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Ten Best Vegan Bakeries

Following are the top 10 best rated vegan bakeries on HappyCow, as rated and reviewed by our huge number of vegan and vegetarian users. This list shows some of the Best Vegan Bakeries and Vegan-Friendly Bakeries from around the world.

If you think it’s impossible to find all your most-loved bakery goods in plant-based form, think again! These incredible bakeries are showing that all of our favourite goodies, from cupcakes to cinnamon rolls, pies to tiramisu, can be made fully vegan and more-ish as ever.

10. Kelly’s Bake Shoppe, Burlington ON, Canada

This well-known, award-winning vegan bakery offers a full range of goodies, all entirely gluten and peanut-free. Customers note the friendliness of the staff, upscale atmosphere, and quality of items. “Painfully good,” “The best baked goods I’ve ever eaten.”

9. Ruby’s of London, London, UK

Hopping over the Atlantic brings us to Europe, and this small vegan bakery stall in Greenwich Market boasting a solid 5 star rating and beautifully presented selection of plant-based and gluten-free treats. “Incredibly delicious,” “Absolutely blown away… truly the best I’ve ever tasted.”

8. Vegan Treats, Bethlehem PA, USA

As the name suggests, this entirely plant-based, award-winning bakery specializes in impressively decorated French pastries, cakes, sticky buns, doughnuts, soft serve, and more. “Absolutely divine,” wrote one customer, “Even my non-vegan friends say it’s the best bakery they’ve ever been to.”

7. Valhalla Bakery, Orlando FL, USA

Yet another small, locally run bakery sits in the top-10 with reviews touting, “One of the best all-vegan bakeries in the country, honestly.” Offering tarts, donuts, birthday cakes, s’mores bars, and more, we agree that this is “A must stop if you’re in Orlando to visit, and a great place to take non-vegans.”

6. Capital City Bakery, Austin TX, USA

This highly rated vegan bakery, nestled in Austin, Texas, stacks up yet another set of shining reviews for their full range of treats. “I don’t know how they do it, but these cupcakes are incredible,” wrote one customer,” noting the presence of that extra x-factor that sets their baked goods above others. We think it could be, as someone else wrote, that “You can tell [they] are made with lots of love.”

5. Dun-Well Doughnuts, New York City, USA

At this East Village outpost of the well-known doughnut chain, you will find a wide selection of American’s favourite baked item- all in vegan form. “The softest, freshest donuts we’ve ever had,” wrote one reviewer. And, perhaps most revealing of all, “Anyone would have a hard time guessing they were vegan if you didn’t tell them.”

4. La Besneta, Barcelona, Spain

Hopping the pond once again brings us to La Besneta, Barcelona, a take-out establishment offering a selection of everything an excellent bake shop should. Reviewers noted their tiramisu, red velvet cake, and carrot cake as not-to-be-missed, for vegans and non-vegans alike. “Sublime,” “Top notch,” “In a class by itself.”

3. Back To Eden Bakery, Portland OR, USA

This entirely vegan and gluten-free bakery, located within the arts district of Portland, Oregon, boasts an impressive number of praising reviews, noting the quality of flavour, commitment to treats that are still wholesome, and the kindness of their staff. Offering a variety of baked goods ranging from cakes and cookies to savoury bagels and quiche, they also feature a popular house-made soft serve ice cream, light meals, and warm drinks. “A magical place!”

2. Cinnaholic, Berkeley CA, USA

Rolling in at number 2 comes the extremely popular vegan cinnamon roll franchise Cinnaholic; more specifically, their Berkeley California location. The “choose-your-own-adventure” style concept gives customers the chance to build their own cinnamon roll from 20+ different flavour and topping choices. “Delicious, fluffy, fancy,” “Cannot be better,” “Unreal.” Many reviewers noted the friendly staff at this location, and listed the only con as being “overwhelmed by great choices.” Need we say more?

1. Pattycake Bakery, Columbus OH, USA

Taking the cake (pun-intended) in spot number 1 is the greatly loved Pattycake Bakery of Columbus, Ohio. With a nearly perfect 5-star rating on HappyCow, it boasts a shining set of reviews from local clientele; “Better than anything vegan or non vegan that we have ever had,” “Outrageously delicious,” “I’ve been to a lot of vegan bakeries. This one is my favourite.” They offer a remarkable selection of goods ranging from cupcakes to sticky buns, whoopie pies, snickerdoodles, ho-ho cakes, muffins, cookies, and pies. Leveling them up one buttercream-covered cut above the numbers is their attention to eco-friendly practices, quality ingredients, gluten-free options, and their genuine staff. We love that Pattycake is a testament to small, locally run businesses pushing the limit on excellent vegan baking.


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Written by Emma Cebuliak

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