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No.27 Gongxiang, Pingjiang District, Suzhou, China

Best spaghetti I have ever had

A solid place and reasonably priced, classy decor with OK service. Highly recommend it.

Opened by Fo Guang Shan Buddhist organization which run many vegetarian eateries and tea houses worldwide. Their eateries are usually within a temple or on temple grounds. This place is just a restaurant as far as I could see. But you could read Buddhist literature and sutras as you sat there.

As I was walking down one of the streets of Su Zhou I had a craving for pasta and i said to myself,'when I get home I am going to cook up some pasta with veg bolognese sauce. When I got to Di Shui Fang I saw that they had spaghetti on the menu and decided to try some, not expecting much I took my 1st fork full and loved it. For me it had a real authentic taste. I ordered another 2 serves as the servings were not huge but my appetite was. I tried some of my friends curry which also tasted beautiful. The complimentary soup and tea was a bit ordinary. The tea my friend and I ordered on both occasions was not as good as I have had at other FGS tea houses that i have been.

Spaghetti was Y10 other mains were about Y10-Y25

268 Victoria St, Richmond

All Good!!!!!

Its a cafe that does beautiful vegetarian food. I love the food and the drinks and service is always friendly. I recently discovered this place by chance whilst looking for another place and so far everything I have tried has been all good. Only thing is I haven't tried much more than anything I had the first day. Spring rolls and the spicy noodle (Ban Hue Chay) and the spring rolls. Excellent flavors and reasonably priced I thought. Have tried another soup noodle which I thought was lovely but didn't like it as much as my favorites. I had a Viet iced coffee b4 and a avocado drink which was also beautiful. I tried their custard cakes but I wasn't a real fan of them. But other than that my experiences so far have been all good and I will keep going there when the mood and time fits.

984 Whitehorse Rd, Box Hill

I love it

I have been going for a few years now. I love the food. I have the Pickles Delight and the Mee Goreng which are my usual favorites. When I have had dinners with a group there I have ordered things like, Sambal Spinach, Spicy Egg plant, Curry Mock Lamb and Sweet and sour Mock Ribs which i have all loved and enjoyed. The entrees there are lovely too. I like their curry puffs and fried dumplings. Also the boos has renovated the place. It looks better and cleaner. I love some of the Buddha images on the wall and the fact that a TV has been put up along with the renovations shows that the owner is willing to spend money to improve the place and cares and thinks about the place. Always good for me.

27 Village Ave, Doncaster


Great food here. My favorite is the Thai warm Salad with Oyster mushrooms. Its devine. service is usually good and reasonably priced.

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