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From Summerfest in Berlin, it's Cow and friends with the latest buzz from the VEG scene. Please enjoy and share widely!

Eat raw sprouts to add fresh and vital nutrients to your diet. The sprouting process "unlocks" many enzymes in the germinated seeds, legumes, and grains which also makes them easy to digest.
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Our community is powered by caring people everywhere who are dedicated to promoting a compassionate, sustainable, healthy lifestyle. More than a guide to restaurants and health food stores, HappyCow is your one-stop resource for everything VEG.

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Found in Translation

The HappyCow global dining Android app is now available in 9 more languages: Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Dutch, Polish, Japanese, and Hebrew. We are working on language options for iPhone, so stayed tuned.

Veggie Blog
Our Members are Bloggin'

....about food, travel, and other passion:
* Stevie presents Top 10 veg restaurants in Hong Kong;
and explains the various veg diet basics.
* Wendy takes us to Milan for the vegan world cuisines expo.
* Sarah writes about eating vegan like a local in Madrid.
* Tricia demonstrate the art of making raw vegan sushi.
* Christen shares her vegan fashion project with video.

* Maria bakes chocolate crinkles and stuffs avocado shells.
* Vicki offers home recipes for rice pudding and pizza crust with white bean puree n' parmesan kale.

Veg History
Veg Making History

Courtesy of the Ernest Bell Library, we learn about those who have come before us.
* A vegan hippie 60 years pre-Woodstock
* Vegetarian summer school from 1910
* French vegetarian commune from early-1900s
* The Alpha, a vegetarian restaurant from 1879

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Restaurants and Stores
Franchia - New York City
Well-received vegan cafe featuring a casual take on refined Asian fusion cuisine. reviews >
Dolce Pizza y Los Veganos
Dolce Pizza y Los Veganos - Barcelona
Serves big & tasty veggie pizzas plus other fast food; try the vegan tiramisu. reviews >
Malgudi Garden
Malgudi Garden - Plano
New vegetarian restaurant in Texas providing a daily buffet of Indian and international dishes. reviews >
Adelina's - Brooklyn
Vegetarian-friendly restaurant and wine bar fusing Brooklyn culture with rustic Italian tradition. reviews >
FED by Water
FED by Water - London
Its kitchen specializes in handmade pizza and pasta and is veggie-friendly. reviews >
Bert's Market
Bert's Market - Folly Beach
A 24-hour store stocking many organic as well vegetarian and vegan groceries. reviews >
Harmony Earth
Harmony Earth - Praia Da Luz
Natural health store on Portugal's coast whose owner will tell you where the best local sights & eats are. reviews >
Avesu - Berlin
Visit any of its 3 retail stores or online shop for a catalogue of high quality vegan shoes and accessories. reviews >
Community Bulletin

* Thank you Jay, Anna, Ray, and Daniel for representing our community at Berlin's Summerfest.
* Shout out to Amy in Amsterdam and Paolla in Sao Paulo for your email updates. Keep 'em coming, ya'all.
* Checkout this month's SuperCow Ambassadors Emiliano, Stevie, and Jon -- and see how you, too, could become an ambassador for compassionate dining.

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news headlines
Scientists create lab-grown milk
The next big thing: sea vegetables that taste like bacon when you fry it
When your friends say it's too difficult to eat vegan, show 'em this: vegan food from every country A to Z
Couple debuts international plant-based travel show; shoots pilot episode in Peru
Why are climate groups only focused on 50% of the solution?
Goat cheese company ends 20-year practice, switches to making cashew cheese
Something unsavory in hamburger meat
In 2 years, all streetlights in India will be LEDs
With gratitude. Your participation makes our service possible.
- Eric, Diana, Shanti, and the Cows
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