Peace in 2010

Another year already past… amazing!

Things have really taken off here at HappyCow in the past year, and a lot of improvements have been made to the site.
HappyCow has also benefited from the over 350,000 visitors each month who continue to send in a steady flow of  updates and add new listings- Thank you!

2010 promises to bring more great changes to the site, and although economic times have been tough, a wave of new vegan restaurants are opening as more people realize the necessity to become veg*n (an essential part of saving this planet).
As usual, we continue to refine HappyCow and value your feedback & ideas.

2010 also offers potential for positive change in the world.

Our wish & prayers are for changes which create peace and balance.

May 2010 make this world an easier place for all sentient beings to live peaceably together.

From everyone here at HappyCow (including the cows),
we wish you peace, health, and wonderful veg-eating experiences in 2010!

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