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92 Boulevard de Beaumarchais, Paris, France

It's OK

31 Aug 2012

It's not easy finding vegan/vegetarian food in Paris, but in a city which prides itself on culinary excellence, Loving Hut isn't a great example of how good vegetarian/vegan food *can* be.

I found the food nice, but definitely not daring. It's almost as if they're scared of flavour! The selection's not great, but what there is is well made, but just that bit bland.

The staff are OK, too. Unfortunately, the style of the place is almost mixing a fast food restaurant with a normal restaurant, and that's a shame, too.

Would I go again? Probably not. I like food with flavour and I can cook veggie/vegan food which has a lot more than the food they cook at Loving Hut.

Should you go? If you don't mind food which is a bit bland, why not? Just don't expect a culinary experience to match the flavours France can offer!

6, Church Street, Windsor, England

Really good!

02 Feb 2011

Chinese restaurants normally have a few dishes to support vegetarians, but this place goes that bit further. With a full vegetarian menu with veggie pork, beef and even prawns, this place makes it very easy to enjoy traditional Chinese food without the meat.

Make sure to ask for the vegetarian menu, though, since it's not part of the main one. I'm sure there's something in their selection for you!

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