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Previously an organic cafe and deli, now offering delivery of vegan and gluten free meal packs and plans. Focus is on healthy, non-fried, low cal meals. Open Mon-Thu 8:30am-10:00pm, Fri 12:30pm-10:00pm, Sat 10:00am-10:00pm. Closed Sun.

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First Review by nogodsjustwriters


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09 Apr 2022

Avoid! Unprofessional and not ethical

I wanted to gice 0 stars but to submit a review I had to give 1 star and the website added another 1 to make it 2 stars...

As a customer of the meal plan from 77 veggie I would urge all others to avoid this business as they used food ingredients that I was intolerant to, and had filled out on my registration form, no macro meal plan was ever tailored to my requirements and sent out, as advised in the sign up, and finally they stopped all delivery and did not honour their contract with offering replacements or money back as an unsatisfied customer...

Very unethical business, the Owner and Manager are not following a transparent business model as they keep customers in the dark and barely acknowledge emails/phone calls/WhatsApp messages.

Don't waste your energy, time or money on this outfit...

Cons: Manager attitude , Food was a poor reflection of vegan alternatives, Lack of communication



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19 Jun 2019

Vegan delicious meal plans

I have tried so many meal plans in dubai but this one has so many options, kcal and simply healthy were the worst I had .. 77 veggie was the best I had Thanku


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16 Jun 2019

Vegan healing foods

It has healed my body and love the variety of amazing vegan food myself and wife have had food since 3 months and we have been so happy we can not describe thanks 77 veggie


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Non Veg
13 Jun 2019

Rude unprofessional nutritionist

Very unprofessional and rude nutritionist. Their online payment system doesn’t work so I offered to drop by their restaurant to pay in person. They lied to me saying they don’t have a branch, only warehouse. So they sent their driver to collect the payment during my office hours even after I requested them to send him at my home address after my work hours. The driver didn’t bring the receipt with him so I told him to ask someone from the office to send me the receipt by email. Within few minutes the nutritionist cancelled my order by giving a false reason that I refused to pay - which wasn’t the case, I only asked for a receipt and was ready with my payment. When I told her they were being unprofessional, she threatened to take legal action for using bad language, which I never did - another false accusation. I used the word ‘unprofessional’ which is not abusive. Never ever have I experienced such bad customer service. And I’m not the only one I know, after reading comments and horrible experiences from others.

Cons: Extremely Rude, Abusive


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Non Veg
08 Oct 2018

Excellent results on weight loss

I have been struggling to lose weigh tor last five years with almost no success before one of my vegan friend told me to try vegan diet and assure it will definitely help. I had never tried vegan diet before. I found 77 Veggie while searching on Google. Their vegan nutritionist was very helpful to make me understand exactly how their vegan meal plan for weight loss can help me reduce weight and get healthier. I subscribed for one month initially to try out, trust me I start feeling the changes in my body from the fourth day. After completion of my 20 days meal plan I roughly lost about 3.5 kg weight which is a great result for me. I was on 5 days meal plan now I have switched to a 7 day meal plan for next 3 months. Hopefully I will b able to lose over 15kg in these three months. Food quality is excellent I never had any idea that vegan diet can be so tasty as well; most of all their combination is really good meals and snacks etc.
5 stars for 77 Veggie team, recommended to anyone who is looking to lose weight and start a healthier living style. Thanks

Pros: Good Taste


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16 Sep 2018

My Happy Vegan Days @77Veggie

Ive been doing meal pakcages from them for the past 3 months and i want to share my thoughts with all of you,
Been very happy, contended with their meals, the best part that i get a different meal everyday making it more interesting and non boring, my life has changed after i had 77Veggie Team.
ive lost weight, and veganism has helped my body a lot, i have recommended it to all my friends and my folks here in dubai.

Cons: None


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10 Apr 2018

Nothing to say

I am definitely not that kind of person who like fully healthy food, cause gluten free pizza is awful for me. Can't say it was tasty and prices are very high

Cons: Expensive


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19 Feb 2016

Vegan or Vegetarian?? it's confusing

It's really confusing whether this restaurant is vegan or vegetarian, the owner claims it's 100% vegan but the menu and also on the website it says clearly "Cow Cheese" in the ingredients!
The employees also don't seem to understand what Vegan is.
Please educate the staff and update the menus and really use only vegan ingredients.

Other than that, the food taste is Ok, not awesome but not bad as well.. I've been to so many Vegan restaurants where the food tasted way better.

Pros: Many menu options

Cons: Confusing vegan vs. vegetarian, Taste is not so great, just average, Expensive


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14 Jan 2016

It is not vegan...it is vegetarian restaurant:(

It is not vegan...it is vegetarian restaurant:( but vegan friendly:) Please change status of this restaurant from vegan to vegetarian! Thanks:)

Cons: change to 100% vegan:)


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23 Jan 2015

77 veggies and counting...

23/1/2015 - I felt compelled to update my original review & increased the star rating form 3 to 4.

I recently ordered from them again and found that, unlike before, the menu was much easier to read and, even better, now includes clearly marked vegan options. Also, all vegetarian dishes are marked if there's a vegan option available on demand.

The taste is still great and the food's still fresh.

--> Original review:

An interesting addition to the burgeoning Jumeirah Lakes Towers independent restaurant scene and a welcome "more international" veggie outlet in Dubai (as opposed to Indian food, for which there are many options in the city).
Everything is prepared from scratch and the food is fresh and tastes fresh. The menu had some really interesting dishes, many of which I had not seen in other places before. At the same time, there are "safe" favourites that even meat eaters will enjoy, e.g. pizza.
For an independent outlet, 77 Veggie Boutique isn't cheap, although it doesn't break the bank either. The menu gives the calories for every dish, if that's your thing. All dishes I had tasted good. If you're vegan, your choice is somewhat more limited as many dishes contain dairy. Also vegan dishes were not labelled separately on the menu - of course, because the ingredients for every dish are listed on the menu, it was easy enough to make a selection.
This place has an outside area, which is nice in the evenings. For those arriving by car, avoid arriving during prayer time, because there is a mosque in the next building and you will not find any parking during prayer times. Else, you can park for 3 hours for free nearby.
Updated from previous review on Saturday April 12, 2014

Pros: Really interesting dishes on menu, Food tastes good, Nice location by lake

Cons: Not really cheap

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