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Watch: Mallorca, Spain Best Vegan Restaurants & Other Insider Tips

HappyCow’s Ken Spector traveled to the island of Mallorca, Spain and checked out the extensive vegan scene in the city of Palma. Ken interviewed several vegan business owners including Bagel’s Andrew Howlett, Lovegano’s Patrick Shell, Bon Lloc’s Juanjo Ramirez, and mymuybueno’s Justine Murphy, and VA De BO’s Joan De Deu Franco Esteva. He also interviewed a Palma, Mallorca local vegan. Below is our video containing interviews and highlights: Watch our…

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Vegfest Tampere, 2016 Finland – Insider Tips

Vegfest Tampere 2016

Team HappyCow finishes the HappyCow European speaking tour with this video shot at Vegfest Tampere, 2016 Finland. Below is our video containing vegan insider impressions & tips, shot at VegFest Tampere on May 21, 22, 2016 in Tampere, Finland. Join HappyCow’s Ken Spector as he interviews an attendee of the event, and he speaks with Sari Komulainen, the founder and organizer of Vegfest Tampere. For more information see: Watch…

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Kyiv Vegan Boom – HappyCow Hits Kiev Vegan Event in Ukraine

Kyiv Kiev Vegan Boom, Kiev, Ukraine

Team HappyCow was recently in on a European vegan speaking tour, and one of the destinations was Kyiv, Ukraine – a city that is relatively new to the vegan scene, but growing. Kiev Vegan Boom! Below is our video containing vegan insider impressions, tips and restaurant picks shot in Kiev, Ukraine on May 14th and 15, 2016 at an event HappyCow co-promoted with Rudolf Krajewski (Vegano Hooligano) and his team…

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Low Budget Vegan In Russia

Before leaving home, I got warned by several people that Russia is not the most vegan-friendly country to travel in. It’s funny how people who are not even vegan and have probably never been to Russia become experts on unknown territory. I must admit that I was happily surprised about the veggie situation in this gigantic country. I have committed to not paying for any sleep, so CouchSurfing is just…

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2015 Hong Kong Top 10 Vegan/Organic Restaurant Awards

Wednesday 26 August witnessed the 2015 Hong Kong Top 10 Vegan/Organic Restaurant Awards presented by Part of Natural and Organic Products Asia 2015 at the cavernous Hong Kong Conference and Exhibition Centre, the ceremony was also supported by Meat Free Hong Kong. All the winning restaurants obviously had in common being geared to the vegan/organic food market. Also as a minimum, all are 100% vegetarian. Within that criteria though…

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Thanksgiving Around Los Angeles

Native Foods Thanksgiving Wellington

Thanks to you and all HappyCow visitors during Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving, a family feasting holiday celebrated in the United States, centered historically (and unfortunately) around a large roasted turkey, is happening soon. Vegans and vegetarians work hard to introduce their loved ones to compassionate veg* options, and are often challenged to survive a carnivore-centric holiday socially with family and friends. You can use HappyCow to find a restaurant with like minded people,…

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Brighton’s Thriving Vegan Scene

Brighton's Thriving Vegan Scene

Having been vegan for some 20 years now I can’t help but notice the rapidly growing trend of vegan friendly places to visit in Britain today. Gone are the days when we had to seriously stock pile our travel bags with goodies so that we didn’t go hungry (or resort to less compassionate eating choices) when on the road. These days it seems that we can venture just about anywhere…

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National Pancake Day!

National Pancake Day!

It’s National Pancake Day so we just want to take a minute to celebrate all of the amazing vegan pancakes out there in the world! There are so many restaurants out there that offer vegan pancakes on their menus, and you can use the HappyCow app to find them all. Here are just a few totally awesome pancake pics from HappyCow users:   1. Champs Family Bakery in Brooklyn, NY 2. Spiral Diner…

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HappyCow 101: How to Eat Veg While Traveling

So you’ve decided you want to take a trip. You have the time off and you are dreaming of the beach or a historic city. If you are vegan most likely your vacation is going to revolve around food because you are a foodie or you would like to not starve while on holiday. Traveling and eating vegan is not an easy feat. But with a little planning and the use…

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