Cucumber Kosambari

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    Mix chopped cucumber, soaked chana dal, coconut, chopped coriander, salt, and lime juice. Set aside.
    In a small pan, heat oil. Add green chilli, mustard seeds, urad dal, curry leaves, and wait until urad dal turns light brown.
    Remove from heat.
    Add content to prepared salad, mix well and enjoy.


    2 cup cucumber, peeled and chopped
    1/2 cup chana dal, soaked for 3 hours
    1/4 cup grated coconut (optional)
    1 tabkespoon lime juice
    1 tabkespoon chopped coriander leaves (optional)
    Salt to taste

    For tempering:
    1 teaspoon cooking oil
    1 green chilli, slit into 2 halves
    1/2 teaspoon mustard seeds
    1/2 teaspoon urad dal
    3 curry leaves (optional)

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    Prep Time

    10 min

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