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Cheesin’ Out In Cali – The Pizza Truck Story

The amount of vegan options that I found while traveling through Colombia always amazed me. Now, don’t expect to find more than a few vegan restaurants per city, but even the fact that there are that many was really impressive to me.

While in Cali, I was traveling with a few friends and we wanted to go out for pizza. Knowing that veganized pizza is often a hit, I whipped out the HappyCow app and found myself face to face with Mangio Sano, a pizza-dough flippin’ food truck in Cali’s famous Food Truck Park.

Whether you’re after a great fix of vegan food or not, you should definitely check out this spot while in Cali. There was great music and a crowd of hungry locals hanging out under the park’s lights, drinking and dancing the night away.

Mangio Sano is run by two great guys that have been working in the Cali food business for years. They are the only vegan option in the park and get a good flow of customers because of it.

While there, we chowed down on the “meat lovers” pizza, made with their own blend of seitan meats as well as a black bean burger that’s sure to impress.

If you’re worried about traveling through Colombia as a vegan, don’t be. Just get excited because it’s a phenomenal country to see and there’s plenty of vegan pizza along the way!


About the author: James is a full-time traveler and vegan restaurant photographer that offers free photo sponsorships to plant-based restaurants all around the world, helping them spread their cruelty-free crusade to the masses. James is currently on his second year of travel and is making his way through Europe as we speak. You can follow his adventures on Facebook and Instagram @theveganveggiebond.

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