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Hauptplatz, Graz, Austria

A rock of vegetables within a sea of meat...

31 Jul 2011

This snack bar is an option for all those keen on a snack in the very heart of the city.

Sourrended by meat-serving snack bars, it offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan snacks such as burgers, soups, salads or stews. They also have cakes and other desserts.

Another nice thing is that they offer freshly pressed juice, you can choose what fruits/vegetables to include.

Unfortunately, the last time i went there they even offered tuna-baguette, a no-go and not a bit necessary.

Also it's a bit pricy, so don't go there if you're very hungry. All together it remains an option for those who like a quick and healthy snack.
Updated from previous review on Sunday July 31, 2011

Rechbauerstrasse 19, Graz, Austria

Nice new option for veggies in Graz

31 Jul 2011

I didn't know what to expect before I went there, but I was positively surprised.

There about 3 more or less seperated rooms to sit in. All equiped with very nice looking wooden tables and chairs. The ambiente is nice, just as is the staff.

In one room, there's the buffet with the food, so tables are standing bit closely together. I prefer the other two rooms.

As mentioned before, you can choose your food out of a buffet.

For lunch, there's a different menu offered every day, icluding:
- salad OR Soup
- main dish (3 to 4 different things to choose and combine)
- dessert
Menu costs about 7.50 Euro, but you can also choose only salad, soup, main dish or dessert for lower prices. Ideal for those with not that much of a hunger.

For evenings, there's an all-you-can-eat deluxe version of the buffet with various salads, soup, a lot of different main dishes inlcuding fake-meat and dessert. It's a bit pricy (About 18 Euro), but if you're very hungry and want to have a lot of options to eat from, it's the thing for you.
Here again, you can choose to only eat salad, soup, main dish (only once) or dessert for lower prices.

For vegans: almost all meals are vegan, they generelly do NOT use eggs. Instead the like to use vegan cheese.

The taste of food is quite good, but not too exciting. Loved the marinated Tofu though.

To sum it up, it's definitely a nice new option for veggies and veggie-interested people in Graz. For tourists, it's located on the periphery of the old town, but still easily to reach by foot or public transport.

Grazbachgasse 33, Steiermark, Graz, Austria

The place to be in Graz

12 Feb 2010

A little hidden and so not quite easy to find for foreigners, Ginko, for vegans & vegetarians, is the place to be in Graz.

Variety of food @ the self service buffet is good and changes every day. Vegan meals are labeled. Food is payed by weight. Coming to drinks, there's also a great assortment You can pay 20cents for a glass and get yourself as much water as you want, or you take different kinds of self-made juices and other drinks.

For dessert, you can choose one of the amazingly tasting vegan cakes that are really more than worth their prize and have a fair-trade coffee with soymilk.

Best thing about ginko is the friendly and familiar athmosphere. Staff is really nice and willing to give you further infos about the food. I don't just like to go there to have my meal and leave again, i really like to sit down for two hours ore more and have a good time with my friends.

Fjallgatan 23 B, Stockholm, Sweden

Expensive, but nice.

13 Jun 2010

Actually this was my first vegetarian restaurant i've been too during my vacation in Stockholm.

I was a bit shocked by the price, cause it's quite expensive compared to Austrian average. But someone told me, on mondays there's cheaper prices for students, reservations needed though!

The food itself was okay, there were also enough things to eat for a vegan. The taste was good, but nothing special.

While inside the athmosphere is not too comfortable, the outside-area is fantastic. Very beautiful with a lot of space and a stunning view over Stockholm.

I also tried some vegan cakes and they were awesome in taste, but again too expensive.

Staff is very friendly.

All together it is a nice place to spent some good time in summers but nothing i would go to regularly, cause of the prices.

Ahornergasse 4, Vienna, Austria

Typical austrian dishes vegan-style

31 Jul 2011

The restaurant is located close to the city's main shopping street, i was tired of all the bustle there and so i decided to go for this place.

It took me some time to find though, it's not too easy to find if you're not a local.

I like the style of the restaurant, it has lots of small nice tables, some are even outside the restaurant. You choose by menu card where you get offered several typical austrian meals vegan-style. I chose the "rinderrostbraten" with dumplings.
The taste was quite good, but nothing special.

