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HELP - I can't login

If you are already receiving our e-newsletter, MooZine, this has nothing to do with a member account and does not mean you have one. - Signup for an account
If you have a business listing on HappyCow, or have previously sent us listings or updates, this has nothing to do with a member account and does not mean you have one. - Signup for an account

If you are unsure of your username or password, reset your password using the email address you used to sign-up and instructions will be emailed to you. - Reset password
If you registered but never received the email to validate your account, you may have it resent, here. Please be sure to whitelist contact123 @

If you are certain you previously registered, know your username & password, and are unable to login it may be because:

  1. Your email address became invalid and your account was deleted.
  2. You did not login for more than 6 months and your account may have been deleted.

If this is the case and you've written reviews that you want to re-claim, you will need to contact us to see if your account has been permanently removed. Otherwise: create a new account

I wish to PM (send private message) or leave a message on other members' Message page in their profile, but the system tells me that I can only send up to 3 per day, can you increase this?

If you are an active member who has joined HappyCow for some time, have written several reviews or more, have actively participated in the forum, and you have filled in information about yourself in the extended questions on your profile page, please feel free to email us with your username, and we will remove the restriction for you.

How do I upload my own picture (avatar)?

First login, then go to your profile page. Click on "edit profile." From there you can choose to upload your own .jpg, .jpeg, or .gif image by selecting "Click here to upload." A browse option will appear whereby you have to choose from an image that is stored on your computer. After you choose the image you want, click on "Save Changes" to complete the process (this process might takes some time to load depending on your file size - 1MB in size maximum).

Your newly uploaded avatar will immediately appear in your profile. It will be small, and you can click on the image to enlarge it.

If for some reason this fails and your avatar now shows a broken link, please repeat this process after confirming the size & type of your photo meets the requirements. If this still does not work, please contact us with details, thank you.

How do I change my display (avatar) picture?

The procedure is the same as uploading your own avatar for the first time (see above). Login and go to your profile page. Click on "edit profile." From there you can select an existing avatar image or upload your own by selecting "Click here to upload," and browse to a personal image that is stored on your computer. Click on "Save Changes" to complete the change.

How do I add a restaurant or health food store to my list of favorites?

Browse/search the HappyCow website to the City page where one of your favorite restaurants or stores is located. You will see an "ADD TO FAVS" button located next to (or below) the name of that business. Click on that button/link to add the restaurant or store as one of your favorites.

I wrote a review for a restaurant/store, but I want to edit/change or delete it. How do I do this?

Login to your member profile and click on "manage" in the review section. From there you will see a complete list of all the reviews you have written on HappyCow.
To edit it just scroll down to find the particular review which you want to change, click on EDIT. Then write in the edits for this restaurant or store. Your edited review will replace the previous version.
To delete it just click DELETE.

I wrote a response to someone else's review, but I want to edit/change or delete it. How do I do this?

Make sure you are logged in, then visit the review page where the response is. Click on the related "Post a Response" link. From there you will see the response you have written. To delete it just click "delete".
At this time the only method of editing is to delete and re-write.

I left reviews on HappyCow before becoming a member using "GUEST" or a different handle. How can I get those listed under my new account?

If you would like to reclaim your old reviews (or username), you can email us with all the relevant information, and we'll do our best to update your account. Please be sure to include the names, time of posting, and the url (web address) of the posts.

I added some places to HappyCow and they're not showing up under my account. How can I get those to show in my account?

If you aren't logged in when submitting new listings, they won't display in your account as added by you. If you've already submitted some, and want to add them to your account, you can email us with the relevant information, and we'll do our best to update your account. Please be sure to include the venue names and id numbers.

How do I follow a city to learn about new listings?

To follow a city just browse to the city you'd like to follow, like Culver City and from the upper right section find and use the link "Follow City".

How can I change my username to a different name?

The only way to change your member username is to delete your existing account (the link is in the bottom right corner once you login on your profile page.), and signup for a new account using a new/different email address from the previous one used.
Sorry, but it would be too much hassle for us, and our manpower is limited as we are a mostly volunteer-time based website. We are doing our best to support you in this free online community!

How can I change my email address?

To change your email, log-in, then visit the "edit profile" page. Under the "My Email" section, click on "change" (or click here). Enter the new e-mail address and then check your inbox for verification message.

I am worried that my email is displayed publicly - how do I hide it?

By default your email address is hidden from public view. To change that setting, click on "edit profile" once you are logged into your account. You will always see your email address yourself in your private profile, and below it will tell you the status: "(this is private)" or "(this is public)." To view your profile the way others see it, click on "view profile" under your avatar.

How do I STOP ALL EMAIL from HappyCow without deleting my account?

To stop all email notifications, including PMs, Group email, Review response notifications, HappyCow site updates, etc, visit your profile page ("My Profile"), click on the "edit" link, then uncheck the relative checkbox in the Email section, then click 'Save Changes'.

How do I connect my facebook account to HappyCow so I can login with it?

To connect your facebook account to your existing HappyCow account for login, visit your profile page ("My Profile") and click on the "edit profile" link. On the Edit Profile page, scroll to the facebook section and click on "Connect with Facebook"

How does a profile get featured on the homepage (member spotlight)?

We look for members who have updated their profiles, filled-in information about themselves, uploaded an avatar, written reviews, joined groups, and/or are actively participating in the community forum. They must also login frequently and are automatically excluded if they haven't logged in for more than a set time.
These profiles are examples of active membership so we highlight them on the homepage for a 24 hour period.
Additionally, we also have specific members featured because they meet the above criteria and also have some celebrity factor.

If you would like to be added to the random loop of featured members, be sure to update your profile and then email us.

How do I get removed from the HappyCow homepage member spotlight?

Email us if you wish to be excluded.

Why is birthday required to register for an account?

Birthday is needed to confirm your account if you one day lose access, and also because all users who join must be over 13 years old for legal reasons.

Why is my location required to register for an account?

Location is used to share places near your location with you, and to inform you of local vegan events (notifications may be turned off in your profile settings).

How do I delete my HappyCow member account/profile?

To permanently delete your member account you must first log in. Then visit your profile page and click on the link at the bottom left of the page "delete my profile".

If your question requires a personal response not found in answers above,
please email us.

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