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Restaurateur Interview Series: Babette of Stuff I Eat

Stuff I Eat

114 N Market St (at S La Brea)
Inglewood, California 90301

Owner: Babette

Is this your first restaurant? Yes

What has been your greatest professional success and your biggest setback?
Greatest success was getting the doors open after 4 years of remodeling! Biggest setback? hmm not being able to hire more employees.

Stuff I Eat Interior(photo by My Vegan Girlfriend)

What is your favorite dish on the menu?
It was the Nacho Salad, now I would have to say our Nutburger, it’s delicious and with the potatoes? OMG!

What’s the most popular appetizer?
We don’t really have appetizers on the menu, although people order our Carrot Untuna & chips as one.

Soul Food Platter

Most popular entree?
Definitley the Soul Food platter, although the Nacho Salad is really close!

Most popular dessert?
Our 100% Vegan Sweet Potato Pie without a doubt.

How often do you change your menu items? Do you have daily specials?
Our menu doesn’t change. We have daily specials on specific days, for instance we serve our Baked Eggplant on Tuesdays and have Taco Tuesday specials every Tuesday (2 for $6), Spinach Enchiladas on Wednesdays etc. FYI we will be posting these on our website soon. And if the special is popular enough, it becomes a part of the permanent menu. I create a dish and if it’s a winner with the staff, especially my husband Ron, we add it.

Jerk tofu sandwich

Do you have Gluten-free, soy-free and sugar-free options on your menu? What are a few of those?

GLUTEN FREE: Nacho Salad, Breakfast Plate (sans the rainsinbread), Chili Hashbrowns, Untuna & Chips, our tacos, Sumthin-Sumthin, Nutburgers (without bun), Create-a-Salads, Enchilada Pie, The Soul Food platter without the Mac & cornbread, Black Bean, Rice & Polenta Casserole, Spinach Enchiladas.

SOY-FREE: We can make about any dish without our Organic Tofu upon request.

SUGAR-FREE: We don’t use any refined sugar, just Organic Agave Syrup.

Do you use eco-friendly packaging? What elso do you do to reduce your enviromental impact?
We try our best to stay eco-friendly. We have decompostable & recycled cups & containers .Our plastic forks,spoons & knives are eco-friendly as well. We recycle our shopping bags. We have signs all over our restaurant (thanks to my husband) reminding people to be mindful of waste.

If you could eat at any vegan restaurant in the world where would it be?
Gosh, that’s good question! Besides ours? There’s so many I have yet to try. So far I really like Sage Bistro in the Echo Park neighborhood in LA. I like the atmosphere and the Root Tacos are scrumptious!

Do you have any advice forthose wanting to start a vegetarian/vegan restaurant?
Stay true to yourself and your vision. Integrity is everything! Keep it simple, don’t rush things. It can be very stressful sometimes, so try to find ways to lessen the load for you and your staff, practice mindfullness. Staying organized is the key. We are still a work in progress so this is what I have learned so far. I hope this helps:)

Before opening Stuff I Eat Babette and her husband Rondal operated a catering business and food cart at the nearby Agape Church. Their goal is to make healthy, delicious plant-based food for their community, who wouldn’t normally have access to nourishing food. You will find her in the kitchen making delicious raw pies and desserts that everyone loves. And you’ll find the whole family pitching in at the restaurant.

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