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Lynda Stoner

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Lynda Stoner is a vegan actress, (Australian) and animal rights activist

Birthday: September 10, 1953
Birth Place: Glandore, South Australia, Australia

An Australian actress and animal rights activist.


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Lynda Stoner appeared in tons of TV shows in the late 70's and 80's and was considered the Pamela Anderson of the time. I think I remember her winning some TV Guide competition and getting into TV career from that. Most media just focused on her body and sexy profile that was promoted for Lynda. I'm glad that she used that 'fame' to become an animal rights campaigner.

I'm so pleased to see Lynda Stoner on this list! She appeared on tv shows like Don Lane in the early 80's and talked about what went on in egg farms, and what happened to fur farm animals etc. I couldnt believe what went on.. I had never given it a thought until I heard her. She is responsible for making me only buy free range eggs from then on, right through to becoming a vegetarian a decade ago... as well as being an animal welfare campaigner.. SHE OPENED OUR EYES.. and got nothing but crap for her efforts from the media at the time. I was shocked by how she was treated like a crank for speaking out! But she won, because who knows how many other people she converted from that first lot of TV appearances, because she had the star power to get heard on prime time TV.. I'm so glad she stuck her neck out, and rode through the crap.. She is a true hero!

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