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FED by Water

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64 Kingsland High St (at Dalston Kingsland station), East London, England, E8 2LX

A new concept restaurant offering authentic traditional Italian cuisine with the objective of bringing the nutritional importance of pure water to the public conscience. It promotes an alkaline Mediterranean plant based diet that encourages healthy living while also appealing to the most discerning foodies. Menu became all-vegan in May 2016. Open Mon-Fri 8:00am-11:00pm, Sat-Sun 10:00am-11:00pm.

Category: Vegan, Pizza, Italian, Mediterranean, Beer/Wine, Take-out, Catering

Reviews (50)

First Review by Emilykmiec

Amazing - Edit

I went with my pal and it was so filling the nutrients were so powerful I loved the experience also the staff were so chilled it was awesome shout out to Fabio, Antonio, Bianca and Marek

Pros: all vegan , chilled environment , relaxed staff

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decent food ... - Edit

I always have a decent meal here. I love the idea of it but I often feel like it's trying to be fancy/ gourmet just to charge higher prices. I also find the staff a bit standoffish and unfriendly. However I will inevitably go back as sadly there's not many vegan restaurants in the area.

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Nice food but a bit pricey - Edit

Nice little place, very busy when we were there so great to see so many people eating vegan food! We had firey hot pizza which was good with fake vegan meats and a lasagna, plus garlic bread to start. All was nice but it's a lot more expensive than other places of similar quality.

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The best! - Edit

One of my favorite places in London!

I have been there quite a few times and every time i love everything they give me :D

Pizzas, pastas, desserts.. everything is just incredible!
Service is also very friendly which is a big bonus.

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Good Food - Edit

Really good food. We had pizzas and they were really tasty. Really nice staff and a good environment. The only bad thing is pizzas are £15 and salads are £12 and some starters are £9 so it is quite expensive if you add wine as well. Good quality but too much money for pizza and salad.

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FabFedLondon 18 Jan 2017 - Hi There,

Thank you for your feedback! We really appreciate it as it helps us to improve.

We are really glad that you loved the food, our staff and the restaurant as a whole as we try really hard to accommodate everyone and make them happy.

In regards to the pricing of our dishes, we ensure that every ingredient we use is at the highest quality along with our staff (who earn more than minimum wage, which is standard across a lot of other restaurants) and other offerings. Unfortunately quality costs and often reflects in the menu price. Our portion sizes are also above recommended sizes and we distribute hundreds of biodegradable take away boxes for those who cannot finish their meals, not to mention the amount we pay for rent, business rate and taxes and the fact business rates will be increasing next year. You will be surprised how much it costs for us to produce gourmet dishes from 11am to 11pm 7 days a week, made by our loyal and dedicated team

With that in mind, we hope to see you again very soon.
Best wishes,
FED Management.

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eating out of a packet.. - Edit

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Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant
i have been vegan for 25 years and eaten in some grate places allover the world and was really excited about eating hear after reading the reviews, well the starter had grated cheese straight out of a packet! i know this as there was some of the plastic packet was in the starter! and the pizza had meat style stuff on it and that was out of a packet too, as was the pasta my friend had she knows as she's italian. when i went to pay the bill i took the bit of plastic with me and they knocked off the service charge and the price of one beer..will NOT be going again. the reply i go haha
Hi there Matt, We are sorry that there was a bit of plastic in your food and it really isn't acceptable at all, and thank you very much for bringing this to our attention. The parmesan we use is out of a packet due to the fact we do not have the space in our kitchen to make our own and we like the brand, although the carpaccio itself is home made in store along with our cashew cheese mozzarella, cashew basil cheese and cashew paprika cheese that we use for the pizzas, mouthgasm platter and our salentina pasta. In regards to our pasta, it is cooked on the spot, but again, our kitchen is far too small for us to be able to make pasta from scratch and store it appropriately although this is something we want to do in the future once we have a large enough space. Everything we use is of the best quality we can find and our pasta is made by Garofalo (trafilata al bronzo)
which is one of the best Italian brands out there. We removed the service charge from your bill, the price of the beer as well as a percentage of your pizza (due to a misunderstanding as we thought you found it in your pizza and not the starter, but that was clarified after you had paid) We do really appreciate your feedback, and again we are sorry that you had a bad experience with us. Thanks again and have a great Christmas
warmed up food and a lot of it out of packets! this i not a good advert for vegan food. ever get the feeling you have been had...

