Happy Heart Herbal Punch

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    Add all ingredients into a big pan, turn heat on high and bring to boil.
    Once boiling, turn heat down medium, simmer for 5 minutes.
    Turn off heat and let steep covered for 15 minutes.
    Once liquid is no longer burning hot (but still moderately hot to the touch), removed from stovetop and pour through a fine strainer into a bowl.
    Once completely strained and in the bowl, add coconut sugar to your taste (if you want). Stir it in so it dissolves completely.
    After herbal tea has cooled down enough, pour into a container of choice (like a mason jar) and put inside fridge until completely chilled.
    Serve with or without ice and enjoy this herbal tea punch packed full of ingredients known for heart health!


    8-10 cups of purified water
    3-4 sticks of cinnamon (cracked slightly, if you want)
    4-5 tbsp of dried hibiscus flower
    3-4 tsp of dried hawthorn berry

    Serving Size

    One glass

    Prep Time


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