly cheap. However, the restaurant was in Oslo and at a rather fancy location, right at Aker brygge, with a view of the water. So it was probably not super-expensive for that area, more like "to be expected".


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28 Jan 2022

Quite tasty bao bun burger

Went there because nothing else was open over New Year in Oslo. We were pleasently suprised by their vegan bao bun burger.

Pros: stylish, tasty, clearly labeled vegan options

Cons: a bit expensive


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02 Dec 2019

Cool venue, warm service

We had the vegan sharing platter/menu which was delicious. The portions were generous. The trio of starters was to die for! It was very busy so we sat at the sushi bar (which was actually great because we got to watch the kitchen). Cocktails are expensive but worth it!

Pros: Friendly waiting staff, Separate veggie & vegan menu

Cons: Expensive (but most of Oslo is!), Service was a little slow (due to a large party), Gets very busy


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04 Nov 2019

Great vegetarian & vegan items

They have a separate menu for vegetarians & vegans. The food is great. We loved the Green Lover Bao Bun & came back again to have it. The Pho was also very good. There are many really good items on the menu. The service is also good. They are located next to where many of the ferries leave from for surrounding areas.

Pros: separate vegetarian & vegan menu, tasty options, quality of food


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17 Sep 2019

Favorite restaurant

Great fushion restaurant with a long list of vegan option, including a dessert that isn't sorbet! My favorites are the aubergine fries (try them out, they're super unique and delicious!) and the vegan bao buns. They update both of their menues (food and drinks) several times a year, so they often have something new to offer. The locations are great, and the food arrives fast considering the size of the restaurant and how many guests there often are.

Pros: A huge selection, Delicious food, Cool interior


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15 Sep 2019

Very tasty

Very tasty vegan options, clearly marked on the menu. We had spring rolls, fake tuna sushi and green curry. Outdoor seating with view over the ferry stops.


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01 Jul 2019

Great Asian food

Really beautiful place, nice location, friendly staff and loads of vegan options. Outdoor seating has heat lamps and blankets if its cold too. I ordered the Green Lover Bao Bun and shared Aubergine fries and spring rolls with my partner. They were all so so good but the dipping sauces were pretty spicy, as a heads up. Really recommend this place

Pros: Loads of options, Lovely restaurant and location, Friendly staff


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11 Feb 2019

Absolutely delicious vegan meal

This place blew me away, the vegan menu was so extensive and the waitress gave us tons of helpful recommendations! Really loved the ambience here too. It isn’t cheap but the perfect place for a nice dinner. Don’t go for the vegan sharing menu - it works out more affordable to go for your own dishes! Loved the forest baos, virtuous vegan sushi, deep fried aubergine with a spicy sauce (just wow) and the very moreish flamed edamame!! Incredible place.

Pros: Separate and extensive vegan menu, Lovely ambience, Unique and unusual Asian fusion dishes

Cons: On the pricey side, No other cons!


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26 Aug 2018

Good chef!

This really was some gooood food. My boyfriend and I shared the Asian taco’s, eggplant, sushi and noodles and it was all really good flavored.

Pros: friendly staff, also nice cocktails


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19 Aug 2018


The food was very unique and very good! Better than expected. Friendly staff. They have a separate vegan/vegetarian menu.

Pros: Unique Asian style food, Separate menu for vegetarian/Vegan food


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11 Aug 2018


Best restaurant in town! Head chef is really into veganism, so the vegan options are great and many!


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08 Jun 2018

amazing food

absolutely loved the food here, me and my boyfriend shared the sushi and green curry and also got the banana cake for dessert and was all incredible, some of the best vegan food i've had by far. highly recommend coming here! i also found it not too much of a price difference compared to other places we'd eaten at which definitely didn't have the service and views you get there. we looooved it :)

Pros: super friendly staff, amazing food, lots of vegan options


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20 Apr 2018

Great restaurant with own vegan menu

Great restaurant with own vegan menu, nice ambience and delicious tasty food

Pros: Separate vegan menu, Lots of vegan options


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29 Mar 2018

Pretty Good!

Asia has a vegetarian menu with multiple marked vegan options, including desserts. There's indoor and outdoor seating, which I would recommend indoor unless you like the smell of cigarette smoke. The location is pretty good, it's right next to the ferry. I got the Thai spring rolls (delicious), vegan Maki roll (delicious), the rice noodle bowl (too many mushrooms for me!), and the sorbet (delicious). The price was pretty high, and I don't feel as if the food justified the cost, even though it was good. I'd dine again, if maybe the price was lower or I planned on getting only one dish.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, extensive seating options,

Cons: Expensive, people are allowed to smoke in the outs


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06 Nov 2017

Very good

Yes, it's true that Asia is not cheap, but neither is Oslo. I had some really nice taquitos as a starter, and then a very tasty soup with tofu, mushrooms, etc. as a main course. Feeling pleased with what I had received up until that point, I ordered an additional sushi (pretty special, with leek instead of seaweed) as well as a dessert which included vegan dulce the leche and proved to do the trick too. All in all, a very good experience, but of course just for special occasions. By the way, the restaurant may be hip and fancy but I still found staff, including the manager on duty, to be friendly and down to earth, which is always appreciated.


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29 Oct 2017

Tasty vegan options

We went here today, just in the mood for some vegan snacks.
The waitress was really helpfull and gave us the vegan menu.
We ordered the treehugger, wich was so tasty!
Also we got two small maki rolls, really nice 😊

Pros: Great waitress , Good vegan options, Outdoor seatings

Cons: The beers were almost the same price as the food


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25 Jul 2017

Delicious, interesting and nice, but pricey

I've been here twice, and the food was both satisfying, interesting and really, really tasty. They have separate veg menu (where the non-veg options are taken out) and offer a vegetarian/vegan tasting menu that they switch out every now and again. The flavors are really well put together, and they often do their own twist on both well known and lesser knows asian food and even street food dishes, like Vietnamese bao buns. Really nice atmosphere, super service, and even though it's expensive, I always feel like I get what I pay for here. Inndoor and outdoor seating.

Pros: Clearly marked vegan and vegetarian, Interesting and delicious , Excellent service

Cons: Expensive (but worth it)


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11 Apr 2017

surprisingly good

Modern looking place with a long drinks menu. My wife and I had the vegan tasting menu, which included eggplant fries, spring roll tacos, green curry, banana cake dessert, and maybe one other thing - plenty of food, all of it delicious. My only complaint would be the lack of protein - tofu was an obvious omission.

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