Pros: well it was food

Cons: plastic in my mouth after eating the starter, wayyyyy over priced, a lot of the stuff up and or out of packets

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FabFedLondon 26 Dec 2016 - Hi Matt, we think you are not upset but you have a problem with us for some reason.
We have already answered to you when you messaged us directly on facebook, and now you are writing on every single social network platform we are on, but the answer will be the same and we do not understand how you can be a vegan for 25 years and have very little compassion for an independent vegan restaurant. Are you considering opening a 100% vegan Italian restaurant of your own? That said, here below is the same answer we gave you on Google and all the other platforms you have written on.
Thank you and much love :)

Dear Matthew, we are very sorry about your experience and we do apologise again as we did already on site and in the message you have copied here from our Facebook conversation. Still we dont see the point you writing on every single channel of the universe as the answer will be the same as follow. We must remind you that pasta made from scratch is not something you find easily anywhere (even all over Italy) and as explained, we wish to do fresh pasta but we would need so much space which we do not have. We do some gnocchi sometime but that is about it for the restaurant size we have. On the other hand there are not many restaurants that cook dry pasta on the spot as we do, so straight from the box, which should made you happy as generally speaking you get pasta pre-cooked which taste bad if you want a proper pasta al dente (even if you dont really). Our dry pasta is excellent, one of the best brands in Italy and its unique for the way it gets produced (so bronze finishing). Then we do create the majority of our products from scratch as we explained (and consider we have more than 65 preparations daily for satisfying a ridiculous massive menu we have, probably the biggest vegan menu in the all UK). We buy just an handful of prepared products we cannot make on site due to space constrains, this is limited to very few items which are not worth making, so we find your comment not appropriate and misleading. Finally, about our pricing as you were saying we are expensive. Unfortunately London prices are ridiculously high, rent is killing, business rates even more (and we just learnt from the council they are increasing it for 2017); we do not pay the minimum salary but strive to pay living salary for all our employees as they cannot survive otherwise; on the top of this our goods are prime quality therefore we do pay a lot for what we cook for you. All the best

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pizza - Edit

The pizza is amazing and I've tried their skewers and potato slices. Fave vegan place for pizza and Italian food! The service is always great

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FabFedLondon 11 Dec 2016 - Hi Chantelle,

Thank you so much for your review! The Spiedini is one of our faves too, although the carbonara is really something else!!!

We really hope to see you again soon and keep an eye out for our new specials :)

All the best,
Fed management.

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no words! - Edit

They are no words!! I came back TWICE in one day. Just order everything!

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FabFedLondon 11 Dec 2016 - Hi Ivy,

Thank you so much! We are really happy that you loved what we do and really hope to see you again soon!

Thanks again,
Fed Management

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Very good pizza 🍕! - Edit

Cozy restaurant and lots of vegan options.

Cons: A bit expensive maybe?

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FabFedLondon 25 Nov 2016 - Hi Tanya,

Thank you for your response. We really value all feed back and we are so happy you enjoyed your meal with us!

Hope to see you again soon!
FED Management.

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One of my favourite restaurants in London - Edit

I've been here SO many times now, it's where I bring all my meat eating friends to show them just how good us vegans have it. I brought a huge group of 12 here a few weeks ago, mostly meat eaters and everyone was floored by the food. Very hearty pizzas, pastas, salads, desserts, a few raw options too. The lasagna is my favourite thing on the menu but I like a lot of the pizzas too. I just keep coming back to try everything!

