My one ‘Good Find’ for this month


I am a long-time HappyCow member and a 35 years young woman. Married but not girly. I don’t wear makeup, perfume, or even chapstick (low maintenance, I guess). In fact, I wash my face with just water from the tap – that’s it. No fancy soaps, lotions, or potions.

So when I was given a Hurraw!Balm lip balm sample a few weeks back, I accepted it but I was not moved… at first anyway. I thought, hmm I’m not a lip balm person, but I could give it a try. Why not.

Well… you know what? I am really liking this stuff (oh, how life presents one with little surprises).

The stick I have is called “Moon Balm.” It’s an unscented, night time treatment balm, and it ROCKS. It’s smooth and light, not sticky or smelly. I’m digging it so much that I’m sharing about it with you happycow-ers.

I apply it in the morning right after I brush my teeth, and at night after I wash up. The balm puts a smooth cover over my often chapped lips, and I feel a big difference. It’s like the most amazing lip balm ever.

Anyhoo, you might be tickeled to know that it’s all natural, raw, vegan, and fair trade and comes in an array of fanciful flavors (if you are into that). Here’s their website:

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