The restaurant itself is mixed vegan-vegetarian.

Londynska 35, Prague, Czech Republic

Big like!

31 Jul 2011

I already tried one loving-hut restaurant in vienna, so i chose to go for this one in prague.

It's located outside the old town, away from all the tourists.
If you're going there by foot, prepare that it takes about half an hour, but it's definitely worth it! Also, it's not difficult to find.

When I entered the place, i instantly remarked the cleanlyness and the bright colours. This makes a nice athmosphere. I got welcomed by the very nice staff.

I ordered vegetable-soup and chines fried noodles with "duck". The portions were very huge and so i had to fight to finish it all up, but i managed to do it^^
The taste was amazing, no complaints for this case. It was over my expectations.

The big surprise came when i asked for the receipt, i only paid about 8 euros for soup, huge main dish and beverage! No comparison to the restaurant in prague's oldtown. I was so happy that i got myself a nice fair-trade soymilk-coffee at a caffe around the corner.

As usual for loving-hut, everything is vegan!

If you want to have a nice vegan meal at a nice place, want to save some money and don't mind walking for some time, i can only recommend this place. I'll definitely go there again the next time i'm in prague.

Neubaugurtel 38/5, Vienna, Austria

Quite a surprise for me

31 Jul 2011

I did not know what to expect of it when i entered the restaurant.

There were no other people inside, though it was lunchtime. You order at the disk, where you got the choice between lots international vegan dishes and also fake-meat like Wiener Schnitzel.

They also have a small outside-area at the back of the building which is nice to sit in.
The taste of the food was very awesome, spicy and delicious.
I had some selfmade ice-cream for dessert, that was very good as well.

Prices are very adequate and staff is kind.

If you need some good vegan meal in Vienna, you can do nothing wrong here =)
Updated from previous review on Sunday June 13, 2010

Griessgasse 11, Steiermark, Graz, Austria


13 Jun 2010

I used to go there when i was still vegetarian, now as a vegan, there's not a lot to eat anymore, because nearly everything contains milk and/or eggs.

The choice of salads is great and they taste very good.
Normal food tastes quite boring and often is too dry, so you need a lot of sauces.

You pay by weight, so watch out for not paying too much.

The ambiente is okay, nothing i would stay in for longer time.

Grazbachgasse 35, Graz, Austria

Vegan-vegetarian lunch buffet

31 Jul 2011

This place is located closely to Ginko in the same street.

Aside from menu card it offers vegetarian-vegan lunch buffet where you can eat as much as you want and choose the price you want to pay.

there are about 6 dishes to choose from, most of the times all are vegan, if not, the vegan ones are clearly labeled. Same goes for hot food. For side dishes there's rice, bread and salad.

The dishes are simple but have a nice taste. In summer's there's also a garden so sit and eat in.

Sackstraße 27, Graz, Austria

Nice to have a meal there

31 Jul 2011

I like the place, it's very clean and bland. Normally serving meat and/or fish, they offer several vegetarian and vegan meals too.

You usually order by menucard, where you got several options between all-vegetable and fake meat/fish meals.

For lunch there's a nice buffet (6.90 Euro) mixed with meat-, vegetarian- and vegan dishes.
Vegan options inlcude: miso-soup, chinese noodles, spring rolls, vegetables (eggplant in garlic sauce, beans etc), tofu-dishes, fake-meat dishes, sauces, vegan sushi and maki,desserts, salads. There's plenty of options to choose from. They even have vegan baked bananaes for dessert and fruits that I can only recommend (no honey but caramelized sugar).
Vegan and vegetarian meals are clearly declared!

The fake meat/fish dishes really do look and taste like real meat/fish (as much as i can remember), though they are 100% vegetarian/vegan.

The food tastes very good and is freshly made. It's a nice place where you have a nice evening.

The place itself is located in the oldtown, has a warm and comfortable atmosphere and is never too crowded, ideal for those who like it more silent and realxed.

Note: Restaurant's closed on mondays!
Updated from previous review on Sunday June 13, 2010

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