Pros: Food is incredible, Very easy location, Great atmosphere for a smart dinner

Cons: a little pricey but totally worth it, booking is essential

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FabFedLondon 19 Nov 2016 - Hi Sundal,

Thank you so much for your review, we really appreciate all feedback and we are so so happy your omni friends approve!!

Hope to see you again soon!
Assistant Manager

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such a good feed - Edit

very trendy with a friendly vibe. the food was incredible!

Pros: great tasting food

Cons: none

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FabFedLondon 19 Nov 2016 - Hi There!!

Thank you so much for your review! We are really glad you enjoy what we do and we hope to see you again very soon!

All the best,
Assistant Manager.

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great cooking skills in a fully vegan kitchen - Edit

Loved this place.

I didn't expect much from it considering the area but I was nicely surprised.
It's way more than the usual hipster vegan joint. I truly felt like there was some creativity behind each recipes and the choices is unusually big.
It goes from fully raw dishes to pizza and deserts.
I had an amazing pizza with broccoli cream and soy sausage. The have homemade cashew cheese too.
The portions are also descent sizes (which I found hard to find in those kind of "healthy" vegan places)

It's a bit pricey but it's totally worth it considering the quality of food and the craft behind it.

The service is also fine.
Not a big fan of the decor but that's irrelevant.

Pros: choices, quantity , taste

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FabFedLondon 19 Nov 2016 - Hello Billy!

Thank you so much for your review. We really appreciate all feedback, and we are so happy you enjoyed your experience with us (minus the decor!!)

We really hope to see you again soon!

All the best,
Fed Team

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aubergine parmigiana - Edit

The aubergine parmigiana is utterly sublime. Cannot recommend this dish highly enough.

Large menu with loads of options.

Service is slow as others have said, and it is a tad punchy on price (for example, £10 for a bowl of soup and bread, £7 for garlic bread... that's before service charge)

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FabFedLondon 10 Oct 2016 - Dear NicolaJMS, thanks a lot for your review.
We are pleased you had a great time and that you enjoyed our food. Service is something that we are currently working on, along with our timing. Although it can become quite difficult to send out freshly prepared, great tasting food thats made on the spot in a shorter period of time. But thats the "price" for a gourmet dish.

Just a little note, garlic bread costs £ 3.95 so you probably you took 2 of them :)
We hope to see you again soon, all the best
FED Management

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Good concept but pricey - Edit

I tried this place before it went completely vege, the vegan pizzas then were very good. After the change, the price seems to have gone up. Nevertheless, great initiative - vegan pizza is definitely something we need more of, be better if wasn't so pricey though :/
Vegan tirimisu was ok...personally prefer JustFab's.

Pros: concept

Cons: price

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I really enjoyed this place - Edit

This was my favorite place in London. I ate here twice, once for dinner and once for lunch. The service is great. The people are great. The atmosphere is great. And the food is outstanding. It's all Italian. If you want Italian, this is your place. Great calzones.

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Wonderful place - Edit

I love everything about this place. The food was amazing, portions are massive and not very expensive and the staff incredibly nice and helpful. Even the owner came to our table twice to ask if we like the food. We tried 2 pizzas, lasagne, drinks and panna cotta and everything was really delicious. I wish it was closer to my home to visit more often.

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Great tasting and healthier Italian food - Edit

I came here with friends and tried a few of their dishes but their menu had a lot I hope to back for. Their cashew cheese balls were fantastic! While I personally loved their pizzas with hemp seed crust as well as their activated charcoal crust, if you come here with friends who aren't health food vegans I suggest a normal crust or something else. For dessert I really enjoyed the Panna cotta, Tiramisex was alright. I believe that many of the dishes are made from scratch which means a bit of a wait, so make sure you have time to spend here and enjoy the water.

