Michael Jackson was a vegetarian singer and musician known as The King of Pop

Lived: August 29, 1958 - June 25, 2009
Birth place: Gary, Indiana

Michael Joseph Jackson was an African American pop rock icon and an international pop star. He was also known as The King of Pop who made famous the dance also known as "moonwalk."

Jackson first stepped into the spotlight as a child in the music group, The Jackson Five, where he sang and danced with his brothers.

Michael Jackson enjoyed a long music career and sold millions and millions of albums worldwide, including his famous albums, Thriller, Bad, and others. His sister, Janet Jackson, is also a popular recording artist who has also released many albums.

In the late 1990s and into the 200s, Michael Jackson was embroiled in many controversies which lead to the subsequent sale of his Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara California, an amusement park like compound that was his home.



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Posted on 12 Sep 2023

Can't believe everything you read. A lot of false accusations and misinformation surrounding Michael - he had some enemies in high places who organized a tremendous smear campaign against him which led to his death (faked death, hopefully). A vegan lawyer in YouTube, at first convinced of his guilt, examined the case files and was convinced he was innocent and falsely accused. He was most likely vegan at least at heart judging by his sensitive character. Never believe hearsay though.


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Posted on 20 Jun 2018

I've heard he was a vegetarian


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Posted on 05 Aug 2012

Hi Chikenfluff(cant believe this username here!:) )
Doctors know very little or nothing about nutrition. Especially conventional medicine doctors. Even if they do, its not true that you must eat meat for health reasons/ body type etc. Its a myth that they themselves believe in , unfortunately. I know many doctors in the US who dont think so. Lance Armstrong- the celebrity athlete who came out of cancer recently is a vegan. So, pls reconsider. Thanks.


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Posted on 10 Jan 2012

It seems that Michael was a strict vegetarian for years until his doctors pressured him into eating chicken and fish for supposed health reasons.

However, Michael was a vegetarian at heart. "(...) I go through these serious food crises when I could go weeks without eating. I take stuff to keep weight on. What turns me off is that I don't like eating anything that used to be alive and now it's dead on my plate. I want to be a strict vegetarian, but my doctors keep trying to throw in chicken and fish." (From "The Michael Jackson Tapes" by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, p. 232)

He also cared about fish, though. ^^ When his son Prince said he wanted to go fishing, Michael answered, "I'll take you fishing one day as long as we throw the fish back in the water after we catch it." (p. 255)

A truly beautiful man.

So, Michael was what some might call a semi-vegetarian for a large part of his life but also a strict vegetarian for years. In his Moonwalk biography which was released in 1988 he speaks about his vegetarian diet and states that he does not eat fish or chicken.

I hope this answers your questions.

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Posted on 09 May 2010

he was not a vegetarian.


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Posted on 22 Nov 2009


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Posted on 08 Oct 2009

i never knew he was a veggie..thats brillant!

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Posted on 31 Aug 2009

Uh I heard on the many documentaries, that he loved Kentucky Fried Chicken, and even got buckets for himself and his children. I used to think he was for years, but definatly not truee from what I know.

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Posted on 14 Jul 2009

Can you confirm if he really was?I saw on youtube people saying about his favorite food in brazil, there was something with meat and shrimp

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Posted on 11 Jul 2009

I am very shocked and saddened about Micheal Jackson. I've always liked his music and his videos are cleverly done with so much detail. A true legend and great singer and performer who cannot be beaten

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Posted on 09 Jul 2009

???? WHAT!??

Anyways, May you rest in peace, Michael


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Posted on 30 Jun 2009

It appears that Jackson wasn't even completely vegetarian:


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Posted on 29 Jun 2009

Does anyone know for sure about his vegstatus?
He may have been a vegan:

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