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Down With Mystery Meat!

It’s National School Lunch Week: Do you know what your kids are eating? If they’re still trying to force down mystery meat, it’s a toss-up. Yep, that gray matter that was the butt of so many jokes when we were kids is still around, but now it’s more disgusting than mysterious. We know that a lot of mystery meat is actually “mechanically separated meat,” which is made by sending animals’…

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Great Vegan Snack Ideas to Pack in Your Child’s Lunch

Is your child vegan and you can’t seem to think of any good snack ideas to pack in their lunch? It’s no surprise that sometimes being vegan can be a bit tricky, especially for younger children who are constantly being exposed to candy, chips and cookies. Although most snacks that are marketed towards kids are not usually vegan, there are many tasty options that are vegan, healthy, delicious and won’t…

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Back to School: Powering Up Your Veg Kid

  If you’re a parent or caregiver then the rush to get your children ready to head back to school is well underway.  Clothes, school supplies, meeting teachers, books, backpacks and more structured routines are just some of the things on your minds.  But have you begun thinking about food?  This is a good time to do so because planning and preparation are the key elements involved in making sure…

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Act now! Ideas for Change in America

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but there’s a movement of citizens inspired by the presidential campaign who are now submitting ideas for how they think the Obama Administration should change America.  It’s called “Ideas for Change in America.” The Ideas for Change in America competition was created in response to Barack Obama’s call for increased citizen involvement in government. The final round of voting began on January 5 and…

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Ask the USDA for Vegetarian Options in Schools

Do you know that many vegetarian children cannot get lunch at school? At a time when American children need more vegetarian meals, the National School Lunch Program does not include any provision for plant-based foods. In order to change that, the U.S. Department of Agriculture needs to hear from you today. The Child Nutrition Act includes legislation for the National School Lunch Program, which provides federal assistance for school lunches.…

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