Pros: healthier vegan food, hemp seed crust pizzas, the water

Cons: expect a wait

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Waited forever - Edit

I visited Fed By Water during the weekend. I had booked a table and I arrived there promptly. There are several minor things I did not like: the place is too tightly packed (just wrong layout of the space) and the table arrangement is also not right (you often have to sit beside your boyfriend/girlfriend rather than across the table). But never mind about those. The reason this is a bad review is that the wait was INSANE. We just ordered pizzas and two drinks. And between the ordering and being served, more than 60 full minutes passed!!! They do put a weak disclaimer on the menu that their 'attitude' affects waiting times, but it remains not acceptable to organise a business about making people wait forever. They clearly got their ratios wrong: they need more ovens or chefs or space... as it is, it's ridiculous! One hour wait to produce two pizzas in an Italian joint which mostly sells pizzas and pasta is just not right and is just unacceptable. The pizzas (which we ordered soft crust - we were asked to pick between soft and crispy) were really hard and dry, too. We left £37 quid lighter (very pricy for pizzas!) AND very disappointed. We were not the only ones in this predicament: a girl almost had tears in her eyes as she had waited an unreasonable amount of time (even longer than us!). Management tried to pacify her by offering her a few crackers...

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Waited more than 1 hour - Edit

We waited much more than 1 hour to get served. The pesto pasta was much too salty. The pizza was ok but not amazing. The restaurant looks pretentious and fancy, but it's a trap. An expensive one.

Cons: Waiting time

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Outstanding - Edit

Grated with amazing customer service and received an incredibly warm welcome. The advice given by the staff was incredibly accurate and the food was so good I thought I could eat the whole menu. FED by Water, you have surprised me greatly. And in a seriously good way.

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Great Choice - Edit

As a vegan their pizza is a must. Have to admit might be one of the best vegan pizza I have had. Especially the one with 4 different toppings and extra protein on it.

Pros: great vibe, Delicious, friendly people

Cons: slighlty pricey

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Fed - Edit

So, this restaurant was recommended by my ex, now thinking about it I should have presumed he was trying to mislead me. Damn you Alexander! The atmosphere, decor and location of FED was great but that's the only thing that was great about it. I took my mother who had come to visit me from LA ( Land of the many vegans who actually make good vegan food) and we ordered a pasta arrabbiata and the Fed Fields salad. We waited an hour and ten minutes for our food. We both have never waited that long for food. Can you believe we were sitting at the table waiting for our food for that long? An hour and ten minutes for a plate of pasta and a salad. We both stayed in order not not upset each other, but the staff didn't really seem all that apologetic or helpful nor did the owner/manager. Finally when the food came it was a disappointment. The pasta was nothing special and too salty for our taste and the salad was absolutely bland. We had to ask for water twice, we had to ask for Parmesan twice and we had to ask for extra plates twice as we were sharing. If you have read any previous comments you will already know that the place is small so we could not understand the lack of organisation. If you don't think you can serve your customers in a decent time frame at least warn them, or treat them for their patience... Something...Be caring. There was no Italian feel to it either as the Italians are know for their hospitality and for their good dishes. We paid £40. I would have much rather paid for a courier to send through my mums cooked vegan food (who lives in LA) than ever go to FED again.

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FabFedLondon 31 Jul 2016 - Magik, we are very sorry you had to wait but we warned you since you sat down (waitress and management), as we did with the other 120 guests (throughout 6 hours of service) - who have been happy tough-, that waiting time is quite substantial considering we craft each single dish freshly on the spot.
We do not precook pasta, and we have a capability of satisfying 6/8 pasta dishes as well as 6/8 pizzas every 15/20 min. Salads are slightly faster, still if there are 30/35 orders to be made before yours, reasonably it will take time. With a small kitchen and micro spaces we have to deal with, even if we have 4 chefs working simultaneously we cannot do more than what we do. Sorry but the all restaurant is 780 square feet out of which 180 are dedicated to the kitchen where equipment and team members work very hard to face all requests. We do not privilege tables therefore if you are the last arrived after 38 guests even for a salad it might take its time, especially on a Saturday night at 8:30pm.
FED is not the kind of restaurant for people who are in a rush, our regulars know it and they happily come back. Also, please remember London is different than Los Angeles, in London you line up even at the cashpoint for several minutes, so we are not surprised you have to wait to get freshly made gourmet food. Then we appreciate you are used to other flavours, especially if you compare ours to US ones. That said, the latin were saying "de gustibus non est disputandum".
All the best

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Went here and sat outside with my dog which they were very accommodating about. Had the scrambled tofu to start and then the boscaiola pasta for main which was AMAZING. Boyfriend had a peppered creamy pasta special which he also loved. Everything was just so indulgent and amazing, and the staff really made it - so genuinely lovely. We will definitely come back - maybe one of the best vegan restaurants in London.

Pros: Amazing food, Amazing staff, Lovely to sit outside

Cons: A bit expensive but for pasta it's not too bad, Maybe could be good to have more outside seating?

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Very yummy - Edit

The food is delicious. We ordered various starters. Cheese balls, garlic bread, and a selection of breads with different pesto and dips. The later one was divine!!! We also ordered Calzone and it was so good. Will be going again soon!!

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Tasty vegan pizza - Edit

The staff is nice and the pizzas are very tasty. Try the calzone if you want to gorge yourself. They have a nice selection of craft beers. Good deserts too. Coffee is meh though.

Pros: food, service , beees

Cons: coffee

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A friends Recommendation - Edit

I thought I was dreaming when my friends told me about a vegan Italian restaurant. Italian being my favourite food with its luxurious taste, and let me not get started about the cheeses. The staff are friendly and I will definitely be visiting again.

Pros: foods high level of Alkaline

Cons: More help with the menu would be great

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Mixed - Edit

first the good: two out of the three people were very nice; the cheeses are genuinely tasty (I've never said that about vegan cheese before); nice to have a vegan version of Italian comfort food; generous portions.
...and the bad: they charge for 'purified' tap water, it's generally expensive; my pizza was *extremely* salty -- I usually don't mind this, but my mouth started to burn and it was hard to eat -- a pity, because without being oversalted it would have been a great pizza.

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Amazing vegan Italian food - Edit

pizzas, pastas, calzones - now all vegan! Been here twice - recommend the garlic bread, King starter pizza and the carbonara! I'm sure the other stuff is great also....
Staff are really friendly and service is good

Pros: now all vegan, vegan cheese on pizza is great (aut

Cons: busy - smallish space so fills up quickly.

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Loved it!!! - Edit

I finally visited Fed and it is amazing! I loved the pizza - I had the Cheesy which had four different types of cheeses. One tasted exactly how I remember blue cheese. I don't know how they accomplish this but I guess some form of wizardry. This place is too good!

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Absolutely amazing! - Edit

Delicious pizza, delicious carbonara, delicious spaghetti and meatballs, delicious tiramisu! Great atmosphere too and the staff are so friendly!

Pros: Food taste and size, Friendly staff, Atmosphere

Cons: Food was a little slow to come out however every s

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Come here! - Edit

Newly vegan-only. Lovely staff with a big warm welcome, great little venue with good music which is just the right volume, and delicious food. Fantastic vegan carbonara with seitan, and really nice pizzas..... Fed does free still or sparkling water (filtered), which is a really nice bonus.

Pros: Variety of dishes, Free still or sparkling water

Cons: Food a bit too salty for English tastes, Salads too small for the price

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Great Meal - Edit

We had a celebratory dinner last night at FED for 18 ladies. We were spoilt for choice with all of the vegan pizza and pasta dishes available. Everyone was happy with their meal which was served by the delightful, friendly and helpful staff of FED. We were very well looked after.
I also took home a vegan raspberry croissant - which was great.
Try the 4 seasons vegan pizza - vegan ham, vegan mozzarella, olives, artichokes, mushrooms = YUM!
Sadly we were too full to try the VEGAN TIRIMISU of the VEGAN CHOCOLATE PIZZA

Pros: many many vegan pizza options, vegan dessert options including tirimisu, great staff

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It's time to cut non-vegetarian dishes! - Edit

Place is great, (V) food is tasty, atmosphere is democratic and relaxed, the only thing that could be corrected – take animals out of menu! Not because I am vegan and it is my point of world view but because communication and surrounding is so much orientated to veg(etari)ans: firstly – all staff who served us were vegans (and obviously proud of that); secondary – one of my friends ate dish with meat and it was extremely unsavoury (that's what my friend said) and because we, those who ate vegan food, were absolutely satisfied (also one of them was non veg(etari)an) with our choices (we tried several) I make conclusion that veg(etari)an orientated place can not prepare tasty meat. I honestly suggest to cut meat from their menu and I hope my arguments could help to finally make this decision.
As I previously meant, everything else was just great, waitresses were so nice and service was very pleasant. I would rate five cows, but four, because of animals in their kitchen.

Pros: tasty food, pleasant service, relaxed surrounding

Cons: meat

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Great pizza! - Edit

As a vegan, pizza is a joy I can sometimes miss out on - but not here!

Great, varied vegan menu - we tried the Smokey and the Hot on a crispy base - both were really good.

Service was quick and friendly. Will definitely go again.

Pros: Wide range of choices, vegan cheese which tastes nice!

Cons: Little pricey - £12+ per pizza

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Delicious pizza - Edit

They have a separate vegan menu, which is quite extensive! We were overwhelmed by the (many many) vegan pizza options, so the owner came and talked to us about it for several minutes, which was awesome. Eventually we tried four different pizzas: nature, hot, smokey and 4 stagioni. They were all extremely tasty, my favourite was probably the nature one. Great vegan cheese. Will definitely be coming back!


I've been back there a second time now, this time we had the vegan cheesy pizza and the "fresh" pizza. Both very good, as all the others, but my favourite remains the nature one :) Wanted to try the desserts this time, but was again too full by the time I devoured my pizza haha.

Updated from previous review on Saturday December 19, 2015

Pros: Yummy pizzas, Great service, Lots of options for vegans

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SO GOOD! I drag everyone here on a regulate basis! - Edit

I love this place. Always friendly, always attentive.
An incredible choice of vegan dishes whether you want to indulge in vegan 'meat' on a pizza, enjoy delicious homemade pasta sauces, or want a great salad.
There are always great vegan options on the specials board too. Last time I was in I had a vegan carbonara to DIE FOR!

It would be 5 cows but they lose one for serving meat.

Pros: lots of choice, changing specials, good prices

Cons: they serve meat. , they serve meat. , they serve meat.

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Great Italian restaurant, a must visit! - Edit

Very nice staff, they all looked happy to help and attentive.
They actually have a separate vegan menu, with a s*** ton of options, everything was super clear.
The atmosphere was a bit crowded, but so is everywhere in London almost...
The food was great. We had the bruschetta, and soup with fresh bread for starters, both top notch.
Then we had pizza, which we honestly had better, the cheese was fresh and handmade but it was cashew cheese, so a bit grainy and didn't stretch and melt. But the dough was absolutely fantastic, as was the bread. So if you want pizza I recommend getting a lot of toppings, because the cheese won't be the star.
The price was medium, not cheap but not overly priced either. We paid 16 pounds per person.

Pros: Great Italian food,specially bread/dough, Great staff, super attentive, I have to give only 4 bcz it's the max

Cons: Overly crowded

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Best pizza I've ever eaten (5cows!) - Edit

FED by water is a tiny nice restaurant with excellent food.

When you are seated, they ask you, if you are vegan. They have a seperat vegan menue with many(I think more than non-vegan on the other menu) vegan dishes. (You can also see the menue online.)
I've never been asked this in an restaurant, wich is not fully vegan.

I ordered a vegan cheesy(a few different kinds vegan cheese, without tomato sauce underneath) pizza with extra mushrooms. I chose the crustie pizza base(You get asked, if you want to have crustie or soft base.).
It was prepaired very chickly(about 10-15mins). With your pizza you get a pizza cutter, so you can cut as big pieces as you want. (If never seen this before.)

Before I ate this pizza, I thought I know how a very delicious pizza tastes, but I didn't. This pizza was really the best I've ever eaten. I didn't know a pizza can be as tasty as this. I really love those mushrooms(never saw this kind of mushrooms before) and the different kinds of cheese.
The amount of topping was perfect, not too much and not too little. Nearly nothing falls down, while eating.

The service was very good and friendly.
Unfortunately, there is no toilet and the chairs are a bit wonky, nevertheless it's a very nice restaurant.
My pizza was one of the most expensive ones, I think it's because vegan cheese is expensive. I think the prices of the other pizzas are quite normal for London, not too expensive, so it's a very good price-performance ratio. The restaurant is directly next to Tfl Overground station and bus stops.

If you are in London, even only one day, and you like pizza you have to go to fed by water!

Pros: extremly delicious, many vegan dishes on seperat menue, good price-performance ratio

Cons: no toilets, wonky chairs, not fully vegan

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FabFedLondon 22 Jan 2016 - Hi DominikB
Thanks for your visit and your review. We greatly appreciated your feedback!
We are sorry you did not ask for the toilette or you did not see the sign but we do have it :-)
Next time :-) All the best and hopefully see you soon
FED Team

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DominikB 22 Jan 2016 - I didn't need the toilet, so I just haven't seen it.

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FabFedLondon 22 Jan 2016 - :-)

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Loved it! - Edit

I had a pizza with vegan mozzarella, artichokes and seitan pieces and it was delicious! I'm mildly skeptical about how much science is backing the whole "purified water" thing, but at least they have a good USP.

Atmosphere was nice, servers were really friendly and food was delicious.

It doesn't quite get a perfect score because the vegan cheese was slightly hit and miss with everyone at my table.

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Great place in London! - Edit

This place is full of character - nice atmosphere, great music, really friendly people - and has a separate menu for vegans! We ordered the Hot pizza and the Cheesy pizza and the crust was nice and thin and crispy and the sauce was delicious, but the cheese was not amazing. It tasted like cheese we had bought and tried at our house, but didn’t like (it tastes a little odd and it separates upon cooling). We much prefer Violife Mozzerella and Mozzarisella for pizzas.

Pros: Great atmosphere, Separate vegan menu, Friendly staff

Cons: Vegan cheese isn't amazing

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their calzones though.... - Edit

Their calzones are amazing and pizza toppings are awesome! I really enjoy their vegan cheese, even though I'm quite picky with vegan cheeses. I've been there twice and I'm thinking this might be one of my new favourite places :)

Pros: excellent food, nice vibe

Cons: serves meat too :(

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What a Pizza! - Edit

I travelled across London to give Fed by Water a go and was not disappointed. This is the kind of place where I get stumped due to having so much choice. I had a spicy seitan salami pizza and it was absolutely delicious. The vegan cheese they use is excellent and I felt like I was eating a 'normal' pizza. There were plenty of other options (including pasta) which I would love to try next time.

I just wish FED was in a more central, accessible location (having said that it is very close to an overground station), or that more branches may pop up in future!

Pros: Extensive vegan selection, Vegan cheese pizzas, Fresh Meals

Cons: Not centrally located

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Best vegan pizza in London? - Edit

Excellent Italian restaurant in increasingly vegan-friendly Dalston. Whilst this is not a vegetarian restaurant, there are extensive vegan choices and the pizzas - with vegan cheese, pepperoni, vegan sausage etc etc - are delicious. Also a number of vegan pasta dishes, salads, garlic bread and desserts. They have a vegan chef working there and it shows! Highly recommended.

Pros: Amazing vegan pizza, Friendly service

Cons: Not an exclusively veggie restaurant

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The pizza is unreal. - Edit

I tried the broccoli and sausage pizza from here and it was great. My partner has also tried the spicy salami one and said it was even better. There are lots of vegan options on the menu, so I will definitely be going back here to try them all!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Delicious, Really nice interior

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